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November 2, 2011

Aspen Reviews: Charismagic #2

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Written by: Billy
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Charismagic #2
Publisher: Aspen
Writer: Vince Hernandez
Artist: Khary Randolph (cover by Siya Oum)

Typically, magicians control magic, but what would happen if magic went wild, got out of control, or simply fought back? Well, thanks to Vince Hernandez and Charismagic we now know. The entire planet, except a few of its more exceptional beings, has been transported to another dark dimension, or void as they call it. The one regular person that has been left behind is Hank (Las Vegas magician extraordinaire), and his cat. His cat decides it’s time to reveal that it can talk because it’s a being of magic, and not just an ordinary feline. This has Hank thrown off of his game for a while, but he has more immediate things. Take for instance the demons that are now chasing after him to consume his flesh. After evading them, he and his cat steal a car and head out of town. As they speed down the highway, they come upon a beautiful young woman. At first glance she appears to be normal, but when her eyes start glowing, Hank knows they’re in for trouble!

I must say that this book has been a well kept secret, but one I’m happy to let everyone else know about. Hernandez is spinning quite a tale, and this issue really picks up the pace. We see not only the parallel dimension and the drama there with Hector, but also Hank and his cat in Vegas trying to make sense out of the world being turned upside down. The artwork is nothing short of awesome. Randolph does a great job with the setting, the characters (demons, cat, people, etc.), and everything in between. The way he draws the female characters is probably his best asset. The girl at the end of the issue is visually stunning. Speaking of stunning, check out these covers, just amazing. My favorite is the “B” cover (at the top), but the others are fantastic as well. This series looks to be in my top five right now, and maybe even my top three! I hope Hernandez and company keep the thrills coming! Rating 4/5

Cover "A" -Rudolph


Cover "C" -Sudana

Cover "D" -SDCC Exclusive

Billy Dunleavy



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