October 23, 2011

NYCC 2011: Celebrating the Cosplayer pt 2!

If you didn’t get enough cosplay action in the previous post, then prepare to go into overload as we continue our cosplay celebration! Let’s face it, regardless of who you’re standing in that long ass line to get a signature from, it would be the most boring experience of your life without the cosplayers parading around showing off their latest costumes. Whether it’s a character you’re all too familiar with, to the very obscure, you will be entertained throughout the day. So sit back and enjoy the men and women who are the highlight of comic conventions all over the world!

Why is he smiling? They are going to kill him!

Anime Witchblade

Poison Ivy

Marvel vs Capcom w/ Ryu, Ken, & Taskmaster!

Sorry Nick but Bane won that round!

Her gun scares me!

Wear a lot of leather and carry a big stick!


Plastic Man & Nightwing


Doesn't anyone check for weapons at NYCC!

They ain't afraid of no ghost!

Storm and Lightning are the perfect combo here!

…and she knows how to use them.

Infinite Speech vs Green Ranger!

Not one sparkly vampire made it out while Blade was there!

That is EXACTLY what it looks like!


Infinite Speech

All photos courtesy of E. Snell Design.




  1. Jeff Jackson

    Hahaha! That last one is crazy. I like your Infinite stance there, ‘Speech.

  2. LIES! LIES!! Batman would never lose to Bane…well except that one time. Speech, you are pretty spry for a old dude, well at least when you’re not up against kid Iceman. (LOL had to do it) I agree with Jeff on that last one.

  3. Billy

    That last one is just…wow…

    • wow indeed Billy! 🙂

  4. […] if you didn’t get enough cosplay action in pt 1 or pt 2, then wait’ll you get a load of our third installment here. It’s the final little […]

  5. Yeah…nothing like being teabagged by a pair of clean healthy ::ahem:: I probably traumatized the poor kids behind me, 😛

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