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October 22, 2011

NYCC 2011: Celebrating the Cosplayer pt 1!

Once again we’re here for another New York Comic Con 2011 recap! Today, instead of talking about the writers, artists, or how much cool $#!% I was able to leave with, we are here to celebrate the eye candy of any comic convention: the cosplayer. Let’s face it, regardless of who you’re standing in that long ass line to get a signature from, it would be the most boring experience of your life without the cosplayers parading around showing off their latest costumes. Whether it’s a character you’re all too familiar with, to the very obscure, you will be entertained throughout the day. So sit back and enjoy the men and women who are the highlight of comic conventions all over the world!

Superboy, Static, & Robin.

WW II Cap arrived in a DeLorean.

He convinced his friends to push him around all day!

She is responsible for the blood splatter on the ground in this pic.

I wish the Tardis in Doctor Who looked like this.

Not a Halo fan, but this is one cool costume!

Chewbacca picks his nose? Who knew?

This pic was taken because everyone likes cats. Especially these two!



Afro Samurai and his crew! [Ed.'s note: Neliel from Bleach, a guy I don't recognize, and Faith from Mirror's Edge.


I got in on the fun with Power Girl and Deadpool!


Pointing. It's the thing to do. [Ed.'s note: Ah, what great Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch costumes!

The Dark Knight smiled for the camera.


He protected us by running with that bomb all day! [Ed.'s note: Best Batman costume ever.

I think Bishop was really happy to see Deadpool.

Zatanna in action!



Well, that’s enough for now, so make sure you come back as we continue to recap NYCC 2011 and show off many more cosplayers in the process. Without you guys, the cons wouldn’t be as much fun and exciting.

Infinite Speech

All photos courtesy of E. Snell Design.



  1. Billy

    That Dr. Who chick is smokin’! 😉

  2. Great shots! The Zatanna card thing is cool. Never seen that before.

    We interviewed the Adam West Batman:


  3. The guy you don’t recognize in the pic w/ Afro Samurai is one of the Warriors from the 70s movie.

  4. I’ve seen that Robin before at another con and was that actually Damon Wayans as Blank Man?

  5. Kristin

    That Dr. Who TARDIS girl costume is everywhere this year. I’ve seen it at the cons I’ve been to this year, as well.

    IS: He’s from what movie? The Korean Warriors film?

  6. […] you didn’t get enough cosplay action in the previous post, then prepare to go into overload as we continue our cosplay celebration! Let’s face it, […]

  7. Nick, if that was actually Damon Wayans I would have been even more excited to see him!

    The title is just “The Warriors” Kris. They were framed for killing a gang leader and had to make their way from the Bronx all the way back to their home turf of Coney Island with everyone trying to kill them as well as running from the NYPD. Not an easy feat in the late 70s from what the movie depicts.

  8. Billy

    @Speech & Kristin – That’s actually a good flick!

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  10. Aron

    “Somedays, you just can’t get rid of a bomb!”

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