November 3, 2009

Ramblings and Reviews

Hello everybody, and welcome to another peek at my pull list. This dose of books is pretty good, so lets get ready to rumble! I’ve got five issues to review starting with…

phpThumbhulkDark Reign The List: Hulk
Writer: Greg Pak
Ben Oliver
Publisher: Marvel

Let me start out by saying that these “List” one shots have been very good. I thought that Avengers was the best, but each one seems to be equally as good or better that has come out since. Greg Pak did a great job with this comic, and I don’t even read, or for that matter, like The Hulk all that much, but I loved this issue. The story begins with a glimpse into one of Osborn’s secret facilities, where he has captured one of Bruce’s World War Hulk buddies and is draining her Old Power from her. Bruce and Skaar quickly rescue her, but Norman devises a plan to drive a wedge between father and son. Moonstone tricks Bruce into attacking a facility that he thinks is an Old Power building, but it’s actually also a Gamma facility. Skaar lets everything happen because he wants Bruce to turn into the Hulk so he can kill him. Nothing like some good old father-son bonding eh? The story was great and the artwork was good. 3.5/5

phpThumbmightyavengers30Next up is The Mighty Avengers #30.
Writer(s): Dan Slott & Christos Gage
Sean Chen
Publisher: Marvel

This title admittedly has had some ups and downs, but lately has kicked it up a notch. We currently have a story line with the former King of the Inhumans, The Unspoken. Then also is the ever working mind of Hank Pym; he is currently working on traveling through dimensions, and in doing so runs smack into Eternity! At this point we see the gathering of many heroes who have been called Avengers at one time or another, to help stop The Unspoken in his plan to activate a device that will change everyone on the planet into cavemen. There is also a quick scene of Hercules and Amadeus Cho walking into the Avengers Tower via one of Pym’s portals, and asking Norman and the Dark Avengers for help. Needless to say it doesn’t go over well. Pym then has a very interesting conversation with Eternity, who basically tells him that the job of “Earth’s Scientist Supreme” is his. He scoffs at the deity, saying that Reed Richards should have the job, but Eternity responds by saying that Reed is smarter, but he’s more of an explorer, and Pym is more about making the impossible, well, possible. Great dialogue here with Pym and Eternity. The joining Avengers  get their tails handed to them, but make a game plan to try and stop The Unspoken. Overall good issue in all aspects. 4/5

phpThumb41wolvieThirdly we have Wolverine Origins #41.
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Doug Brathwaite

Honestly, I might dump this series if it doesn’t do something spectacular soon. I’ve given it quite a bit of leniency because Wolvie is one of my favorite characters, but it’s pushing its luck. Last issue we finally got to see Logan and Romulus throw down. While there were some good parts of the fight scene, it didn’t throw out any surprises, which left me feeling like I woke up on Christmas morning with a lump of coal in my stocking. This issue didn’t do much for me either as far as surprises go. We did get to see Skaar kick the crap out of Wolverine and punt him into the next state. While that was kind of funny. The issue went on to show Wolvie being helped out by two hunters, only to have one of them betray him and call the cops; who in turn call Romulus, and the game is on for Logan to cover his tracks. I give this book the lowest rating that I’ve ever given a book (except Moon Knight). 2.5/5

phpThumbspiderwoman2Number four on the list is…Spider-Woman #2.
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev
Publisher: Marvel

OK, so this being a number two issue you really have to keep the pedal to the metal so people don’t lose interest right out of the gate. I for one am liking the up close and personal view that Bendis is taking with this comic. We see a lot of Jessica’s inner thoughts while there are breaks in the action, and it’s very revealing on how she feels about things, especially herself. So previously we saw SW go to Madripoor and kill a Skrull. She ends up waking up in a prison, and after using her “horny scent powers” on the guard, she escapes the jail only to be confronted by a crap load of cops who start shooting. Jessica gets saved by what appears to be a SHIELD flying car, but when the door opens it’s not exactly Nick Fury. I won’t spoil it, but it’s somebody from her past that she really doesn’t like for obvious reasons. Good book top to bottom. 4/5

phpThumbdarkavengersLastly we have…Dark Avengers #10.
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Mike Deodato

All right, so this issue was quite a switch from what has been going on in this title for a while. Usually it’s Dark Avengers versus insert-name-here, but this issue seems to be turning this title in a whole new direction. The story starts out showing two girls stopping at a diner for a potty break. Something is wrong with this diner though, as the two unsuspecting girls find out rather quickly. One of the girls is the Secretary of State’s daughter, so the Dark Avengers are called in to find out what exactly happened. Norman sends the Sentry to check it out, but he doesn’t return. Next, we see Moonstone let Bullseye do the humpty dance with her for pretty much no reason other than she’s horny. Upon hearing that the Sentry disappeared, or better yet, blew up, Normie sends out all the troops to investigate. I won’t go all the way with the spoiler, but by the end of this issue we see Normie in Hell and standing naked in front of a bunch of the Dark Realm’s elders. Good solid issue here and can’t wait for #11. 4/5

Well that’s it for me readers, I’m outta here. Till next time… Have at Thee!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. I agree with you about those List one shots, they have consistantly been on point. I havent checked out SW and i did drop the wolvie title a while back for some of the reasons you stated. Now Dark Avengers was great and it was good seeing those guys at the end that havent been around for a long time! lol @ Humpty Dance! only you man lol

  2. billy

    @speech-everytime I hear that phrase all I can picture is that dude with the big nose. “Big like a pickle”. Lol

  3. 4/5 for Spider-Woman? Do I sense a shifting in your opinion of the artwork Billy? : )

    And I agree with you about Wolverine Origins… it needs to get better.

  4. billy

    @Andy-lol, yeah for some reason it’s growing on me.

  5. Marie

    Interesting reviews! Love the art work.

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