January 24, 2012

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 1/18/2012

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Written by: Arnab
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Amazing Spider-Man #678 (Marvel)
Andy: So good. And guess what? What happened before actually matters! Huzzah Dan Slott!
Jeff: Fantastic premise for a 2-part story. Dan Slott just gets how a Spidey comic is supposed to work.

Avengers #21 (Marvel)
Andy: …um, wasn’t this the issue that was supposed to feature Storm? That’s what all those ads were saying. WTF, Marvel.
Capekiller: Two by two the Avengers are dismantled by Osborn’s lackeys.  Yeah that’s right, the X-Men could totally pound the Avengers!

Avenging Spider-Man #3 (Marvel)
Andy: Going to miss Joe Mad on art, but as long as Zeb Wells is still writing, I’ll stick around. His Spidey dialogue is actually funny (…and that’s not a burn on Dan Slott).
Joe Mad is all kinds of awesome.  I love the way Zeb Wells had Spidey save the day, too funny!
NickZ: When Spider-Man is well written and drawn, like he is here, it’s comic book gold
Jeff: Why couldn’t JJJ tell that Spidey is Peter Parker when half his mask was torn off? Despite that one glitch, this was the most beautifully drawn book. I’ll miss you, Joe Mad.

Batman #5 (DC)
Andy: Cool style choice. I think the point was to portray the confusion Bruce was experiencing. Worked for me.
This issue was amazing. From the script to the art, it was perfect all around.
NickZ: Poor Bats. He is not doing so great, but you know who is? Scott Snyder with this book!

Birds of Prey #5 (DC)
Andy: Pretty art… that’s about it. And WTF is up with Ivy’s continuity in the New 52? Lets get this shit in order, eh, DC?
NickZ: When you make an entire issue about trying to figure out what happened between issues and you still don’t know by the end, I’d call that a fail!

Caligula #6 (Avatar)
Andy: My favorite series by David Lapham comes to a wild conclusion! Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for everyone else!

Captain Atom #5 (DC)
Andy: One of the best New 52 books nobody is reading. The art is in a class all of its own, and J.T. Krul’s writing has never been better. Jump on now. It’s good.

Catwoman #5 (DC)
Andy: 5 issues in and I don’t think boobies are a problem anymore.
Arnab: Excellent issue, best one yet.
NickZ: A good Catwoman ass beating and ass kicking takes place in this here issue!

Chew #23 (Image)
Arnab: This issue was totally awesome. A) I love Colby. 2) Being Tony sucks.
Capekiller: First time getting this book.  Story was a little odd, but the art was pretty cool.

Cobra #9 (IDW)
Andy: I couldn’t finish it. Which sucks, because I really want to like this book.

Daredevil #8 (Marvel)
Andy: Damnit Mark Waid, you have me hooked on Daredevil.

Deadpool Max II #4 (Marvel)
NickZ: Once again Deadpool proves that it you are good at killing it doesn’t matter how dumb you are at life.
Fables #113 (Vertigo)
Amazing. Lots of great stuff here for the Fables completist. If you’ve been reading from the beginning, and all the minis in-between, this was a rich issue to read!

Fear Itself: The Fearless #7 (Marvel)
Andy: Holy crap! Wolverine just gutted Cross Bones! He needs a superhero intervention! He’s gone insane! He just tried to off a villain! …yes, I’m still upset over Shadow Land.
Arnab: Correct me if I’m wrong, but Avengers aren’t supposed to go for the kill right?

Generation Hope #15 (Marvel)
Andy: If Asmus keeps running with this Sebastian Shaw thing, things could get really good. Like what they’ve done with Martha, but Kenji a traitor? Really?
Arnab: Hope is very moody. I mean really, what’s her problem? Other than that, great story. I did miss Roberson’s art though.
Capekiller: Great idea, take one of the best villains in the X-verse and put him on the worst team……
Jeff: I’m loving where James Asmus is taking this book, but hated that the art was so poorly done.
NickZ: OK, I’m ready for a full on Emma/Hope smack down fight. Also, I don’t trust Sebastian one bit!

Green Lantern Corps #5 (DC)
Andy: …are there seriously Green Lanterns named “Lee” and “Flint?” I can get over that and Lanterns wielding actual guns because the art is pretty good. I dunno, the GL books seem to be getting ridiculous.

Invincible Iron Man #512 (Marvel)
Andy: They say if you snooze you lose, but in this case if you snooze you save $4.
Capekiller: Fraction is moving this story along at a snail’s pace, but he can handle single-hero books.

Kirby Genesis: Dragonsbane #1 (Dynamite)
Andy: Wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was pretty good. An alternate take on Norse/Asgardian lore with a sense of great adventure. I’ll definitely check out #2.

