December 17, 2011

Image Reviews: The Last Of The Greats #3

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Written by: Alex
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The Last Of The Greats #3
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Artist: Brent Peeples
Inks: Matthew Waite
Colors: Mirka Andolfo
Letters: Troy Peteri
Editor: Rod Levin
Design: Tony Fleecs
Production: Phil Smith
Logo: Kody Chamberlain

As the story continues to unfold in issue 3, it becomes more and more clear why The Last of the Greats is Eisner-nominated. It’s amazing how easy it is to feel invested in the characters and the story when the title is only three books in. Where lies the lack of invested feelings? Or perhaps the utter despair of realizing you wasted money on a book that quickly takes you nowhere? Not here, my friends.

I find it very disturbing that The Last wants to sleep with Oprah. It makes me wonder what she would think of Josh if she read this. He obviously doesn’t seem to care, and I thank him for continuing to disturb his readers in the face of potential adversity. Part of what makes this title so good is the quality of disturbing material it showcases. Rather than being what I call “edgy for the sake of edgy,” LOTG has real substance to it in the midst of its shocking images and concepts. You’ll think to yourself, “wow, he really just threw a baby in the ocean,” or “was it really just implied that he raped Oprah?” In most cases I would be grossed out, and go back to playing Skyrim, but Josh and Brent really make me care.

Some of Brent's amazing art from


It seems like good villains are hard to come by in today’s PG-13 superhero movie influenced comic books, but The Last is truly a no-holds-barred kind of guy. You feel so convinced that he’s inherently evil, but conflicted because he seems to be what the world needs. What kind of hero can face-up to a nemesis like that? Especially when he’s supposedly the only super-powered being left in existence? Read it, and you may be given the beginning of an answer….

Alexander Lorenzen




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