November 3, 2009

X-Men Origins: Iceman One-Shot Preview

When I saw in Previews that this one-shot was due to be released, I almost wet myself. Iceman is my all time favorite comic book character, and given his absence in the X-books as of late, I think it’s fitting that Bobby Drake gets the spotlight with his own 40 page one-shot. The story is written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Angel: Revelations, The Stand: Captain Trips, The Stand: American Nightmares), with pencils, inks and colors by Phil Noto (Birds of Prey, Jonah Hex, covers for the new Batgirl series) and the plot is essentially the life of Bobby Drake before joining the X-Men.








At a glance, the names on the creative team may evoke a ‘Who dey?’ reaction, but looking at their resumes, I’m very excited to see what these two guys can do with Iceman. I surprisingly enjoyed the Marvel Knights series, Angel: Revelations, written by Aguirre-Sacasa in 2008, and Noto’s Batgirl covers are kick ass. This one-shot is the 6th in the Origins series with X-Men Origins: Jean Grey, Beast, Sabretooth, Wolverine and Gambit all preceding Iceman. I’d really like to see a Cyclops origin story about him and Havok growing up in Alaska, or a sequel to the Marvel Knights’ series, The Magneto Testament, where the Master of Magnetism first learns how powerful he truly is. Be sure to give X-Men Origins: Iceman a shot this Wednesday when you pick up your comics; I think you may feel a bit cooler after doing so.

Andy Liegl



  1. Eli

    Looks very interesting Andy. I like how the parents didn’t totally flip out on him, they actually treated him pretty good.

  2. Kristin

    Is that how it works? He turns the sweat on his body into a sheet of ice?

  3. Decapitated Dan

    Which is hilarious that they didn’t flip out because his dad was such a bigot and his mom was terrified of his mutation, back when he was a kid. This is going to be such a joke I just know it already, I hope it contains something new other then a rewrite of his past.

  4. Infinite Speech

    Maybe the PC thing is to make his dad seem less of a bigot but I don’t see the point in changing their personalities now

  5. @ Eli, Speech, Dan- There’s still 34 pages left of story to tell, so I wouldn’t fret based off of these images.

    @Kristin- He turns the water molecules around him into ice, yes.

  6. billy

    I’m picking this up because I have all the others. They better not go against the whole Mom and Dad not understanding his mutation origin or I’m gonna be P.O.’d.

  7. Eli

    As far as re-writing the origin goes, I wouldn’t count it out. They have done dumber things.

  8. DecapitatedDan

    Wow that was complete garbage. What a horrible, horrible thing to do. Really low marvel. I mean sure it’s not his first origin story but am I supposed to forget what I read in X-Men: Children of the Atom, the early X-men issues and other various bits and pieces?

    Sure this story backs up his bio on Marvel’s database but I just can’t get over how it recreates what I learned from what has come before. I love how he already knew how to use the ice slide, and when he thinks “Can I freeze someone from the inside out” which I recall happening for the first time right before the Age of Apocalypse. Oh well.

  9. I haven’t read it yet, but damn…

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