January 19, 2012

Dark Horse Reviews: House of Night #3

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Written by: Billy
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House of Night #3
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writers: P. C. Cast, Kristen Cast, Kent Dalian
Artist: Joelle Jones (cover by Jenny Frison)

As Zoey is trying to understand how to use her new found powers, her family is trying to find a way to get her away from the school that they believe is corrupting her. The townspeople are frightened by the school, and protest outside its gates. In anger, Zoey uses a tidal wave to sweep them away. This includes her father, mother, and little brother. She realizes, of course, that she’s just given them more reason to be afraid. After contemplating this, she and her friends have another lesson about how the past can teach them a lesson in the present. Suffice to say, Zoey and her friends read from an ancient book that does show them that perception is everything, and that for people to accept the school and them, that it will be a long road ahead.

Alright, first off, I’m sure this comic book appeals to a certain group of people, but not a mass of them. This is why I have a hard time believing that the regular paperback books sell so well. I mean, I get some of the appeal on a certain level, but I honestly think it loses a lot in coming to the comic book world. Maybe when you have to use your imagination instead of seeing artwork, it’s a better overall experience? In any event, this issue was an exact mirror of the first two, and really didn’t offer anything other than average reading at best. Honestly, I would hope that the authors could think of better material than the cliché “crazy religious people” that are coming with their pitchforks and tiny minds to attack the poor downtrodden vampires that don’t really want anything except to be left alone.

The artwork seems to have gotten more cartoony than the earlier couple of issues. It definitely outshines the script, but not by much. One bright spot throughout has been the covers. Jenny Frison has done an exemplary job on those, and others that I’ve seen, as well. She’s been the lone bright spot for this series so far. So, yes, this issue will be it for me, and yes, I was warned that it was basically a book for lonely girls that need a fix in between Twilight films, but I gave it a chance anyway. Oh, and coincidentally, if anybody would like to give Jenny Frison a call, I’ve heard she has her own hotline…867-5309 (charges may apply). Rating 1.5/5

Billy Dunleavy



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