April 3, 2012

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 3/28/2012

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Written by: Arnab
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American Vampire #25 (Vertigo)
Jeff: Perfect ending to this story, despite the shoe-horned epilogue with Pearl & Henry.

Aquaman #7 (DC)
Andy: Ok, I have faith in Geoff Johns and the “Aqua League” concept after this issue. Really well done, with believable ties to Atlantis. A
Arnab: Arthur and Mera are quickly becoming the powerhouse couple of DC. A-
Dr. Bustos: An effective intro to make me loathe Black Manta, I only got a few pages with The Seer but Black Manta made sure I’d only get flashbacks, which looks like we’ll be getting next issue so that’s exciting. B

Astonishing X-Men #48 (Marvel)
Andy: Marjorie Liu does great stuff with B list X-Men! I like that it’s a quasi-continuation of her X-23 run with Remy and Cecilia Reyes, and Iceman kicked ass! I like this Mike Perkins guy on art. B+
Jeff: This issue wouldn’t have been bad, except the glaring error that Liu made in starting the issue off with Northstar being called “Jean-Paul” and then by the end changing to “Jean-Claude.”
NickZ: I think it’s so cute when Iceman tries to be a cool mutant. (see what I did there?)

Avengers #24.1 (Marvel)
Andy: Marvel really f-ed up here. This issue should have been in the #0 of AvX, as it nicely fleshes out the Vision/Scarlet Witch angle of the event. A must read for anyone reading AvX, and seeing Magneto and Vision face off was great! A+

Avengers vs. X-Men #0 (Marvel)
Andy: Meh. It’s only #0, but for anyone already familiar with Scarlet Witch and Hope, this was pretty boring. Frank Cho takes the name “Slim” literally, and I dig it. C+
Arnab: What’s Vision all butt hurt about? Isn’t he the one who lied to Wanda about their dead children? B+
Infinite Speech: First story was awesome it’s too bad I’ve read most of the 2nd one before this book came out. Great Frank Cho art as always!
Jeff: Finally, a “prelude” issue that is actually really good! Two awesome stories here.
NickZ: Bigger dick in this book? Hope or Vision?

Avenging Spider-Man #5 (Marvel)
Captain America… comic book artist? WTF?

Batman: The Dark Knight #7 (DC)
All along I’ve been complaining about the inclusion of the Justice League, but I love how Batman knew he could drop the serum and the Flash would be there to catch it. B
Batman vs. Bane! Way to pump Bane up for the movie, guys. And what about that sexy, shocking ending? Am I right?

Daken: Dark Wolverine #23 (Marvel)
Andy: Weak ending to what has otherwise been a pretty decent run by Rob Williams on the title character. Wonder if it’s the fault of Marvel Editorial… C-
NickZ: A nice ending for Wolverine and Son.

Deadpool Max II #6 (Marvel)
Goodbye crazy Deadpool book. I will miss your strange shenanigans.

FF #16 (Marvel)
Honestly, I think this book is way cooler and more fun than the Fantastic Four. A-

The Flash #7 (DC)
I am loving this new take on Barry, it actually succeeds in making him interesting. A
Dr. Bustos:
I like this new twist on The Flash overusing his speed to cause wormholes, it brings a new horror element and maybe an end to the Speed Force. B+
NickZ: I love the new take on Flash’s powers, so awesome!

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #4 (Dynamite)
Infinite Speech:
This series continues to exceed expectations and keeps the pulp sci-fi action looking great! Awesome nod to the Defenders of the Earth as well in this issue!

Hawken #3 (IDW)
Andy: Wow. The Truman’s really didn’t hold back with the crass talk in this issue. True to the times, I guess, but… wow. B-

I Vampire #7 (DC)
Arnab: Holy stakes in a vampire Batman, this crossover event is flippin’ awesome. I’ve read a lot of vampire books and this is assuredly different. A

Justice League Dark #7 (DC)
Arnab: The first new DC crossover start her, and boy did it start off with a bang. This is some ultra exciting stuff. A

King Conan #3 (Dark Horse)
Andy: Tomas Giorello’s artwork makes this book pretty cool. The concept of an old Conan is foreign to me, though. B

Morning Glories #17 (Image-Shadowline)
Jeff: Joe Eisma just gets better and better. The silent page with Jade and Ike communicated so much!

New Avengers #23 (Marvel)
Andy: Excellent conclusion to the Dark Avengers storyline. Seeing Skaar kick the living crap out of everybody was worth the price of admission. A+
Infinite Speech: HA! Skaar’s “sudden” pairing w/ Osborn is explained in yet another KICK ASS issue of New Avengers! Cap thinks of everything!

