November 11, 2009

Top Cow Reviews: Cyber Force/Hunter Killer #1 Review

cfhk1stPublisher: Top Cow
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Cover: Kenneth Rocafort

“Cyberforce/Hunter Killer pt 1”: I’m hooked, and it’s only partly because I enjoyed the first issue; the other reason I’ll disclose later in the review.  This is my first introduction to the Hunter Killer team, but Cyber Force and I go wayyy back so I figured I would give the book a shot.  How bad could it be right?

We start off with an advertisement for the Jett cell phone that will “change the world”.  The young lady demonstrating the features looks to be a little chilly if you know what I mean, but when you read that “it knows all about you” you get that uh-oh feeling.  However, I’d never be too keen on using anything that’s coded to my DNA, that’s just a little too personal right there.  After the ad we go to a cave where a Hunter Killer known as Damper is being interrogated about the program he belongs to.  Now this was great for someone who is Hunter Killer ignorant like myself, because in two pages we get a nice and tight background story on several of the characters.  And now we come to the “meat” of the issue where the rest of Damper’s buddies are about to attack the Cyber Force headquarters.  It’s during this fight that you get a very brief description on that team’s members.  Now as the fight progresses, members of the HK team feel they may be in over their heads, right before they get a surprise visit from a former member.

Mark Waid has a pretty good premise setting up, and I’m hoping that something new is thrown into the standard team-up format here.  Starting with the advertisement was a great opening, because even throughout all of the action, I was wondering what the hell does a new cell phone have to do with all of this!!  Now, Kenneth Rocafort’s art is so on point here it’s ridiculous! Where has this guy been and what else has he worked on, because I will definitely check it out.  I actually assumed this guy was going to give me just splash page after splash page, but he’s got some interesting panel work going on.  Velocity is one of my favorites, and I wasn’t too happy she got owned by the HK member, but it looked great!  My only problem is that Ripclaw and Wolf look very similar, even down to the hair and facial markings, and both use bladed/edged  weapons on their hands/arms.  Other than that design issue, Rocafort’s style is definitely one I can get behind.

Now I said I’d tell you the other reason I’m hooked on the book, and it’s because of the letter by Publisher Filip Sablik.  I don’t usually care about parts of the book like this, but I thought I was going to get more info on the Hunter Killer team.  Instead, there was a promise in there that this would not just be the usual “we meet, we fight, we reconcile, then we save the world” type of story.  He made the story a little more relevant, and the ad at the beginning a little more ominous.  So I’ll finish the series and see if he delivers on that promise. If he does, I’ll sing his praises, and if not…you’ll see it here.  As for right now though, if  you haven’t checked it out yet, pick the book up and see for yourself!

Infinite Speech



  1. I’m hooked on this series as well. My introduction to these guys was in the Fusion mini series that came out over the summer. Rocafort’s art alone is worth the cover price!

  2. I do have the 1st issue of Fusion but didnt finish getting it. might start picking it up since back issues are easy to find

  3. Decapated Dan

    NO! No one should ever buy Fusion! I like how this one is starting but come one TOP COW, no more delays!!!!!!!

    And Rocaforts art is worth every penny and then some.

  4. Infinite Speech

    wow! so fusion is a no go Dan? lol I might just read it in trade when it comes out. but if I compare the first issues of each story CF/HK blows Fusion out the water!

  5. I liked Fusion. But I agree, CF/HK tops it easily.

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