January 28, 2012

Ye Olde School Café: V for Vendetta pt 7

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Written by: Billy
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Hey everybody, welcome to another week here in the comic book pleasure zone…wait, sorry, that’s the adult column I do for Hugh Heffner (just kidding!). Welcome to Ye Olde School Café! This week we’ll continue with our look at the Alan Moore and David Lloyd classic, V for Vendetta! Last week, we saw Evey get tortured by who we thought was the Norsefire party, but it turned out to be V helping to “set her free.”  Now, what will she do going forward? Let’s find out, shall we….

As Mr. Finch and Dominic have a few words in the office, we find out that six months have passed since the last incident involving V. The two men think that it’s over, but how wrong they really are. Inside the Shadow Gallery, we watch V and Evey discuss the recent events. Evey thinks that the letters she received from the hole in the prison wall were fake, but V tells and shows her that is not the case. He shows her a garden of roses that V has grown in the woman’s memory. V then tells her that the end game is coming sooner than she thinks. V then grabs Evey and they dance the night away. The next day, we see that Mr. Finch hasn’t shown up for work for a few days, and Dominic is slightly worried. He tells a co-worker that the “pharmacy” called and said that some of the chemicals he requisitioned a while back are still missing. As all this is going on, we watch as V is on a nearby rooftop acting as if he’s a conductor standing in front of the orchestra. Immediately upon lifting his arms, two buildings explode, and nothing but fire and rubble remains from a distance. V then overrides the computers and uses “The Voice of Fate” to tell everyone that all the government’s abilities to spy on them have been rendered useless.

Out in the streets, we watch as a little girl tries to understand what’s going on, but has a difficult time knowing how to act without someone always watching her. She gets a little bit confused at first, but then decides to yell at the speakers on the light pole (Norsefire put them there to be able to broadcast their propaganda). She then takes a can of spray paint and sprays the letter V on a nearby wall. The Leader, back at Norsefire HQ, is having what appears to be a nervous breakdown. He thinks he sees the computer say “I love you” to him. Then, after he dismisses that, Mr. Creedy comes into the room to discuss some things with him. Out of nowhere The Leader says “I love you,” and Creedy, who was in mid-sentence, is flabbergasted as to why he’d say that. He denies saying anything, and Creedy leaves the room extremely creeped out. In the streets, we see looting, protesting, and all sorts of nonsense going on now that the surveillance equipment isn’t operational.

Back at the Shadow Gallery, we watch as Evey is working out with some of V’s gymnastic stuff. She asks him why he’s causing anarchy instead of helping to fix things. He explains to Evey that it’s not anarchy he’s created, it’s chaos. Back at the headquarters of the Norsefire, the two guards stationed outside the office of The Leader are shocked when they hear him shouting, laughing, and just talking to himself. They honestly have no idea how to react. Mr. Creedy is on the move, though, and not only is he going to make a play for becoming the next Leader, but he keeps getting more and more people under his control. Some street level thugs, and also other party members, as well. The next scene shows V and Evey back at the Shadow Gallery, with V taking her down to some secret hideout below the regular living quarters. Once they get there, Evey is shocked at whatever it is that V has planned! Again, all around outside you can hear rioting, and police everywhere trying to get people back in line. V seems very pleased by this.

Well, that’s it for now, but come back next week as Mr. Finch takes a field trip to a place known as Lark Hill, V plays dominoes, and we see somebody have a hallucination that leads to a naked stroll around the city. Seriously. Be back in one week!

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