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November 6, 2009

Th3rd World Studios Reviews: Omega Chase #1 Review

omega1Publisher: Th3rd World Studios
Writer: Keith Dallas
Artist: Julio Molina-Muscara
Cover:  Steven Cummings & Ganbat Badamkhand
Release Date: October 2007

“High Noon With the Undead”: I’m upset with myself for not getting this book when it came out, ugh! What was I doing?!  I’m sure there are a few books I would have gladly put back on the shelf in place of this one here!  Omega Chase is a great, fun read, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet writer/creator Keith Dallas at the Albany Comic Con and pick this title up.

The story focuses on the protagonist Mack Baron, who for right now, is the sheriff of a small Texas town in 1881. I say “right now” because he has knowledge of historical events and memories of being an archer in a medieval time period, along with being a captain of a star ship in the 24th century.  However, he needs to focus on the issue at hand, and that is the zombie at the other end of the road.  It’s your classic western standoff, and as they draw, Mack is able to get a shot dead center in the zombie’s skull… problem is it doesn’t put him down, and Mack has to dodge shots fired at him while unloading his revolver into the zombie cowboy as it finally goes down!  Mack’s sidekick deputy looks over the corpse and finds the sheriff badge he was wearing, and discovers he’s from a nearby town with a bad reputation. So our hero goes off on a little investigation of his own, and we get to know a little more about Mack and the issues that plague his town.

Keith has a great story so far, and even adds a bit of mystery by giving us one page of dialogue between two guys in an office building, Pete and John Kedian, though we don’t get to see John’s face, which is in shadow. However we do get the impression that John is pulling the strings, as they both know Mack’s current whereabouts and his progress so far.  The art of Julio Molina-Muscara is just fun to look at, and fits the personality of the book. I think I’ve seen his work somewhere else, but I can’t put my finger on where.  If anyone can help me out here I’d appreciate it so I can check out more of his work.

Definitely liking what I’ve read so far, and I’ll be reviewing the 2nd issue soon enough. The series is only on its 4th issue, so there have been several months between books so I don’t feel too bad about missing out!

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  1. billy

    Sounds decent, and the art on the cover looks good too.

  2. Th3rd World Studios puts out some great stuff!!

  3. Keith Dallas

    Thanks for the review! Your compliments are much appreciated, and I can only hope you find the subsequent issues as (or more?) enjoyable! Looking forward to your next reviews!

    Anyone who wants to check out Omega Chase can go here:

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  5. (Omega Chase artist) I am also in gratitude for the review and comments. We are creating issue 5 now! You may see some previews of it, and other of my work at my website juliomolinamuscara (dot) COM

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