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October 5, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: Turok, Son of Stone #4

Turok, Son of Stone #4
Publisher: Dark Horse
Written By: Jim Shooter
Art By: Eduardo Francisco
Cover: Raymond Swanland

Shit’s going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are getting stabbed and shot! Aztecs are screaming! Dinosaurs are swooping in! Native Americans and guys with space age warships are duking it out to save a hot blonde chick!

Yes, this is the mayhem that we walk into with Turok, Son of Stone #4. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the final part of the story arc, and to get blunt on you, shit is going down from every direction that it could be inked into a panel. In issue #4, Turok, Andar, and Thunder-Hand fight the evil Aztec King Maxtla, trying to save Aasta and escape with their lives. The plot is that simple to say the least, and that pretty much sums it up without giving you a play-by-play of who dies and when, but it’s not a flaw. It’s straight page after page of non-stop action, which is the strength and attraction to this issue, making it accessible and enjoyable to anyone who loves this kind of stuff and picks it up.

Francisco’s art is enjoyable on this issue. His characters are not overly detailed, yet he still captures so much emotion with them as they battle for their lives. His action-art also does the job plus. We have spears flying, planes crashing, before we know it there’s dinosaurs flying in and attacking…each page and variation of action done with a fine job. Shooter ties up the story line nicely, always knowing what readers of this material like and giving us a good chunk of kick-ass fighting. He then ties the characters together, shows us classic heroism, lets the guy get the girl, and ties it up so we feel satisfied, fulfilled with the story arc, as well as looking forward to hopefully another issue which we will gladly throw the cash down for.

So the long-short here is if you want a comic that’s 80% blood ‘n battles, here it is (and if you like that kind of stuff, I couldn’t recommend a better sci-fi action tale to you).

Drew McCabe


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