January 8, 2012

BOOM! Reviews: Valen the Outcast #2

Valen the Outcast #2
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Micheal Alan Nelson
Artist: Matteo Scalera (cover by Liam Sharp)

The necromancer Korrus Null is not one for leaving unresolved business that way for long. So then, needless to say he’s already on to what Valen and his partners are up to. He enacts a plan to use an insider to turn the tables on Valen, but who that person is, we don’t know…yet. One thing’s for sure, Valen already being dead is coming in quite useful. As he, Zjanna, and Cordovan are heading out on a journey to seek out Korrus Null to win back Valen’s soul, they come upon an army guarding a bridge. They then get attacked by a ruthless ruler named Flemmyng. He takes them prisoner, telling Valen that he’ll figure out what to do with him later, and that Zjanna will be his new play-thing. Eventually, Flemmyng and Valen strike a bargain that leads to an all out battle on the bridge. Arrows fly, swords swing, and limbs end up severed, as this second issue packs a punch!

I was really blown away by this issue, as I was with the first. Both had good depth, pacing, and artwork. I love the characters, especially the three “heroes.” The villain looks great, too, and I can only imagine what will happen when he and Valen throw down. Nelson does a fine job at telling enough story to keep you wanting more, but not revealing too much. Hopefully things get even crazier next issue, and by seeing the last page, I think they will!

The artist, Matteo Scalera, is fantastic on this book. He really sets the tone for all the action with his rendering of Valen and the others looking very imposing heading onto the battlefield. My favorite has to be the battle pages, but even on the pages with just conversation he does a remarkable job. Especially with Valen and Zjanna. The alternate covers are absolutely great as well (cover below by Ale Garza), and really add to the excitement when you see them just before opening the book. Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy




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