April 17, 2012

Bubble Punch Presents: Super*Market (4-15-12) Part 1

This past Saturday at Meltdown Comics (this place always seems to have cool stuff going on beyond being a great comic shop) there was a swap meet of crafts, clothes, art, and more, with a focus towards women who love nerdy things. Super*Market, created by Bubble Punch, is a gathering of local shops and artists to sell their wares.

I was expecting  just a few tables set up, but what I found was a market so big it continued outside to a, thankfully, sunny day. There were all kinds of tables to be seen and music to be heard throughout the day.

So many colors.

The first booth walking in from the Meltdown Comics interior entrance was Miss Alphabet. This booth had all sorts of  bows, underpants, rings, and necklaces available. A little bit of everything was available and there was plenty of color. Check out her stuff when it’s up, until then you can look at her other page.

Two tables that work great together!

Here we have Jon Brence of Ogeeku selling his BitRom and Bow necklaces alongside Mandie Bettencourt of GeekyGlamorous. She had pins of hand-stitched Pokémon, game controller necklaces, and more. I ended up spending a lot of time just hanging out at this table, and I bought gifts for friends and family from them. I need to get some of those BitRom necklaces.

She asked that her table be the key feature of the picture.

Zambi Candy had original artwork renditions of current cartoon favorites like My Little Pony as all sorts of wearable items. If you want to see some clever new looks to favorite cartoon characters, check out her wares. I loved seeing her renditions of different characters.

She had wonderful hand-made business cards.

Natasha Lillipore had a table filled with handmade brightly colored accoutrements. The items closest to her kept catching my eye since they were brightest of them all. She also does make up artistry and is a stylist, so she can dress up someone entirely.

They had penguin and narwhal stuff. You give them your money.

Kim Rountree’s Oboro Charms were adorable; plenty of cute animals made cuter with her designs. I want the owl plushie…for my nieces (don’t you judge me). From plushies to stationary, they had all sorts of good stuff to buy.

Loved her artwork.

Messy Pink had some lovely artwork; I especially loved her Alice in Wonderland work. There were prints available along side all the wearable merchandise. If you like sequins, then this is your kind of merchandise, plenty of sequined pins. I might be ordering that Alice in Wonderland piece.

Her metalworking is amazing.

Stephanie Inagaki, the proprietress of Miyu Decay Jewelry, had a lovely display of her works, with a very Victorian feel to it. Animal skull shapes adorn necklaces and earrings with fine filigree. Her works are wonderful and I strongly suggest if you love fine metal jewelry you at least check out her page.

20 minutes after this picture was taken, most of those cakes were gone.

Lil Rae Cakes was on hand with what I’m told were delicious cake bites. I say told since I didn’t get a chance to grab one. Looking at this picture and the others I took, I’m really regretting that. They even came dressed up and let me know that they were having a party for their two year anniversary on May 19th, so if you’re in Sherman Oaks you should go check it out.

Those hoodies were so fuzzy they made my head warm just looking at them.

Happy Hoodie Friends had an assortment of different colored fuzzy hoodies. Each one looking like an adorable monster gnawing on your head. They looked like the perfect hood for when it gets cold outside. The bright colors will make sure you can identify any friend wearing one from far away.

Those lockets reminded me of the cutest parts of the internet.

Locketship had lockets, lockets, and more lockets. There were also other items on sale, and they pointed me towards their bow ties where they had some very cool target and red cross designs on sale. Go check out Maria Ewing’s works, and pick up a floating cat in space ring. Maybe buy me a wild bear ring or a red cross red bow tie; why not?

Getting a picture of these three at their booth was difficult, they were real busy.

The Defective Geeks were on hand and were doing a live webcast as I arrived to the event. They got a bunch of the tables talking about the topics they were discussing on stage. The biggest talk I noticed was on the new Avengers movies, which everyone at the event had an opinion on. This almost seemed to be perfectly timed with the arrival of a Captain America cosplayer.

All sorts of music was being played.

The majority of the music for Super*Market was provided by DJ Del of Tune In Tokyo, playing all sorts of fun tunes (I sound so old when I say tunes). The music had people bobbing along to it throughout the event. He was playing through most of the event and the music was delightful.

Alright, with that we have the interior section of Super*Market checked out. Tune in next time as we explore outside for the rest of the tables. A lot more comic book related goodness awaits!

Alexander Bustos



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