October 24, 2011

NYCC 2011: Celebrating the Cosplayer pt 3!

Well if you didn’t get enough cosplay action in pt 1 or pt 2, then wait’ll you get a load of our third installment here. It’s the final little tribute to just a few of the cosplayers that swarmed NYCC 2011 and made it the fantastic visual spectacle that it is! Let’s face it, regardless of who you’re standing in that long ass line to get a signature from, it would be the most boring experience of your life without the cosplayers parading around showing off their latest costumes. Whether it’s a character you’re all too familiar with, to the very obscure, you will be entertained throughout the day. So sit back and enjoy the men and women who are the highlight of comic conventions all over the world!

Afro Samurai. Fake head but real blood splatter. I didn't ask questions.

Chun Li

X-Force Deadpool

Her costume is made of pure Bothan fur. Just sayin'.

Gotta love the trick arrows!

That's probably Bothan fur as well….

Vince Clortho, Slimer, Ghostbuster, & ???? dancin' the day away!

Red Lantern Bleez


We got "pic jacked", but that shirt definitely kept it real!

Viewtiful Joe & Taki

Hatake Kakashi & Rogue w/ mystery rabbit girl.

Red Sonja was killin' it!

Hope you guys enjoyed our little cosplayer celebration here, and is definitely looking forward to next year’s show!


Infinite Speech

Photos courtesy of E. Snell Design.



  1. Kristin

    What’s with all the Afro Samurai cosplay? It came out years ago, and it wasn’t even that good. Easy, I guess.
    And that Chun Li…cute, but way too skinny for that cosplay, which isn’t a complaint you hear often, lol.

  2. The Viewtiful Joe is awesome! Never seen that one before.

    And Kris, I think you’re being a little too judgmental. Body size rarely factors into cosplay. You portray characters you love, right?

  3. Kristin

    Well, it’s best when people play to body type. I mean, a 5′, 200 lb girl is not really what you want to see dressed up as Felicia from Darkstalkers.

    However, I’m not criticizing the Chun Li girl. It’s a cute cosplay, but I prefer my Chun Li cosplayers with a little more meat on them. I don’t expect ginormous thunder thighs, but that girl is just so tiny!

  4. Kind of like the guy I saw dressed as Puck who was about 5′ 7″? 😉

  5. I just have two words: RED SONJA!

  6. lol @ Nick! She was too cool during the entire thing and everyone wanted a shot of her!

  7. @Speech I bet they did. lol

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