November 8, 2009

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Written by: Billy
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Welcome to another shot for your comic book fix. This time around I have four issues to review so here we go!

1007599-gog_19_mediumGotGFirst up is Guardians of the Galaxy #19
Writer(s): Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Artist: Wesley Craig
Publisher: Marvel

Let me just say for the millionth time; if you’re not reading this series you’re missing out on the best Marvel has to offer. Right now, this series has just had a catastrophic event (War of Kings) that basically ripped a hole in time/space. The ever cosmically aware Adam Warlock decided to stop this problem and he did, but in doing so he has reverted back to his evil persona of The Magus. The part of the team that is still lost in time is having a rough time until they are rescued by Kang The Conqueror. He tells the team of how Warlock has changed and that if they don’t stop him he will destroy all realities, not just their own. Kang sends them on their way armed with a Cosmic Cube and with the instructions that only Warlocks death will set things right. I won’t spoil this ending, but if you buy this comic you WILL NOT be disappointed. The only thing that could have made this comic better would have been Pelletier back on pencils. 4.9/5

1007438-num_risation0006_mediumnecroshaNext we haveX Necrosha (one-shot)…
Writer (s): Chapter one- Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, Binary- Zeb Wells, The Foretelling- Mike Carey
Artist (s): Chapter one- Clayton Crain, Binary- Ibraim Roberson, The Foretelling- Laurence Campbell
Publisher: Marvel

This one shot is chock full of action and great teasers to get you ready for this crossover (Necrosha). In Chapter One of this issue, we see Selene (the former Black Queen of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle) as she starts to gather an evil army to do her bidding. Along with her servant/accomplice Eli Bard, she first sends part of her Zombie army to the X-men’s prison to confront Sebastian Shaw and Donald Pierce. She has issues with both of them since her fallout with the Inner Circle. We next see Bastion, who finds out that his techno-type virus has been stolen from him and used in some perverted manner; to apparently raise the dead!

In part 2 (Binary) we see the resurrection of Doug Ramsey. He’s been dead for quite sometime after saving the life of his friend and teammate Rahne Sinclaire. We see Doug awakened and all of his new recently resurrected team members welcome him and tell him of their mission. Doug helps them get inside of Utopia, and once inside, he tells his comrades that he has someone else to deal with while he looks at a picture of Magma. To be continued in New Mutants #6.

In part 3 (The Foretelling) Selene uses another dead mutant, Destiny, for her precognitive powers to tell her what she sees in her future. Irene tells her what she wants to hear and is tossed in a prison cell for her efforts. While in the cell she uses her powers of the mind to talk to her daughter (Blindfold) and deliver a message to her. We see the two transported to a scene that shows X-Force in a massive fight. Warpath with his mystical powers that he has shown, sees Destiny’s daughter and tells her to flee for her life. This will be continued in X-Men Legacy #231. 3.5/5

1007194-prv3644_cov_mediumxforceThirdly we have X-Force #20
Writer (s): Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Artist (s): Mike Choi and Sonia Oback

Publisher: Marvel

This issue wraps up the story of X-23 and Agent Morales trying to escape the clutches of Kimura and H.A.M.M.E.R. After a bloody battle, the two escape the facility but hear Kimura, who is on fire, taunting X-23 and telling her that she’ll never give up trying to kill her. Then we see Warpath and Archangel in Warren’s Colorado cabin looking for clues as to Rahne’s whereabouts. She shows up, but unconscious and in the arms of her lover, Hrimhar, the Wolf Prince of Asgard. We are left with X-Force appearing and taking Laura home to lick her wounds. 4/5

1007859-prv3661_cov_mediumnm6Lastly, let’s take a look at New Mutants #6…
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Diogenes Neves
Publisher: Marvel

This issue starts out with the New Mutants visiting Professor X on Utopia. While everyone is glad to see the Prof, most of them just seem to need a break from their recent clash with Legion. Outside the residence however, lurks an evil presence bent on making this reunion less than joyful. The recently re-animated Doug Ramsey is stalking Magma and anyone else who gets in his way. He assaults her and starts to give the rest of the team a beating. Only the quick thinking of Karma slows down Ramsey enough to get the rest of the team back on their feet and knock him down. At this point we see Warlock save Doug his “self-friend” from getting beaten. Something pretty crazy happens next to end this book, and I won’t give it away but it’s quite shocking. 4/5

Alright that’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with more gems from my pull list. So until then, Have at thee!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. I’m liking Necrosha so far… it will be interesting to see where this all leads.

    In New Mutants, Doug’s beating of Magma looked pretty freaking brutal!

  2. Infinite Speech

    It’s good to some of the x villians/friends that we haven’t seen in a while I just hope Necrosha pays off in the end. I actually thought Billy wouldn’t have finished X Necrosha and just stared at the pics of Selene lol

  3. Infinite Speech

    @ Andy- Did you see all the blood on the floor?? She should be out of comission for a while after something like that. I also like the way Doug’s powers are being used here it’s a totally different way than before and makes him a bit more useful in a fight.

  4. Billy

    @ speech-Magma got jakked up in that issue. I don’t think she’ll be doing much for a while.

  5. […] was nothing but filler until XMLcould be included into the Necrosha storyline continued from the Necrosha One-Shot a couple of months back.  Now having caught up to the rest of the titles involved in Selene’s […]

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