September 27, 2011

Director Aaron Schoenke of Bat in the Sun Productions talks “Seeds of Arkham!”

There are a lot of fan produced superhero films out there, but not many of them could be considered quality in terms of execution, let alone watchable from beginning to end. Since 2001 Bat in the Sun Productions has been the exception to the rule, having proven their excellence and superiority in the superhero indie film genre, and they are primed to release their latest Batman film, Seeds of Arkham early next month. Based in Los Angeles, Bat in the Sun premiered City of Scars last year, and in the same month as the release of the highly anticipated animated movie, Batman: Year One, and all-new video game, Batman: Arkham City, Seeds will debut this October 7th on

Director of the production, Aaron Schoenke, briefly spoke with us on the new project and even sent us some exclusive, never before seen, production photos!

COMIC ATTACK: How long did it take to shoot Seeds of Arkham, and what was the budget you had to work with?

AARON SCHOENKE: The new film was shot over the course of 7 days, with a budget of roughly $7,000 and runs about 7 minutes long.

CA: Is Seeds in the same continuity as your previous film, City of Scars?

AS: Yes, this film takes place after the events of City of Scars. It’s sort of an epilogue to that film.

CA: Will Kevin Porter be returning to the role of Batman?

AS: Yep, Kevin will be returning to the character in a newly redesigned Bat suit.

CA: I saw you announced on Bat in the Sun’s facebook page that Killer Croc will be the main villain of Seeds. Can you tell us a little about that?

AS: Killer Croc was such a perfect fit for this story. He brings so much power and visuals to a Batman film, and I’m surprised he hasn’t been used yet. The actor, Xango Henry, who portrays Killer Croc, does such a great job bringing that power and intensity to the character. It also doesn’t hurt that Xango is a giant man. People on set were scared of him once he was in full make up, and he just had this presence about him- something I feel came across very well on film.

CA: You’re no stranger to the camera yourself, having worked on shows like Deadliest Warrior for Spike TV. I actually had a similar stint with DW, playing their lead French Musketeer in season 2. Tell us about your experience with the show and with Spike.

AS: It was great. Having worked on DW for the first two seasons was such a learning experience. Having the chance to play a pirate, spartan, and Apache Indian was a thrill, plus learning all their individual fighting styles was just amazing. Most of the stunt team from DW worked on my previous film, City of Scars, and again on my new film. We even had the privilege of having Doug Coleman do the stunt coordination for us. He’s coordinated all the big films, like the recent Captain America movie, all the way back to the original Dukes of Hazard. He’s really an amazing guy.

CA: Any closing comments you wish to add?

AS: Be on the lookout for all the fun surprises and homage’s in the film! I think fans will really love it. Check out this short preview of the film, and be sure to catch the release on October 7th!

Check out some exclusive images from the film below, and be sure to visit the official Bat in the Sun website!

Andy Liegl



  1. OMG this looks amazing!! I LOVE that suit! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Wow!

  3. This looks interesting, looking forward to seeing how Killer Croc will be played without being too much like TAS.

  4. Why can’t we get feature length big budget films like this?

  5. Man, Hollywood needs to pay attention.
    These guys know what’s up!

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