The New Deadwardians #1 (Vertigo)
Andy: Well played, good chaps! A jolly good monster romping set amongst a zombie invasion in London during the late 1800s. Has lots of potential. A
Arnab: Solid story, really weird though. Art and story aren’t working together for me though. B

Scalped #57 (Vertigo)
Andy: I have absolutely no clue how all this will end, but holy hell am I enjoying the ride! A+

Secret Avengers #24 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Still not my cup of tea.
Jeff: Remender has become the master of taking B-list heroes and making them incredibly awesome. I hope he plays in this sandbox forever.

Superman #7 (DC)
NickZ: The best moment in this series was when Clark opened his shirt and showed his “old” Superman costume but it was soon ruined by “Kryptonian Biotech”

Thief of Hearts #1 (Studio J)
Infinite Speech:
Swashbuckling adventure done right! Can’t wait for the 2nd issue!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8 (IDW)
Andy: Getting excited with all the hints they drop about Shredder in this one. Can’t wait for him to show up! B+
Arnab: Having the turtles back in my life, in such an amazing fashion,makes me so happy. A-
Infinite Speech: Thank you Eastman and Waltz for making me enjoy the Turtles all over again!

Teen Titans #7 (DC)
This series is a prime example of how well a team book can be. Red Robin rocks! A
Wait, did Red Robin throw his “batarang” thing at Solstice?

Mighty Thor #12 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech:
Thor is back (again) and Fraction wraps everything up in a huge & bloody battle! For me not being a serious Thor fan I’m really enjoying this title here!

Uncanny X-Force #23 (Marvel)
Arnab: So Betsy will kill anyone and use anyone to do so now? She does realize the only reason Brian was preoccupied was because she saved Fantomex right? Someone should just do her off. B
Infinite Speech:
Betsy is going to need some serious therapy after this thing.
Jeff: Wow. Way to pull this one out in the end. Betsy hits a new low.
NickZ: The art was awful in this but the story was A+ Great ending and I love the very Excalibur-ness of the cover.

Uncharted #5 (DC)
Infinite Speech
: Sooooo…it only 5 issues for something cool to happen.

Voodoo #7 (DC)
Infinite Speech:
Liking this a lot better than Aquaman! There, I said it!

The Walking Dead #95 (Image)
Andy: Well… Rick may have just pulled his last straw. People might start to think he’s gone a little nuts. I haven’t, though. B+
Arnab: Who are we kidding? Even if these guys are good and decent, Rick’s going to kill them all anyway. 😀 B+
Dr. Bustos: I’m glad to finally start seeing some new faces in the series again, looks like more trouble is coming but not from where we expected, and that’s a good thing for readers. B-
Jeff: Ok, we get it. Rick doesn’t mind killing people. Get on with it.
NickZ: Apparently this “Larger World” is going to take some getting used to for Rick and the gang, if they haven’t ruined it already.

X-Men Legacy #264 (Marvel)
Andy: Christos Gage is killing this book! Solid art from Sandoval. Great usage of Chamber here, too. Made me lol. B+
Arnab: I’m just going to go ahead and say it. This book is better than Wolverine and the X-Men. A
Infinite Speech: Mimic showed up and I was almost immediately put to sleep. It’s a good thing other characters were there to keep this thing fun!
Jeff: This book contained 2 of my favorite X-characters: Mimic and Chamber! Loving what Gage is doing on this title.
NickZ: With every new issue “Team Wolverine” just look more and more inept at doing anything. I would not leave my kids with these dummies.



  1. Jeff Jackson

    Nick, you didn’t know that Cap was a cartoonist? Read up on your Cap history, dude!

    Arnab…you’re crazy dude. Wolverine & the X-Men is awesome…and so is Legacy!

    • I think that Wolverine and the X-Men is crazy fun. However, I can’t take anything in that book seriously. Kitty getting fake pregnant, Logan taking a student to a gambling establishment, Angel flying around naked. It’s all fun, but I feel like nothing of importance, or longstanding, has happened in 7 issues.

  2. @ Jeff I’ve never been a big Cap fan so I really only know the basics about him. He’s kinda boring to me.

    • I second that. Cap is the Marvel equivalent to Superman. Great supporting cast, boring character.

  3. @Jeff Dude, I didn’t even catch the Northstar thing. Still, I’d blame editorial and not Liu.

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