April 6, 2012

Bento Bako Bonus: April 2012 Previews Manga Highlights

Greetings, manga fans! It’s April, and that means it’s time for another month of pre-ordering the best of the best. Or finding out what new things are arriving to wet out appetites for more entertainment. Product descriptions are from, unless otherwise noted.

Kris’s Pull List

RASL #15, by Jeff Smith. From Previews: “The end of RASL is upon us! All of your questions will be answered in this action-packed, nail-biting final issue!” From Cartoon Books, $3.50.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #26, by Chuck Dixon, with art by Marcio Fiorito. The description here is the same one that they’ve used for the last three issues, with Rand and Mat traveling to Caemlyn. From Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99.

Finder volume 6: Passion Within the Viewfinder, by Ayano Amane. From DMP: “’The worlds we live in are just too different!’ After his imprisonment in Hong Kong, Akihito returns to Japan with Asami…and slips away to freedom! But when a celebrity stalking case gets the hotheaded photographer mixed up with a pure psychopath, Asami’s underworld influence once again seems to be everywhere…” June 2012, $13.95, from Digital Manga Publishing.

Cross Game volume 8, by Mitsuru Adachi. [Final volume.] From Previews: “The Seishu Gakuen baseball team is one win away from fulfilling Wakaba’s final dream of seeing Ko pitch in front of a packed crowd at Koshien. But they’ll have to beat powerhouse Ryuou Gakuin in the North Tokyo Tournament finals in order to get there. Meanwhile, Akane Takigawa’s health takes a turn for the worse, and she’s scheduled to have surgery…on the day of the big game.” July 2012, $14.99, from Viz Media.

Vampire Knight volume 14, by Matsuri Hino. “The Vampire Hunter Society has imprisoned Aido in order to interrogate him about Kaname’s connection to Sara Shirabuki. Meanwhile, Yuki wants a fresh start with Kaname, but circumstances arise that may force them apart.” July 2012, $9.99, from Viz Media.

X (3-in-1) volume 3, by CLAMP. “As the gears of fate turn, Kamui draws ever closer to the moment when he must make his inevitable choice: become either humanity’s savior or its scourge. After his last surviving blood relative sacrifices herself to bring forth the Sacred Sword, the weapon he will need in the war to come, that moment finally arrives. With Kamui’s decision, however, come unimaginable consequences for Fuma and Kotori. Meanwhile, the members of both sides of the conflict—the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth—converge on Tokyo, obeying the call of their intertwined destinies. Among them is Subaru Sumeragi, a powerful magic user, who arrives just in time to help Kamui see the path that he must take. But Subaru must conquer his own doubts and fears when he’s finally reunited with the one person who is truly special to him—and whom he must fight to the death.” July 2012, $19.99, from Viz Media.

Oresama Teacher volume 9, by Isumi Tsubaki. “The yearly culture festival is coming up fast, and it’s a great chance for Midorigaoka Academy to shine. But disappearing students and rising tensions between the academy and nearby Kiyama High could turn the festival into a full-on disaster! Can a pack of delinquents save the day and the school?” July 2012, $9.99, from Viz Media.

Skip Beat! Volume 28, by Yoshiki Nakamura. “Ren’s new roles are dredging up old memories best left buried, and he’s having trouble dealing with the emotional turmoil. But the President was right when he claimed Kyoko was Ren’s good luck charm. Will her strange but good-natured ways be enough to keep him from his own darkness?” July 2012, $9.99, from Viz Media.

Afterschool Charisma volume 6, by Kumiko Suekane. “St. Kleio Academy is a very exclusive school: all of the students are clones of famous historical figures such as Beethoven, Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon, Mozart, and Freud. All of them, that is, except for Shiro Kamiya. As Shiro struggles to adapt to this unusual campus, St. Kleio’s first graduate, a clone of John F. Kennedy, is killed. Are the clones doomed to repeat the fate of their genetic progenitors, or can they create their own destinies? And how does a normal boy like Shiro fit in?” July 2012, $12.99, from Viz Media.

Ooku: The Inner Chambers volume 7, by Fumi Yoshinaga. “Ienobu’s heir is still just a child, and with few official functions to perform, the men of the Inner Chamber find themselves with much time on their hands. Some find ways to make the most of their rare trips outside the palace, while others turn their minds to bloody intrigue…” July 2012, $12.99, from Viz Media.

5 Centimeters Per Second, by Makoto Shinkai. From Previews: “Love can move at the speed of terminal velocity, but as award-winning director Makoto Shinkai reveals in his latest comic, it can only be shared and embraced by those who refuse to see it stop.” June 2012, $18.95, from Vertical Inc.

Olympos volume 1, by Aki. “Desperate to make his dreams come true, a young man named Heinz appeals to the heavens for divine intervention. But he wasn’t expecting a beautiful ginger-haired boy to appear before him in the midst of his prayer… Apollo, the god of the sun, brings Heinz to a realm beyond reality – an endless field of flowers beneath an infinite expanse of stars. There, Heinz meets Ganymede, prince of Troy, who has remained here for hundreds of years, bound by his own uncertainty and despair. At Apollo’s bidding, Heinz attempts to convince Ganymede to leave with him in exchange for having his own wish granted, but can anyone free Ganymede from the trappings of his mind?” June 2012, $18.99, from Yen Press.

