January 28, 2012

Image Reviews: Nancy in Hell (On Earth) #1

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Writer: El Torres
Artist: Enrique Lopez Lorenzana
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: January 25, 2012

My pull list was a little light this week, so I decided to pick up something new. The sexy, horror based cover for Nancy In Hell (On Earth) #1 sucked me right in. By the time I put this book down I was hooked.

Writer El Torres builds up a sexy, demon slaying heroine in Nancy Simmons. This voluptuous blonde is an unlikely badass wrapped up in tight daisy duke shorts. And trust me, we get all kinds of unique views of Simmons’s…backside! Simmons unknowingly leaves the gateway to Hell open, which of course unleashes hell on Earth. With the help of fallen angel Lucifer, Nancy works to try and set things right.

Thanks to over the top graphic panels by Enrique Lopez Lorenzana and no holds barred writing by Torres, readers are treated to page after page of shock and gore! Lorenzana does an especially fine job of recording fine details in the backgrounds of his panels. I had a ton of fun searching some of his panels, like a horror version of Where’s Waldo.

My only gripe with this story is the constant feeling that I am missing some back story. Thing is, I am, since volume 1 of this series was released in 2010. I for one am looking forward to the upcoming issues in this mini. You can never have too many severed feet or fingers, especially when they are the result of sub zero frostbite.

Cover – 8/10 Story – 7/10 Art – 7/10

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Ian Johnson



  1. Kristin

    Sigh. That cover. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Well, at least it’s not trying to hide what’s inside or what the comic is really about.

  2. Capekiller

    I think by posting this review I am sending the wrong idea about who I am as a reader and a person…… was fun though!

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