November 2, 2009

Th3rd World Studios Reviews: The Stuff of Legend: The Dark #2

preview-cover-295x300Publisher: Th3rd World Studios
Writers: Mike Raicht & Brian Smith
Artist: Charles Paul Wilson III
Cover: Charles Paul Wilson III

“The Dark, Book II”: When Andy previewed this issue of The Stuff of Legend, he vowed on his copy of X-Men #129 that this series would be worth my time and money.  Well it looks like he gets to keep the book for a bit longer, because this issue was great! It’s pure fantasy, reminiscent of The Neverending Story, The Wizard of Oz, and so many other tales that take us to a realm where the most innocent things aren’t so innocent anymore, and a child’s worst fears are made very, very real.

Book 2 begins with our heroes about to be ambushed, however the Boogey Man’s minions realize too late that they are the ones who are being taken by surprise and are disposed of.  After that brief interruption, Max the bear and Percival, or “Percy,” the pig get into a heated discussion about their next course of action.  Having lost their leader, these two are butting heads trying to fill that void within the group.  They soon stumble on the town of Hopscotch, which resembles a child’s board game, and accidentally get one of the inhabitants into trouble.  From here on out it goes from bad to worse for the group of would be rescuers.  The Mayor of the town is shady, and notices that he may have an ally in Percy since he doesn’t seem to have the group’s best interests at heart either.

From Brian and Mike’s writing to Wilson’s art, this book is a definite pick up for anyone who likes this type of fantasy, along with those who just want a break from the barrage of super hero books. After going through the book I realized the scans that Andy provided don’t do Wilson’s visuals justice in my opinion!  I expected it to be bright and bursting with color, but instead we get this sepia like tone throughout the book. It brings about a mood that keeps you in the mindset that regardless of how childlike the characters may seem, there’s always this sense of evil lurking that is the Boogey Man!

I’m still on the hunt for a copy of the first issue that won’t break the bank, but I will continue to keep up with this series and will impatiently wait until the Spring of 2010 for Volume two.  Ugh! Why so long guys?! So I will make the same promise as Andy and vow on HIS copy of X-Men #129 that this book is worth the time!

Infinite Speech



  1. Billy

    Great review speech! I have got to get this series. The artwork alone is very impressive.

  2. Infinite Speech

    hurry up and grab the 2nd issue before the price gets ridiculous like the first one lol I doubt if there was a huge print run on either. The first issue even sold out of it’s 2nd printing so i’m sure the 2nd issue will do just as well

  3. Glad to hear you liked it Speech!!

    … and that I get to keep my copy of X-Men #129.

    : )

    I’m pretty sure you guys can order a copy of #1 through Th3rd World Studios’ website.

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