Also From Digital Manga Publishing:

Maohden volume 1, by Hideyuki Kikuchi. “Demon City Shinjuku, home to monsters and magicians alike. The warlock Gento Roran has broken his fifteen-year slumber and seeks dominion over the city. Now resurrected from his accursed sarcophagus, he is accompanied by the Hyota, the “small superman.” A secret seal has proclaimed that “Those who control Demon City will control the world.” And so the stage is set for a fateful battle between Gento and Setsura Aki! Meanwhile, Doctor Mephisto, the Demon Physician, is treating a curious new patient – a girl named Mayumi. Any man who has sex with her dies soon afterwards! This deadly cause and effect appears to be nothing more than coincidence at first. But only at first. And, assassination squads possessed of the most unusual ways of dealing death come after Setsura. One after the next, he’s caught up in the fight of his life! What is this secret seal? And how is it connected to Mayumi? Hideyuki Kikuchi has again unleashed his creative powers in a thrilling and hair-raising tale of the supernatural in Maohden!” June 2012, $12.95.

Flutter, by Momoko Tenzen. “Asada had a crush on this guy for a long time, but he has no idea what his name is or who he is. Now, this good-looking guy has been assigned to work in Asada’s division within the company. His name is Mizuki, and Asada’s dream has come true! Asada discovers he’s extremely smart, talented, well-rounded… AND he is gay!” June 2012, $12.95.

Secretary’s Job, by Miki Araya. From Previews: “Takase is a legendary secretary. He’ll do anything to make your day easier and efficient. Some say he’s a miracle worker. As per the President’s request, Takase has been assigned to his lazy son, Honjo, to become Toshiaki Honjo’s secretary. As always, Takase is doing his best to support him, but Honjo makes a move and kisses him at work! What does this mean? Sounds like business is getting mixed up with pleasure!” June 2012, $12.95.

From Kodansha Comics:

Sailor Moon volume 6, by Naoko Takeuchi. “Just when all seems well again in the world, another enemy appears! Two new figures from the private school, Mugen Academe, appear and take a special interest in Sailor Moon and company. Who are they, and do they have anything to do with the strange occurrences that are suddenly taking place? Meanwhile, the appearance of two new Guardians takes everyone by surprise as our favorite Sailor heroes must once again face off against new enemies to save the world!” July 2012, $10.99.

From Seven Seas Entertainment:

Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz volume 1, by Quinrose and Mamenosuke Fujimaru. From Previews: “Alice in the Country of Clover is an all-new follow-up to QuinRose’s New York Times-bestselling Alice in the Country of Hearts! His name is Boris, and despite his human form and piercings and tattoos, he is not your typical punk teenager. For he is the Cheshire Can, complete with cat ears and a tail, and a penchant for riddles. Boris is madly in love with Alice, and Alice is vulnerable and lonely. But will she fall for the Cheshire Cat?” July 2012, $12.99.

Angel Para Bellum volume 1, by Nozomu Tamaki. From Previews: “The newest series from the creator of the New York Times-bestselling manga Dance in the Vampire Bund. A war between heaven and hell is brewing and only a young man named Mitsuru holds the key to prevent it. Yet Mitsuru is unaware of his secret birthright and his role in the battle between angels and demons. All he knows is that his family is dead and Kyrie, the kindly woman who cared for him in his time of mourning, is not what she seems. Now, with demon attackers seeking to destroy him at every turn, his noly protection is two beautiful gun-wielding angels who kick ass like nobody’s business.” July 2012, $11.99.

Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade volume 1, by Jetae Yoo. From Previews: “For fans of Hellsing and Berserk comes an all new ultra-violent supernatural manga series about history’s most famous slasher, with a twist! Jack the Ripper is not what he seems – but the truth may be more terrible than anyone imagines. A young police detective from Scotland Yard struggles to unravelt he mystery behind the brutal slayings that grip 19th-century London. What he learns will turn his world upside down, and pit him face to face against the Ripper himself. But is Jack his savior or destroyer? With bold and graphci artwork in the vein of the classic vampire hunter manga Hellsing, Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade is a shocking and fascinating take on the world’s most famous serial killer.” July 2012, $11.99.

From SuBLime (a division of Viz Media):

Punch Up volume 1, by Shiuko Kano. “Architect Maki Motoharu is hanging out at the construction site ogling a particular hunky, well-toned construction worker when he is unexpectedly reunited with his lost cat, Shinobu. The reunion is all thanks to Ohki Kouta, a foul-mouthed young ironworker who found and cared for the lost cat. Unfortunately for Ohki, this act of kindness led to his eviction! When Maki agrees to take in young Ohki, will he be able to tame this feisty stray? Includes a bonus ‘P.B.B’ side story.” July 2012, $12.99.

