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November 9, 2009

DC Previews: JSA All-Stars #1

Releasing next month is the very first issue of JSA All-Stars. Devastating blow after blow has finally pushed the JSA to its limit, and to relieve the pressure, the JSA has broken into two organizations. Look forward to new villains, new methods, and a new base in this new series, written by Matthew Sturges with art by Freddie Williams II.  Here is a sneak peek at the first issue of this series releasing on December 2.

I just may have to start reading this series. I never read Justice Society of America before, but I did read the last couple of issues just to check it out, and I really enjoyed it. If this title is as good as what I read in Justice Society of America, I may add both titles to my pull list. I’m already familiar with Sturges’ and Williams’ work from Final Crisis Aftermath: Run!, and I thought they did a great job with that. If they keep on par with Final Crisis Aftermath: Run!, then this title should be pretty good.

Jordan West



  1. Infinite Speech

    I may have to drop JLA anyway if it doesn’t pick up and JSA has been the better of the two for some time now. I’ll definitely give this book a look through..damn those interiors look great!

  2. Tom

    I can’t wait for this! It’s my most anticipated title since Blackest Night. I love JSA, but my biggest problem with the series is that there are too many members, so it seems like most of every issue is exposition. There are so many characters that none of them gets enough development, and there’s never enough action! It’s almost like the Legion series when Paul Levitz was writing it back in the mid-’80s. Hopefully, by breaking the team in two, they’ll be able to give some more spotlight time to the lesser-used members.

  3. JSA was arguably the best book on the rack back when Geoff Johns was writing it. Those are some issues to checkout.

  4. billy

    Good preview J, artwork looks good!

  5. I’ll give it a shot, but I thought FCA: Run ended with a fizzle.

  6. […] a couple of seasoned vets have formed the JSA All-Stars!  Having seen the first few pages in the JSA All-Stars Preview I had decided at that point that I would check out the title and see if the split was worth […]

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