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April 6, 2012

Marvel Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #683

Amazing Spider-Man #683
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Stefano Caselli & Frank Martin Jr.
Cover: Stefano Caselli & Frank Martin Jr.

It’s more Spidey vs. Doc Ock with the help of their respective teams as “Ends of the Earth” continues. Slott reveals more of Octavius’s plan and gives an emotional build up before a pretty impressive fight at the end. Just as we were shown how Spidey prepared for each of the villains in the Sinister Six, we get to see how the mad scientist made preparations to face the Avengers. Amongst all of the superhero madness Slott also furthers Mayor Jameson’s vendetta against Horizon Labs, which should make for an interesting sub plot. The big pay off in this issue is the fight between the Avengers and the Sinister Six. Even though it’s a bit crowded, Spidey still shines in his book as Slott has him calling the shots as he seems to be leading the team more than Cap. It does come off as more of a natural transition this time, as Slott has Cap concede that since Peter is the expert on Octavius it’s essentially his show. Each match-up was a great exchange of banter and action consistent with what’s been given to the fans since Slott came aboard the title.

If it’s been said once it’s been said a thousand times that Caselli’s artwork is another reason why this title has been fantastic. Along with Frank Martin Jr.’s colors, the world of Amazing Spider-Man rarely looks better. These guys deliver the visual storytelling that kicks the script into overdrive. The amount of detail in the artwork always puts it over the top, especially when it comes to Doc Ock. He looks like he’s at death’s door with the consistent bits of blood splatter on his breathing apparatus and the cables that are protruding from his skull. He’s a sick looking man, but he’s now also a scary looking villain.

It’s probably no coincidence that the Avengers shown in this issue were pretty much the same ones you’ll see in the upcoming movie, with the exception of Spider Woman and Red Hulk. Knowing this, there was a fear that they would overshadow the issue, but Slott maintains that this is still a Spider-Man title regardless of who is making a guest appearance. This story also looks to be just as fun, if not more so, than Spider Island, so missing out would be a big mistake!

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