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November 3, 2009

DC Reviews: Justice League of America #38

JLAPublisher: DC Comics
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Mark Bagley
Cover: Rob Hunter, Mark Bagley, Pete Pantazis

“Out of the Ashes…”: For some time now this team, along with the title, has been in a state of uncertainty and disarray.  There is no further proof of this than this issue here as Vixen, who has been interim leader of the Justice League, questions the validity of the team and their purpose.  Since the departure of Superman and  Wonder Woman, and then the death of Batman, it seems like the team is barely holding it together.  Even worse, Black Canary, who was chairperson of the team, left a few issues back  forcing Vixen into a position she probably wasn’t ready for; but hey, she promised Superman she’d continue on, and who wants to disappoint him?

Interestingly enough, the book starts pretty fast paced with Blue Jay being chased and attacked while he is on his way to warn the Justice League of impending danger.  However, he is struck down, and we only get a glimpse of his assailant’s boot.  Then we come to Happy Harbor where Vixen has called a meeting at the very first headquarters of the JLA. She is joined by Red Tornado, an injured Dr. Light, and a melting Plastic Man.  During the conversation about the state of the JLA, out of nowhere they are attacked by Despero, who tosses the unconscious body of Gypsy at the group.  Cue the fight, and then guess what – we find that this will tie into Blackest Night in the next issue. At least Vixen will understand why Firestorm and John Stewart didn’t show up when she called.

This is just what I call a bridge issue, and seems like it was just thrown together to segue into Blackest Night. James Robinson is coming onto the book when the team is at a low point, but it seems like a low point for readers as well as the stories haven’t been that enjoyable. Justice League of America has been DC’s big team book with A- and B-listers, and even a likable C-lister filling the rosters.  Robinson will need to make this group of C-listers viable and help bring the book out of this slump.  The roster is going to get a major shake up real soon, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Justice League of America will be the marque book again.

From an art stand point Mark Bagley did a fine job, and I found that I enjoyed his brief action scenes more so than anything else.  From Blue Jay hauling ass, to Despero ripping through Plastic Man, to the always welcome shot of Zatanna’s legs in those fishnets, Bagley did fine.  Though regardless of the fine art in the book, I find myself  thinking the same thoughts as Vixen as to the validity of the group, and if there is any purpose at all anymore. Hopefully a change for the better will come.

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  1. Kristin

    This book was fantastic when it first started out. Shame it seems to have slowed down so much.

  2. billy

    I really like Vixen. Her powers are cool and I like her tpughness and attitude.

  3. I actually thought i would hate her but early in the series she was cool and i even like her now being an unsure leader with a promise to keep i just hate the direction the book has been going. a directionless book is a pointless book.

  4. @Kristin

    Agreed. This book was great for the first 12 or so issues I don’t understand how they could have dropped the ball so easily.


    Haha. Vixen I think is my least favorite character ever! She just always seemed so useless and boring to me. Though I haven’t read the book in a while, and it seems like JLA has become the Vixen book, and I kinda feel like maybe I should give the character a chance, but with all the poor reactions to the book lately, I don’t think my mind will be changed.

    This is a shame, cuz it’s the JLA that got me reading books other than Batman. I collected the title for years and it’s heartbreaking to see it at a low point.

  5. Yeah, James Robinson’s name on this title created some excitement for me in the issue… I’ll stick with it, but it wasn’t an a homerun by any stretch. The one thing that bugged me was how Vixen referenced events in Cry For Justice that haven’t happened yet…

  6. Infinite Speech

    @ Andy…maybe DC planned on that issue being out before this issue came out so it would make more sense

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