November 5, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: Abe Sapien The Devil Does Not Jest #2 (of 2)

Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest #2 (of 2)
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writers: Mike Mignola & John Arcudi
Artist: James Harren (cover by Dave Johnson)

Last issue, we saw BPRD agent Abe Sapien investigate the whereabouts of an author’s relative that might be hiding out in a suburban area. Upon reaching the residence, Abe was shocked to find his escort dead, and a crazy relative ready to kill him as well! Abe took the guy out, but then when the local sheriff arrived, was caught off guard by someone else in the house, or some “thing” I should say. He’s knocked unconscious by what appears to have once been a woman, but now is some kind of mutated freakish beast. When Abe wakes up, he’s in the basement of the house, and so is an even bigger beast floating around in a watery sewage filled area. Abe’s no wuss, though, and immediately springs into action, grabbing a piece and lighting up anything that moves. During the time when Abe is unconscious, we learn who these deformed beings are, and also why they are the way they now appear. The root problem is an addiction to demonology by Garve van Laer, but his wife and child become the victims in his horrible games.

I must say that I was expecting more of a shocking ending with this one. I wont spoil anything, but rest assured nothing happens that seems to have any repercussions for Abe or the BPRD. We get a special appearance by Hellboy, which is cool, but it really adds nothing to the story itself. Not a bad two issue mini, but nothing colossal either. I guess my expectations of Mignola and Arcudi are kind of high, though. Right now they are doing great with BPRD, and earlier this summer they had a great mini starring Liz Sherman. There was, however, a very neat trippy cover by Dave Johnson, so kudos to him! Rating 2.5/5

Billy Dunleavy



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