Awkward Silence volume 1, by Hinako Takanaga. “Satoru is an introvert with a longtime crush on Keigo, a popular boy on the baseball team. But much to his surprise, Keigo comes up to him and asks him out! Satoru is so overcome he can’t respond. Will Satoru be able to get past his shyness, or will he lose his chance with the boy he loves?” July 2012, $12.99.

Also From Viz Media:

Jiu Jiu volume 1, by Touya Tobina. “Born into a family of ‘Hunters,’ Takamichi’s destiny is to pursue and slay demons. When her twin brother is killed, she is saved from despair by a pair of Jiu Jiu—shape-shifting familiars—in the form of two wolf pups named Snow and Night. Now Takamichi is in high school and an active Hunter. Snow and Night can’t wait to attend school in their human form to ‘protect’ her. But are they ready to go off leash…?” July 2012, $9.99.

Dengeki Daisy volume 10, by Kyousuke Motomi. “A powerful organization that was after Kurosaki’s ‘Jack Frost’ virus suddenly falls apart, but Kurosaki can’t rest easy since Akira was somehow involved. Furthermore, Akira tells Kurosaki that Teru is still a target! Can Kurosaki protect Teru from Akira’s menacing schemes?” July 2012, $9.99.

Hana-Kimi (3-in-1) volume 3, by Hisaya Nakajo. “Mizuki’s big lie gets even messier when her male alter ego starts dating Julia, the transfer student from America. Plus, a certain devious teacher targets Mizuki’s friend Nakatsu and levies charges that could ultimately get him kicked out of school! As she struggles to keep her cover and her cool under pressure, things heat up more than ever for Mizuki and her classmates.” July 2012, $14.99.

Skip Beat! (3-in-1) volume 3, by Yoshiki Nakamura. “Kyoko’s dreams are finally coming true! She’s landed a spot in Sho’s new video, and revenge is in sight! But vengeance isn’t as easy as she thought, and her rage starts to get in the way of her acting. When her performance catches the attention of some important people, Kyoko finds herself working with the terrifying Ren Tsuruga! Can she make it work, or will her growing fame be her downfall?!” July 2012, $14.99.

Also From Vertical Inc.:

The Drops of God volume 4, by Tadashi Agi. From Previews: “A wine critic and his rival brother must compete against each other to determine who will inherit their father’s estate – a wine collection featuring 13 heaven blessed wines.” June 2012, $14.95.

GTO: The Early Years volume 13, by Tohru Fujisawa. From Previews: “A fan favorite, GTO returns to the States shedding new light on its unique antihero Eikichi Onizuka, soon to be the World’s Greatest Teacher.” June 2012, $12.95.

Also From Yen Press:

Kobato volume 6, by CLAMP. “Kobato herself has finally awakened to the feelings of love she possesses for Fujimoto. And she’s more determined than ever to go to any lengths to heal his heart, even if it means breaking her own. But inside of Kobato, yet another, Iorogi’s angel, begins to open her eyes as well. As their worlds collide and the deadline for her wish comes due, will Kobato actually be able to get what she longs for without the magic bottle? And where will that wish ultimately leave her friends from both the human world and the other world?” June 2012, $11.99.

The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya, by Nagaru Tanigawa. “After closing a time loop fiasco in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (Vol. 5), our protagonist Kyon is ready to start a new year with a blank slate–no time travel, no apocalyptic worries, and maybe some actual peace and quiet with the SOS Brigade, a club comprised of his high school’s most extraordinary students. Their leader is Haruhi, a bold, brash girl who doesn’t realize that she’s actually a powerful goddess whose moods can easily change the balance of the universe. Just as Kyon starts to get comfortable, he gets a visit from his friend Mikuru. Except this isn’t his Mikuru; it’s a Mikuru from eight days in the future! Time traveling shenanigans start all over again as Kyon, guided by the future Mikuru, attempts to stop a terrible future from becoming a reality.”


From Kotobukiya’s ARTFX J line comes two very nice looking statues of Yu Yu Hakusho’s Karuma and Hiei. Kurama stands at 9 inches and sports his green and white suit, and can be displayed holding two roses or his trade mark rose whip. Hiei stands at 8 inches in his black fighting uniform, it includes interchangeable faces with and without the Jagan eye, and he can be posed with or without his black flame dragon. Kurama is available in September, while Hiei is available in August; they are both $59.99 each. And just for the record, Yu Yu Hakusho is one of my favorite shows, Kurama is my favorite character, and my birthday is August 3.

From MegaHouse, mini-figure collections from Persona 4: The Animation and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The Persona set includes nine different figures at $6.99 each, while the Madoka set features eight figures for $6.49 each.

Anime fans can look forward to releases of The Book of Bantorra collection 1, the complete collection of Get Backers, a Tales of Vesperia DVD/BR combo pack, and DVDs for The Fantastic Adventures of Unico and Unico in the Island of Magic.

Happy pre-ordering!



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