October 25, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 10/19/2011

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Written by: Arnab
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All Nigher #5 (Image)
Jeff: Well, that was….unexpected…and kind of a let down.

Avengers #18 (Marvel)
Capekiller: I always love the classic Avengers issues where the focus is selecting a new team!

Batman #2 (DC)
There aren’t many perfect books in the comic realm, this is one of them. Snyder and Capullo have rooted themselves in Gotham and both Batman and the city will never be same again.
The best of “The New 52”. Scott Snyder, I think I love you!
NickZ: Snyder, Capullo, and Co. continue to knock it out of the park with this book. This is how Batman should be done.

Birds of Prey #2 (DC)
NickZ: I don’t feel these girls are going to have the great chemistry that old birds had, but I’m not giving up on this book yet.

BPRD: Hell On Earth-Russia #2 (Dark Horse Comics)
Capekiller: Johann Kraus finds himself knee deep in conspiracy, cover-up and the occult. Good times!

Catwoman #2 (DC)
I’m pretty sure Catwoman is paralyzed from the neck down now. Well written story, loved seeing Bruce and Selina interact. Does this mean that Selina’s heart is 100%?
They should have called this book “Catwoman: Sex and Violence”!

Deadpool Max II #1 (Marvel)
Capekiller: Super weird story, really bad art.
NickZ: The second act of Deadpool Max seems to be off to a great start. It has a clear direction and purpose this time around.

Fear Itself #7 (Marvel)
Andy: Finally, it ends! The parallels to Green Lantern and the rings was nauseating.
Arnab: This was a really long issue and yet the final showdown still felt rushed. Also, I do not approve of Bucky dying instead of Steve, just so you know.
Capekiller: Epic conclusion to the battle of good versus evil. Marvel Universe is sure to be changed, for a while…….
NickZ: This was a major disappointment. Talk about anti-climatic! And it had more endings than The Lord of The Rings!

Fear Itself: The Fearless #1 (Marvel)
Arnab: After I finished reading this, I was shocked to find out it was twelve parts. Holy Frak, Batman. Woops, wrong publisher.

Fear Itself: Home Front #7 (Marvel)
Capekiller: Waste of paper, time and ultimately, money!

Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt #6 (Marvel)
Capekiller: A pretty good conclusion to a story that started out of the ashes of Civil War.

Invincible Iron Man #509 (Marvel)
Capekiller: For the first time in a while, Fraction makes me care about Tony Stark.

Journey Into Mystery #629 (Marvel)
Capekiller: The best Fear Itself title (art- Portacio & story – Gillen)  that nobody read….

Justice League #2 (DC)
Arnab: This issue was pretty good, but I can’t be the only one who doesn’t care about what happened five years ago, can I? I mean, the team’s not going to even be the same, so who cares?
Capekiller: Pretty solid. Nice seeing the cornerstones of the DCU at each other’s throats!
NickZ: The second issue was WAY better than the first. The relationships between the characters was perfect as was this Flash line: “You (Superman) can see trough things?… What can you do Batman?”

Nightwing #2 (DC)
Arnab: This issue was better than the first and not just because Dick gets some.
NickZ: Looks like everybody is getting their sexy time on in the DCnU. Plus, Nightwing vs. Wolverine? ok.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #2 (DC)
Arnab: The art in this book is reason enough to pick it up. Luckily, the story is actually quite good as well.
NickZ: I’ve always thought Jason was a douche bag, but this series is actually making me like him. He is already way cooler than Nightwing.

Supergirl #2 (DC)
NickZ: This series is great! They definitely improved Supergirl in the relaunch. Check it out!

Uncanny X-Men #544 (Marvel)
Arnab: This was probably as close as I’ll ever get to my dreams of Beast being decapitated coming true. Go Team Scott!
Had me a little sad to tell you the truth. Gillen did a good job saying, “Good bye.”
Jeff: Great idea for a “final” story…horrible execution.
NickZ: Scott was a dick in this issue but it was a bit sad knowing that this is the FINAL ISSUE of Uncanny X-Men…until next month.

Wolverine #17 (Marvel)
Capekiller: Old school kung-fu, a wicked team-up and a new direction equal one hell of an amazing story for your second favourite Canadian!
Jeff: This issue has nothing to do with anything. I hate forced team-ups.
NickZ: Jason Aaron, Ron Garney and Co. continue to knock it out of the park with this book. This is how Wolverine should be done.

Wonder Woman #2 (DC)
NickZ: It’s official, Wonder Woman is finally good enough to be on my pull list. Pants or no pants, this book is awesome!

X-Factor #226 (Marvel)
Arnab: I like this team and their dynamic, I don’t really want Havoc and Polaris joining. Oh, and Rictor’s being a douche.
Jeff: I am really digging Leonard Kirk’s work on this book! And the story continues to please!
NickZ: As usual Peter David continues to keep this book consistently one of the best X-books around.

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