April 2, 2012

Zenescope Reviews: The Jungle Book #1

The Jungle Book #1
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Mark Miller (story by Miller, Gregory, Brusha, & Tedesco)
Artist: Carlos Granda (cover by Ale Garza & Nei Ruffino)
Colorist: Liezl Buenaventura

Friends, fans, enthusiasts of all ages, the wait is over for the new adaptation from Zenescope! Yes, on shelves right now is The Jungle Book #1! Written by Mark Miller (Luna: Order of the Werewolf, Vincent Price Presents), with artwork by Carlos Granda (Charmed, Grimm Fairy Tales). In typical Zenescope fashion, they’ve taken a classic story (by Rudyard Kipling) and put a spin on it that gives you enough of the original, but with some new twists to keep you interested. In this specific tale, the lead character, Mowgli, is female, and quite attractive (also in typical Zenescope fashion!). She isn’t nearly the only change, and I won’t spoil the rest for you, but rest assured, this isn’t your momma’s Jungle Book.

First off, you’ve got a relative unknown with Miller writing this one. Now, you do have the power of a timeless classic, and that helps a lot, of course, but the story has its own vibe for sure. To reiterate, most of the characters are different than the original ones from the novel. Now, some are still the same, but others are slightly different, and a few might even shock you with their new “attitude.” Miller does a great job of not going too heavy with new material; instead, he went heavier on the back story. This is the perfect formula for this retelling, as it set the table for a good solid story with lots of jungle action!

Artist Carlos Granda is familiar to me, but should also be to anyone reading Grimm Fairy Tales right now. He’s recently done a couple issues of that title, and by that I mean knocked it out of the park! He has a style that’s a great match for this company’s style of books. He does a solid job with the animals, and if you ask any artist, that’s saying something. Some look ferocious, some docile, but no matter which ones you look at, they all look good. The female character, Mowgli, looks very sexy, but not over the top. She’s got quite an attitude, as well, and he even brings that out with her body language, too.

The book could head in any direction from here, and I’m sure it will surprise the readers before the end. There will definitely be some action, maybe even romance, and hopefully a betrayal, as well! Most books aren’t complete without that stuff anyway, but when it’s happening in the middle of a jungle, with tigers, bears, and even a pack of wolves, you know you’re in for a good time! (Alternate covers below by Ale Garza Rating.) 4/5

Billy Dunleavy



  1. I might read this if it’s collected. Being a fan of the original story and looking at Zenescope I’m assuming making Mowgli female just gave an excuse to have a half naked woman running around lol Doesn’t mean that it won’t be good though. I take it that the guy on that alternate cover is Sher Khan?

  2. Billy

    Yup, Sher Khan, Baggy, Mowgli, they’re all there. Different spin, but it looks as if all the characters will make appearance.

  3. Weeeeiiiird. I might still read it though.
    Sounds very interesting.

  4. Billy

    @Aron- you should give it try. It’s got enough of a spin from the original story to mak it interesting. Solid artwork too.

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