June 12, 2012

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 6/6/2012

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Written by: Arnab
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Action Comics #10 (DC)
Dr. Bustos: The first half is wonderful in displaying Superman’s non-powered strengths and the last half is a shake up I’ll like to see how Clark gets out of. A
NickZ: I am totally lost. Does this take place in the past and/or the present? To be honest I don’t even care anymore

Age of Apocalypse #4 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Excitement……fade….
Jeff: I think the X-Terminated saw the Avengers movie and learned that the best way to distract your enemies is to set loose the Hulk. This book is way better than it has a right to be.
NickZ: OK, this book has finally got me interested. Lots going on and I can wait to see what’s next!

Animal Man #10 (DC)
Dr. Bustos: It’s nice to see Justice League Dark show up, the Red is wondrous as it is terrifying, and is Ellen going on the Hero’s Journey or just being ignorantly stubborn? B

Artifacts #18 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: The only thing that would have made this issue better would have been more Darklings!

Avengers Academy #31 (Marvel)
Jeff: It’s really, really sad when I can say that the teenage Avengers vs. X-Men is one million times better than the main one.
NickZ: The adult Avengers are idiots! Also, things ended a little too conveniently.

Avengers vs X-Men #5 (Marvel)
Andy: This whole moment is ruined by my lack of faith in Marvel that come the conclusion of this event, what happened in this issue won’t matter worth crap. Just like in “Fear Itself” when something similar went down. C-
Arnab: Matt Fraction writes an awesome Scott. This was by far the best issue of the series. A-
Infinite Speech:
So do I line the bird cage with this or do I line the hamster cage with this?
Jeff: This is the best they could come up with? “Let’s randomly give 5 X-Men the power of the Phoenix!”
NickZ: What a wowzers of an ending, very unexpected but this “event” finally found it’s legs.

Batman: Detective Comics #10 (DC)
Lots of stuff happens in this one, probably could have been fleshed out a bit. B
Batman fighting suicidal Batmen, what more do you want?

Batwing #10 (DC)
Infinite Speech:
Going out on a limb here and saying that sales must be low because Batman and Nightwing keep showing up in this title.
NickZ: Nightwing and Batwing make a great team! Marcus To draws Nightwing like no other!

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 (DC)
Andy: Amazing and a phenomenal start to this project. Darwyn Cooke is a master of the noir genre. A+
Jeff: I don’t know what all the fuss is about…why hasn’t DC been using these characters ever since 1986? They are certainly more compelling than their main universe.
NickZ: I went in with an open mind and came out loving it! With it being Darwyn Cooke, I shouldn’t have expected anything less!

Creator Owned Heroes #1 (Image)
Infinite Speech: Really enjoyed this one here and can’t wait to read more!

The Defenders #7 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: Black Cat AND Black Panther in a single issue? Yes, please! A soul-shaped Silver Surfer to boot as well. A
NickZ: When Black Cat and Black Panther guest star, you know you’re in for a fun ride.

Dark Avengers #175 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Why the title change? Why such ugly art? Why

Dial H #2 (DC)
Jeff: I’m thoroughly enjoying this book because it has nothing to do with anything else DC.

Earth Two #2 (DC)
Andy: I thought I would hate it, but a noticeable improvement over #1. For the first time in my life, I’m going to be reading a JSA book for three months in a row. B
Infinite Speech: Mister Terriffic shows up, Alan Scott Kisses a guy, and the new Hawkgirl shows up but isn’t white. Thanks DC for proving Eric Powel right on all fronts.

Extermination #1 (BOOM!)
Arnab: Solid start. Interesting concept. Will definitely check out number 2. B+
Decapitated Dan:
A fun read with some great artwork. Really looking forward to more on this one.

Green Arrow #10 (DC)
Arnab: This book needs a reboot. D
Dr. Bustos:
This issue got weird in a good way, what makes someone human if they want to be a robot? One man makes it terrible, one group makes it a haven. A

Harbinger #1 (Valiant)
Andy: After re-reading the first 8 issues (#0-7) of the original 1992 series over the weekend, this is a strong improvement. It’s already going in a different direction, and I’m dying to see how this creative team portrays Torque and Flamingo. A
Infinite Speech: This was one dark and uncomfortable issue that had me on edge the entire time! Can’t wait for the second issue!

Invincible Iron Man #518 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: Looks like Tony and Mandarin are reaching endgame but now the other players are stepping up to take over. A
Infinite Speech: Liking the new armor design and even better that Tony isn’t in it.

Justice League International #10 (DC)
NickZ: This book has the right group of characters it just needs the right writer. JLI without the funny, is just lame.This book has the right group of characters it just needs the right writer. JLI without the funny, is just lame.

Morning Glories #19 (Image)
Jeff: This book would suck if the writing wasn’t so compelling and the art wasn’t so fantastic. If this book was Brokeback Mountain, I’d be saying, “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

Prophecy #1 (Dynamite)
Decapitated Dan: Did anyone else think this was too short? I mean it was the regular amount of pages but it just seemed to end. IDK, I liked it though.
Infinite Speech: Good story just a bit too short for my tastes

Smallville #2 (DC)
NickZ: I’m still digging this book enough to stay around for issue 3. The Lois and Clark dynamic sells it!  This is the best Superman book out there atm.

Spawn #220 (Image)
Infinite Speech: You are doing yourself an injustice if you’re not reading Spawn! Kudranski’s art is mind blowing and McFarlane’s character has never been better!

Steamcraft #1 (Antarctic Press)
Decapitated Dan: Beyond what I could have expected. Such a great read. Horror, Lovecraft and Steampunk fans better have this in their piles, everyone else better go buy it.

Super Dinosaur #11 (Skybound)
NickZ: For an all-ages book, this is one of the better ones. The plot and characters keep adult me entertained and the action and craziness would keep 7 year old me entertained.

Swamp Thing #10 (DC)
Arnab: Anton Arcane is back and boy is he pissed. Oh, and the parliament, turns out they’re back too. A-

Sweet Tooth #34 (Vertigo)
Andy: Things get personal as the series drives toward its conclusion. I doubt most of the cast will make it out alive, but regardless, I’m on the edge of my seat. B+

Ultimate Spider-Man #11 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: Nice to see Prowler and Spider work “together” and they really built Scorpion up, he better come back real soon. B
Infinite Speech: Marquez and Bendis kicked more ass than Spidey & Prowler in this one! Definitely a series worth reading every time it hits the shelves!
Jeff: David Marquez, people. David Freakin’ Marquez. Why is Marvel not using this guy on their big events?

Uncanny X-Men #13 (Marvel)
Arnab: Good stuff. Considering Kieron Gillen isn’t part of the AvX crew, I wonder whether Unit will be playing a major role. B+
I read this book a couple of days ago, and I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what it was about now. I could go open it and refresh my memory, but really, what’s the point?
NickZ: People seem to not like this book, but THIS IS X-MEN to me! Magneto, Storm and Psylocke licking their wounds was one of the best X-Men scenes this year!

X-Factor #237 (Marvel)
Arnab: Solid character story, gorgeous art, what more could you possibly want? A
You all know if there’s an X-Factor issue with John Maddox, I’m going to love it.
Infinite Speech: Insert chirp from Avengers vs X-Men #5 here: ______________
NickZ: Great Wolfsbane story, my only problem with this book is how stupid Alex and Lorna have been since their return.

X-O Manowar #2 (Valiant)
Andy: F**k! Yes! Two months in a row now, X-O has reminded me why I love reading comics. A+
Infinite Speech: How can you NOT like this issue?! Very good story and artwork throught the entire issue



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