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October 27, 2011

NYCC 2011: The Black Dynamite Experience!

I wanna tell you a story about a friend I had. He’s a mean mutha$#@% and he’s supa bad! So grab on to ya seats and hang on tight, while I tell you a story about Black Dynamite!

If you’ve been watching Adult Swim, then you’ve probably already seen the ads for the upcoming animated series Black Dynamite. If you haven’t, then just know that the hit movie which spawned a comic that sold out of both printings will now be hitting television screens July 8th, 2012! So when I heard that the stars and producers would be available at NYCC, there was nothing that was going to stop us from getting in on the action. The only problem with that was that it seemed as if everything was conspiring against us that day for it NOT to happen. Whether it was Manhattan traffic or just inaccurate information from the NYCC staff and volunteers, things were getting a bit hectic. Plus it didn’t help that the room had been changed at the last minute. Well, after a chance meeting with Mister Terriffic writer Eric Wallace (who was more helpful than the actual staff), we found the correct room and set up for what was to be one of the coolest experiences of NYCC.

L to R: Scott Sanders, Carl Jones, Kym Whitley, Michael Jai White, & Byron Minns.

The room was filled with various press and media outlets all waiting for their chance to talk with the individuals behind the Black Dynamite animated series and the film. So, after spreading us out at the various tables, we awaited the arrival of Michael Jai White (Spawn, Mortal Kombat: Legacy), Kym Whitley (Next Friday, Rango), and Byron Minns (Black Dynamite) for the first round of interviews. Then second round would be with Executive Producer Carl Jones and Producer Scott Sanders. Now, due to time constraints I shared the table with two other outlets for our round table discussion, and no sooner had we made our introductions to each other the cast of Black Dynamite had arrived and our group was lucky enough to get them first. Byron and Michael arrived first, and I have to admit that my heart sank a little when Kym didn’t appear. Though soon after, Michael began speaking about his role with the project, and being humble he subtly threw in a humorous jab at his stylishly late friend and co-star as Kym made her way to her seat. With the cast now complete, Byron took the lead making introductions and letting us know what’s in store for viewers come July 8th. He revealed that since the show takes place in the 70s, several icons of the era will be making appearances, such as Richard Pryor, along with younger versions of Michael Jackson and Mr. T to name a few. It was evident during this exchange that these guys are having a lot of fun with this series and want the audience to have even more.

Next up we had the pleasure of speaking with Executive Producer Carl Jones, who is best known for his work on The Boondocks animated series, and Producer Scott Sanders who directed the Black Dynamite film. Now, these guys hit on a lot of behind the scenes info, and even though they couldn’t reveal much they did give some pretty exciting news about what’s to come. First, I’d like to say that Carl is just a funny guy as well and gives you the info in a pretty raw fashion. He explained to us that the feel and soul of the movie was easily transferred, because mostly everyone involved in the film is also working on the animated series. I asked Carl if voice casting for the newer characters was an issue or if he already had people in mind that he wanted. This allowed him to let us know a few people who would be lending their talents to the film, such as Snoop Dogg, Arsenio Hall, Debra Wilson, and Christopher Reid (Kid from Kid n Play) who Carl says is “fuckin’ hysterical” in his role as a leprechaun pimp. Scott also chimed in that several people who didn’t want to do the film are now working with them on the animated series. At this point my comic book mind clicked and I asked about the time frame of the animated series, because in the previews there were a couple of characters who had actually died in the movie. Scott took this one as he lauged, saying that he gets the question a lot and said that “it’s cartoons, man, he’s back!” Carl also let us know that they were going to be killing characters and bringing them back all throughout the series. They answered questions about the recording process and allowing their actors to go off script at times, along with the difficulties of possibly not having everyone available to record at the same time. A couple of villains for the series were revealed, but as Carl stated quite a few times, “I can’t give you too much!” The best news (at least to me) came when Scott verified that there will be a sequel to the Black Dynamite movie. This concluded our time with the two as they had to get around to the other tables to most likely answer the same questions over again.

Now, later on in the evening there was a Black Dynamite panel which we were determined not to miss. Since being royally screwed out of the Avengers panel earlier, our plan was a simple one: get there early as hell and wait in line. Well, some genius decided to combine the Black Dynamite line with the Dragon Ball Z in HD line. Really? Who gives a damn if it’s in HD now? Anyway, while waiting in line and marveling at the “genius” of this decision, we were told that the hall was filled and no one else would be let in. I can’t even start to tell you how pissed I was being screwed out of TWO panels that were the most important to me. So we began to pack up the camera equipment and cool swag that had been collected throughout the day. It was during this time we noticed that one of our crew had gone missing. Let’s just say that through a series of smoke bombs, flash bangs, and a little bit of “brother ingenuity,” Kaos Blac discovered an alternate route in and made way for E. Snell Design and yours truly. Most of what was discussed at the panel we were already privy to earlier in the day, but the real excitement came when footage of the series was shown along with some behind the scenes shots and the hilarity that will definitely ensue come July 8, 2012! When it was time to question the panel, they informed us that Adrian Young would again be handling the music of the animated series just as he masterfully handled the soundtrack and score. The panel also promised us that boundaries would be pushed, and though quite a few people may be offended with some events in the series they will continue to keep us entertained.

I made a funny!

Carl and Scott breaking it down for us.

Two out of four brothas will point at each other in a pic. One will not be smiling.

One out of two brothas will throw up the “peace” sign.

All photographs courtesy of E. Snell Design


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  1. Billy

    Sounds like you had a blast man! Oh, and that chick is hot…carry on.

  2. Kristin

    Speech, you went as press, right? I’m not sure why you had so many problems getting into events and what not. Or does their press department just suck? I know Anime Fest is a LOT smaller than NYCC, but we were given almost any freedom we needed to get our jobs done, including front row seats to main events and permission to take photos just about anywhere.

  3. I did go as press however I’m beginning to think it doesn’t mean too much at NYCC. When I was attempting to get into for the Avengers panel I was refused because the “room was filled to capacity” and they turned away several press outlets if you weren’t in there THREE HOURS PRIOR to sit through the Ghost Rider and The Walking Dead events going on earlier. No one was leaving and they weren’t going to ask anyone to leave to make room. Even showing my press pass at the Black Dynamite panel we were given some BS excuse but when we got in the room there was more than enough room for the photographer to take pics and to stand around.

    I did find solace in pissing off several people standing in line while they waited to see the Avengers panel by telling them that they were wasting their con time by standing in a line for an event that they weren’t going to be let into. When I saw a mildly pissed off crowd around the NYCC volunteer it warmed my heart.

  4. Kristin

    It’s possible that they were concerned about fire codes. If they were actually counting people, there’s a possibility they couldn’t let more people in because the room was filled to “capacity.” Depends on how rude they were, probably. But if the room is filled to fire code standards, they really can’t let you in.

  5. That part I understood and even made mention of it. I just think it’s wrong to allow people to stand in a line for an event they can’t get into. That part didn’t make any sense to me and when I asked the guy if he was going to let them know he stated that it wasn’t his job to do that.

  6. ken meyer jr

    Man, I don’t know anything about the series or comic, but I love that logo!

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