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November 7, 2009


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Once again sacrificing her life in the line of duty, Jean Grey – the X-Man codenamed “Phoenix” – gave husband Scott Summers her blessing to “go on” with his life, while returning 150 years later in a shattered future where the evil Beast uses mutants as experimental weapons in his war against the world’s remaining city-states. The key to the villain’s success? Control of the Phoenix entity and her limitless powers. – Raving Toy Maniac

Company: Toybiz Toys
Articulation: 11 points
Packaging: Blister card packaging
Released: January 2005
Where to buy: Since this came through Diamond Select, your best bet is through your comic book store or online.
Price: US $19.99

The girls are back in town.

The girls are back in town.

Phoenix is strutting her stuff in tight black pants, black opera length gloves, and a black Phoenix symbol that strategically cover her girls. Her hair is “up in flames,” and her eyes are blank, which almost always denotes evil (and always freaks me out a little). Her hands are curled into claws and when spread from her body, give the impression she’s ready to burn some stuff to the ground. This figure comes in two variants – “human” and “fiery.” Both look essentially the same, just that the “fiery” is made with a reddish-orange translucent plastic for the body and hair. A huge stand in the form of a flaming phoenix comes with the figure, made of more reddish-orange translucent plastic. (A side note – keep the base. The figure does not stand on its own.)

Girls so hot, they're on fire!

Girls so hot, they're on fire!

High Points: The base is awesome and imposing. With a base like that, all my other figures cower in terror. I also like the detail on the outfit, with ridging on the legs and gloves.

Low Points: The base was a pain in the butt to put together, and I wish that the plastic was less translucent, as you can see the white frame underneath. The paint job leaves something to be desired, especially in the face on the “human” variant. The “fiery” variant I have is mismatched; the head and body are made of two different mixes of plastic, leading to a very awkward figure. Another one of those display figures that is not made for dynamic posing. One pose and that’s it. Enjoy!


Overall: 2.5 out of 5 – I really do love the concept and the base, it just didn’t come together as well as it could have, especially on the “fiery” variant.


Upcoming Releases: Marvel Select Abomination Action Figure
Emil Blonsky became the hideous creature known as Abomination when his attempt to become the next Incredible Hulk went horribly wrong. Forced to remain in his grotesque form, Abomination is at times even more powerful than the Hulk – though getting angry has no effect. This unstoppable Marvel Select Abomination stands over nine inches tall and features multiple points of articulation, plus a deluxe display base to showcase the fantastic sculpt!
Price: $19.99
Estimated Availability Date: Dec 30 2009
– Diamond Select Toys

Kelly McNamara



  1. billy

    Totally agree that the fiery variant isn’t nearly as good as it could or should be. Good review K.

  2. Kelly

    Thanks Billy. It’s a little disappointing that Toybiz would actually release something like that. So much potential. 🙁

  3. Infinite Speech

    Phoenix busts and statues are always better than the action figures

  4. This figure refuses to sell at my store.

  5. Infinite Speech

    Thought I saw one on your mantle Andy?? lol

  6. billy

    @Speech-I totally agree. My LCS has one and it’s awesome!

  7. Ok, seriously. Seeing the board inside the fire is extremely ugly and makes the whole thing look like garbage. 🙁

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