January 27, 2012

Zenescope Reviews: Brimstone #6

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Written by: Billy
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Brimstone #6
Publisher: Zenescope
Writers: Michael Lent & Brian McCarthy
Artist: Hyunsang Michael Cho (cover by Anthony Spay)

Now that Viper has been infected, time is running out for the remaining members of the posse. Which at this point consists of Viper, Blackjack, and the only person left in town that wasn’t infected, Annabelle. The three try to get some rest after fighting for their lives against the zombies that are prowling around. They barricade themselves into a building and wait for daylight (apparently, the zombies can’t come in contact with direct sunlight). Viper tells the story of how he became the ruthless killer people think he is, and Blackjack and Annabelle are stunned to learn that he really has only killed those who’ve had it coming. This is all well and fine, but the infection is racing through Viper’s veins. The next morning, Viper is struggling to keep it in check, and he and Blackjack come up with a plan to try and not only escape, but also to kill all the remaining zombies as well!

Well, with only one more issue left, I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed this series by Lent and McCarthy. They’ve done a pretty good job with the pacing, character development, and the mystery up until now. There’s not a whole lot of mystery left, but I think they can end this with a bang, because you still have enough zombies and bullets left for a war! The release seems like it’s been a little sporadic, but not terrible. I really like the character named Viper. To me, he has the potential to be someone the could be in an ongoing, not just a mini.

I am definitely a fan of Hyunsang Michael Cho because of this series. His depiction of the zombies is really cool. He does use some traditional aspects to portray them, but he also keeps them in the shadows and uses grey tones to keep them looking creepy. His backgrounds are sometimes a little generic, and it is noticeable, but it doesn’t take away from the story at all. I think he could stay in this genre for quite a while making these kinds of books, and he’d make the readers excited for what’s coming next. The cover by Anthony Spay is great, too. He’s had some pretty cool ones over the life of the series. Things are gonna get crazy in the last issue, and I’m waiting with much anticipation for it!

Billy Dunleavy



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