Lord of the Jungle #1 (Dynamite)
Andy: Definitely worth the $1 cover price. Does it have staying power? Possibly, as long as Dynamite doesn’t oversaturate the market with it (a la Warlord of Mars).

Moon Knight #9 (Marvel)
Andy: It’d be stupid if Moon Knight doesn’t kill someone next issue. He’s insane and it would work.

Morning Glories #15 (Image)
Jeff: Holy crap, Zoe is one evil bitch! This issue was incredible!

New Mutants #36 (Marvel)
Andy: An ok story, but this was part of the X-Regenesis banner and not the best arc to rope in new readers.
Jeff: This is the worst New Mutants I’ve ever seen. And I’ve read the Rob Liefeld years.
NickZ: I was irritated that after all their hard work, Blink decides to go with Wolverine?!? WTF!?! LAME!

Nightwing #5 (DC)
Andy: At first I thought the circus story was kind of lame, but now that it’s becoming an underlying theme to the plot, I can get behind it.
Arnab: I thought this was a great issue. It was fun, it was a bit of a one-shot, but that’s ok.
NickZ: This was just stupid. That is all.

Prophet #1 (Image)
Andy: Whether this is #1 or #21 doesn’t really matter- the art was awesome and the story weirdly good. This is a must read for any sci-fi fan!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #5 (DC)
Arnab: This series gets better and better with every issue and Rocafort is killing it with the art.
Lobdell and Rocafort are quickly making this one of my favorite books around and I’ve always HATED Jason Todd!

Red Sonja #62 (Dynamite)
Andy: I picked this up on a whim and really liked it! Red Sonja is a bad ass sword slinging femme fatale!

Simpsons Comics #186 (Bongo)
Andy: Sideshow Bod, rake gags, and Aquaman jokes. I’m sold.

Star Trek Ongoing #5 (IDW)
Andy: IDW is absolutely smoking this series. In it, they’ve found a great middle ground for old school and newbie Trek fans alike.

Supergirl #5 (DC)
Andy: Never cared about Supergirl until the New 52. It’s worth checking out if you dig teenage protagonists.
NickZ: I love this book, but my problem with it is that they need to start setting up some kind of status quo for Kara. Her stories so far have just been all over the place.

Superior #7 (Icon)
Andy: Wait just a second- did Mark Millar write this? The ending makes me think he didn’t…

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #3 (DC)
Andy: Man, this book is so good. I can get why it’s not for everyone, but if you like sci-fi and a modern take on a classic concept, check it out.
Arnab: If you want an amazing superhero book not directly tied into the DC universe, this is the book for you.

Thunderbolts #169 (Marvel)
Andy: The best C list team book on the shelf… not counting Luke Cage in that. He’s more like B+ list.
Capekiller: The Thunderbolts time-travelling take them to the lands of King Arthur where Merlin and the Knights of the Round table lay the smack down on them.  This was the best comic I’ve read in a little while!

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6 (Marvel)
Andy: It’s good, there’s no denying that, but wasn’t the whole thing about why Parker died in the first place was that he was never trained? Soooooo yeah, about that…

Uncanny X-Force #20 (Marvel)
Andy: I’m sure some people will hate this issue, but I’m all for it. More Brian and Betsy, please!
Capekiller: Not a real fan of Otherworld stories but am a real fan of Tocchini’s art on this book!
: I have not traditionally been a fan of the Otherworld stuff, but whatever Remender touches on this book turns to gold, so I loved this. Tocchini’s art was a welcome addition!
NickZ: Some interesting stuff going on in this book. I don’t like AoA Nightcrawler. Why is Captain Britain being such a jerk? And why do the CBC care so much about Fantomex killing young Apocalypse?

Uncanny X-Men #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Finally, things are getting good again. This should have been Uncanny #1 instead of that weirdo Sinister arc.
Arnab: Typical. Typical Rachel Green… oh wait, this isn’t a “Friends” recap. I meant: Typical. Typical Wolverine, causing problems and leaving others to clean up the mess. Loved this story.
Capekiller: The Extinction team needs to ride the coat tails of X-Force all the way to Tabula Rasa in order to be cool.
Jeff: Good job, Gillen. When your own stuff sucks, lean on Remender’s work. It’ll get you through.
NickZ: This was a great issue! I like the connection to Uncanny X-Force and the character stuff going on between the various X-Men pair-ups!

Voltron #2 (Dynamite)
Andy: I know jack crap about Voltron, but I’m into this series… could that be because I know jack crap about Voltron?

Wonder Woman #5 (DC)
If you know about and like mythology, this book is really a fun read.

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