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March 19, 2012

Marvel Reveiws: Battle Scars #5

Battle Scars #5 (of 6)
Publisher: Marvel
Writers: Chris Yost, Cullen Bunn, & Matt Fraction
Artist: Scot Eaton
Cover: Carlo Pagulayan & Chris Sotomayr

Thirty years ago while on a mission, it seems as if Nick Fury and fellow C.I.A. Agent Mia Jones expressed their feelings for one another. Fast forward to present day, and it seems as if their secret is out since Mia is now dead and there’s now a hit on their son, Marcus Johnson, by a Russian terrorist cell led by Orion. It seems as if the goal all along was to get the blood that flows in Johnson’s veins, because it holds a very pure version of the Infinity Formula. This is what’s been keeping Fury alive all of these years, and an aged Orion wants to be young and strong again.

It feels so good to be right about the connection between Johnson and Fury! All of the pieces were there and the writers did a great job of slowly putting them together for the readers. A lot of this issue is an origin tale, but when it switches back to the present things really pick up. From the capture of the new father and son duo to the brutal interrogation scene, it seems as if the writers are saving some of the best stuff for last. It’s straightforward and by the numbers action along with the set up of the story. When the series is being written this well it should not be taken as a negative. Everything leading up to this point has been paced out quite well, and Yost keeps throwing more fun into every issue.

Scot Eaton has also provided some very strong artwork for this series that capitalizes on the action heavy script. The story moves just as well visually as it does through the dialog. Especially during the interrogation sequence. It was brutal without having to be overly violent for Eaton to get the point across. There was also a hint of familiarity between that last page with Marcus in the sewers and Uncanny X-Men #132 where Wolverine is preparing for revenge. It has that same intensity and lets you know that the bad guys aren’t going to be happy when they see Marcus again.

One more issue of Battle Scars remains, and with the connection between Fury and Johnson revealed, what’s left? Hopefully Yost and the others crank the action past ten and deliver an adrenalin fueled issue. Though when the dust settles, the obvious question will be: What is in store for Johnson now?

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  1. Jeff Jackson

    Do you think they’re going to replace Nick Fury with “Mark Fury” so he’ll be a closer analogue to the movies?

  2. That wouldn’t make anysense on Marvel’s part. The Ultimate Nick Fury being used in the movies is what they’ve set up since the beginning. The character’s look was originally based on Sam Jackson anyway so why mess with a good thing.

    Marcus also doesn’t too much care for Fury and I don’t see him changing his last name and I don’t see Nick Fury going away anytime soon. The guy is harder to kill than cockroaches.

  3. Kristin

    So…Nick Fury lives by drinking his son’s blood?

    • Not at all, Kris. It was explained a while back that the Infinity Formula is responsible for Fury’s longevity. By passing it on to his son, Marcus, it’s been explained that a natural and pure version is in his blood stream which allows him to be a bit stronger and faster and heal better than a regular person. Kind of like Steve’s super soldier serum but not as potent.

  4. […] if the upcoming Avengers film has dictated the outcome of certain events. Or at least some of them. Last issue, Marcus Johnson escaped Orion’s guards, and now he’s running free in an attempt to free […]

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