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September 18, 2011

Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Drax the Destroyer

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Written by: Billy
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What’s up everyone? I’m back with another great character spotlight in this week’s edition of Marvel Snapshot! This time around, and in keeping with yesterday’s theme of Marvel cosmic, I’ll be looking at Drax the Destroyer! Yep, that green skinned wild man from beyond the stars that was brought to us by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich back in 1968 (Iron Man #55), is here for a quick moment in the center stage, so get ready!

Drax is actually an Earth-man named Arthur Douglas. Well, his spirit is that of Arthur Douglas, but his body was created by the Titan deity Chronos. You see, Mentor (the father of Thanos and Eros), the leader of the Titans, knew something had to be done about Thanos, and seemingly with no one able to stop him, Mentor begged Chronos to help. Chronos’s answer was a superhuman killing machine named Drax. Drax was created with only one purpose or objective in his mind – to kill Thanos! Early on in his life, Drax fought Thanos a couple of times with no success. Thanos was defeated by Captain Marvel, though, and this angered Drax to the point of attacking Mar-Vell. After the dispute was taken care of, Drax decided to travel around searching the universe with his daughter, Moondragon.

Later on, as Moondragaon became drunk with power, she mentally forced the soul of Arthur Douglas out of his body, effectively killing him. He would eventually be brought back to life by Chronos because of the resurrection of Thanos by Lady Death. The next challenge for Drax would be not just regular old Thanos, but a Thanos empowered by the Infinity Gauntlet. After that epic battle, Drax was given the responsibility to safeguard the Power Gem by Adam Warlock (Infinity Watch). He lost it to Rune, and then the team disbanded soon after. In a stunning move a few years ago during Annihilation, Drax took up a sidekick of sorts in the young, brash Cammi, and also seemed to be acting like an intelligent fellow, rather than a mindless killing machine. He also taught Richard Ryder (Nova) how to fight in ways he never thought possible before. He eventually fulfilled his purpose and killed Thanos during Annihilation as Thanos was trying to save the planet they were on at the time.

Drax has made a few brief appearances since Annihilation, but nothing compares to what Friedrich and Starlin did with the character back in the early years. I for one hope that Drax always remains a staple in the Marvel cosmic scene forever! Check below for my recommended reading list and some great pics as well, and I’ll see you next week!

Recommended Reading
The Life of Captain Marvel – Tpb
Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel vol. 3 – HC
Annihilation vol. 3 – Tpb
Annihilation Conquest vol. 2 – Tpb

Billy Dunleavy



  1. That Annihilation cover is sick!

  2. I actually learned a some stuff that I didn’t know about Drax…and that’s one to grow on! Thanks Billy!

  3. Billy

    @Speech- It’s one of my favorites! I love that Drax mini cover as well!

  4. Eli

    Both of those covers are works of art, great call Billy. Drax is a great character that shouldn’t be out of the picture too long. That opening sequence to the Annihilation series is fantastic too, with him gradually regaining his mind.

  5. Billy

    @Nick- Thanks for stopping by dude. Yeah, he’s really cool, especially in that Drax series that leeds into Annihilation. Great stuff with Drax, the Blood Brothers, Paibok, Cammi (HS girl that has an attitude), etc.

    @Eli- I love those last two covers (and books in general)! I could read them (all of Annihilation) every week!

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