September 27, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 9/21/2011

All Nighter #4 (Image)
Jeff: Once again, David Hahn gives a twist that I didn’t see coming! I have no idea what to expect next!

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #7 (Marvel)
Arnab: If this book wasn’t amazing, the wait wouldn’t be worth it. But this book is fantastic. Oh, and the Young Avengers should just get rid of Eli.
Jeff: Hey Matt Fraction…wanna know how to do a Marvel Event? Ask Allan Heinberg who’s doing one incognito in this book.
NickZ: This book is so awesome. The story is awesome. The art is awesome. It’s just AWESOME!

Batman #1 (DC)
Andrew: I’m not quiet hooked on this mystery they’re building, but the art was nice.
Arnab: Now that is how you start a new series. This book was amazing. Amazing story, amazing art, everything was perfectly in place.
Infinite Speech: Nice start though I’m a bit put off by some of the new artistic interpretations of some of Bat’s rogues gallery.
Jeff: So, am I supposed to think that Bruce is a full foot and half taller than Dick?
NickZ: The BEST of the DCnU books! Capullo’s art is great and Scott Snyder is a writing BEAST!!

Birds of Prey #1 (DC)
NickZ: An ok start to this book. I’ll stick around at least until we meet all the Birds.

Captain Atom #1 (DC)
Andrew: Meh…pretty unimpressive. Cool art, though.

Catwoman #1 (DC)
Andrew: Amazing! Guillem March has outdone himself! Simply brilliant art work!
Arnab: Well now, those first couple of pages was completely uncalled for. More importantly, what’s this nonsense about Selina not knowing who Batman is?
NickZ: Talk about a sex kitten! What happened to the Selina I knew and loved? This one is way too slutty and not knowing Bruce is Batman? Weak sauce DC, weak sauce!

Daredevil #4 (Marvel)
Andrew: Even with all the great DC books this week, DD is still my top read of the week. Waid and Martin are killing it!

The Darkness #93 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: Life would have been a lot easier for Jackie had he not turned 21. The Darkness is where you should be folks!

DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1 (DC)
Andrew: Deadman is a character you wanna keep a close eye on. This issue was fantastic.

Executive Assistant: Lotus #3 (Aspen)
Infinite Speech: Lotus is a BEAST! Great 3 issue mini series that you should be reading!

Fear Itself: Home Front #6 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: This series is something rare in the comic biz. It’s a tie in that matters.

Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #3 (Marvel)
Jeff: Deadpool reading the Bible and saying theological things is just great.
NickZ: Not even close to as good as the regular UXF book, but it was alright.

Generation Hope #11 (Marvel)
Arnab: Hope is not my favorite character, but man is she stuck with some jackass teammates, except for Gabriel and Teon that is.
NickZ: I’m starting to like Hope more and some of her teammates less. I hope she kicks their asses!

Green Lantern Corps #1 (DC)
Andrew: What’s up with all the 2814 GLs and they’re sudden urge for day jobs? JUST GO BE SUPERHEROES!!

Marvel Universe vs Wolverine #4 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Maberry brings it all home here and you’ll not be disappointed!

Nightwing #1 (DC)
Arnab: Decent start. It was nice seeing Dick interact with the Haly’s circus crew.
NickZ: A solid start to this book. I’m still not loving that he’s Nightwing again, but I’ll go with it.

Red Hood And The Outlaws #1 (DC)
Arnab: Aside from the the unnecessary swimming scenes, I enjoyed this book. Jason and Roy have been favorites and the work well together.
Infinite Speech: After the breakout the only thing that kept me awake was Rocafort’s great looking artwork
NickZ: So the new DC is all about T&A and turning all their heroines into whores? Interesting. hmm…

Supergirl #1 (DC)
NickZ: This book is off to a great start! I loved the little eater eggs, when Kara’s super-hearing kicked in.

Star Trek #1 (IDW)
Andrew: I was never a Star Trek fan. But if IDW keeps making Star Trek comics like this, then I’ll be hooked quick.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: The story has me 100% but the artwork is a bit off putting. Regardless, we get to see Splinter fight some ninja before he was doused in slime!

Ultimate Comics X-Men #1 (Marvel)
Jeff: That opening scene where Karen goes to visit the new mutant gave me chills.

Uncanny X-Men #543 (Marvel)
Arnab: I love Scott Summers. Is there some fan club I can join or something? Really though, he’s awesome.
Infinite Speech: What hurts worse than getting your face broken by an enchanted hammer? Getting dumped by your girlfriend.
Jeff: Cyclops threatening the mayor of SF? And now Colossus is Juggernaut? I think the X-Men have officially become the Brotherhood.
NickZ: So Colossus is Juggernaut and Cyclops is Magneto now? Ok, wow.

Wonder Woman #1 (DC)
Andrew: Brian Azzarello proves why he is the man. Has to be the best Wonder Woman in a long time.
NickZ: Someone is finally doing Wonder Woman right!! If this quality keeps up, Wonder Woman will be joining my pull list for the first time EVER!

X-Factor #225 (Marvel)
Arnab: If you were going to only read three X-books, this should be one of them. No joke. Rictor is an idiot, I don’t like Rahne, Team Shatterstar all the way.
Jeff: Leonard Kirk is channelling the old John Byrne. Good stuff here!
NickZ: Always one of the strongest X-books, Peter David does not disappoint. I wonder how many more times he can almost reveal Shatterstar and Longshot’s true relationship?

X-Men #18 (Marvel)
Arnab: It’s strange that this is an X-Men book featuring the FF, and yet they are the ones that need saving.
Jeff: Ugh. Why? This book is so bad. Make it stop.
NickZ: So it’s pretty much up to Dr. Doom and Magneto to save the X-Men and the FF! Who would have ever thought that sentence would someday be true?

X-Men Schism #4 (Marvel)
Arnab: Scott vs. Logan? Well now that is just awesome. While I understand Logan’s point, it doesn’t make sense at this point.
Jeff: My Lord, Alan Davis is still so good after all these years.
NickZ: 1) I don’t know where Wolverine has been for the past 40 some odd years, but kids risking their lives to protect a world that fears and hates them is what the X-Men have always been about. 2) Any fight between Cyclops and Wolverine is ALWAYS about Jean Grey.

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Andrew Hurst
Arnab Pradhan
Infinite Speech
Jeff Jackson
Nick Zamora



  1. @Jeff and @NickZ – How exactly do you want Scott to be reacting in this situation? The woman was about to give up Utopia, would you have him say “Aw shucks, no worries. Let’s all be friends”? He’s not acting like Magneto, he’s acting like any competent leader.

  2. I made a pun in my chirp about Generation Hope #11 and didn’t even realized it until just now. lol

    @Arnab No way, that was taking it a bit too far. He is totally becoming Magneto, he needs to dial it back a bit.

    • Are you kidding me? Do you think Alexander the Great would have been ok with having Sadie as a neighbor? He would have gone over, killed her, taken over and named it Macedonia part two. Magneto would have probably done the same at his peak.
      When you’re the ruler of a people who’s population is smaller than a graduating class of seniors, you can’t afford to take any threat lightly.

  3. Jeff Jackson

    I was actually laughing because you guys were complaining about Hope’s teammates, and I thought she got what she deserved! I hate her.

    As for Cyclops, I don’t quite understand why he is pushing things so far. The mutant race is not on the brink of extinction. More mutants are being born. Yet, his reactions in Schism and UXM seem so far from the Cyclops of years gone by that he sounds much more like Magneto than Xavier.

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