October 20, 2011

Image Reviews: Samurai’s Blood #5

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Written by: Billy
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Samurai’s Blood #5
Publisher: Image Comics/Benaroya
Writer: Owen Wiseman
Artist: Nam Kim (cover by Jo Chen)

The three survivng members of Clan Sanjo are all that we thought was left…we were wrong. It appears as though another, very dangerous man fought his way through the invading hordes safely. This man, Koga Iemitsu, is nothing short of an unstoppable force of nature that will do everything he can to exact revenge on those responsible for murdering his fellow clan members. This includes a decapitation of an invading soldier at one point. We follow closely the actions of this man as he begins to weave a plan that will help him gain the thing he wants most – revenge.




Another solid issue from these guys. The pace did seem a lot slower than the previous books, but that didn’t really bother me very much. There was still plenty of action and intrigue, and the revelation that someone from Clan Sanjo is still alive is extremely shocking. Wiseman is really getting this story in line for a great finish. Kim’s artwork grows on me more and more everyday. I really enjoy his take on the Orient and all things samurai and ninja. I know these are only characters, but they seem real. I mean, they are more like history than just a comic book idea from someone’s mind. Next month, this series will come to a close, and I for one am going to be sad. Just the thought of this book ending is truly going to make me unhappy. It’s been clearly one of the best books out there. Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy


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  1. Definitely will be picking this title up! Thanks Billy!

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