September 2, 2011

DC Reviews: Justice League #1

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Written by: Arnab
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Justice League #1
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair
Cover Artists: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair
Publisher: DC

The wait is over ladies, gents, and extra-terrestrials, Justice League #1 marks the beginning of the new DC universe. In this case, the issue starts off five years ago with a story about how the Justice League came to be. Prior to this story the superheroes worked in secret and they stuck to their own cities. Heroes like Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman had never even met each other, but were all equally disliked by the general public.

Hal arrives in Gotham and with Batman’s help takes care of an alien threat, that threat being one of Darkseid’s minions. After quite a bit of time bonding and sharing stories, the two of them take a trip to Metropolis to to see if Superman has any connection to the alien threat. Not too pleased with the out of town visitors, Superman makes quick work of the Green Lantern and sets his sight on Batman.

I’ve been on the fence with regards to this new DC since it was announced, and that will probably be resolved on a series to series case. In this case, having read the first issue of this I’m of mixed feelings. For the most part, though, I thought that this issue was great. As a huge fan of Batman, and this issue having been very Batman heavy, how could I not? Geoff Johns writes a decent Batman and a great, jovial Hal Jordan, and the story itself is a pleasant one. Jim Lee’s art is outstanding work and is really enhanced by Alex Sinclair’s colors. Here’s hoping that even with Johns and Lee on the creative team this series is out on time every month, because it has the makings to be a great book.

It’s perfectly obvious that this first issue was meant to be very new reader friendly, maybe even a little too new reader friendly. Chronicling the beginning of the Justice League is great. It’s an easy way to introduce characters and it gives us a look at some of the new origins that have been created. But if I were a new reader to comics, or even to the Justice League, I’d feel a little gypped. The issue was almost completely a Batman/Green Lantern story, with a brief appearance by Superman and a non-powered Cyborg. Basically, there was a whole lot of hype surrounding this new team of heroes, but the pay off won’t be here for a couple more issues. Also, I think having Darkseid be the first villain is a questionable choice. I mean, if you start off that big, where do you go from there? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 4.5/5

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Arnab Pradhan



  1. Eli

    Overall I liked this issue, and it does make me look forward to the rest of the new releases with a sense of hope. Hope that they’ll all at least be pretty decent.

  2. Billy

    Hmmm. Yeah, no thanks. I might pick up JL Dark and Demon Knights, and that’s about it.

  3. I liked this issue a lot. Thought it was a great #1. Part of me had expectations to be the greatest comic book I would have read in years, and it wasn’t, but I’m basically sold on the DCnU so far.

  4. Decent issue and being able to see Jim Lee and Scott Williams together again was more of a selling point for me anyway. It’s weird that just when I was beginning to like Hal from the Sinestro Corps and Blackest Night events Johns has to write him as an idiot again though I see why and I’m sure they’re going to play up the whole Batman doesn’t like Hal thing again.

  5. @andrewhurst – I liked it as well. But I can’t help but think that maybe they should have started off with a plot that already included the whole team, and then slowly showed the origins through flashbacks.

    @InfiniteSpeech – Well, the issue does take place five years ago, so in present time there doesn’t necessarily have to be that Bruce not liking Hal bit. And Hal doesn’t have to be an idiot either. Especially because the GL timeline is relatively unchanged, the way he is pre-reboot will likely be the way he is now.

  6. Bruce not liking Hal is one of those things that needs to stay just because it helps add a bit of realism to the team dynamic. Plus, no one likes everyone that they work with and I like that there is tension on the team.

  7. @InfiniteSpeech – I like a bit of tension as well. I’ve always liked it when Bruce and Clark butted heads. What I’m wondering is how long we’ll be set 5 years into the past. Because in the present, Hal Jordan is no longer a GL. So logic says that in the JL present, he wouldn’t be a part of the team. Which is especially weird, because DC has been hyping this new JL team for a while now.

  8. That was something that bothered me since Sinestro is the GL in the GL title. That would have been a great teaser image if you ask me. Either that or just leave John as the team’s GL. Though, we don’t know everything yet so I’m more than willing to ride it out for a bit. And you have to admit that seeing Bruce just casually take the ring off of Hal’s finger was great!

  9. Billy

    Why is that dope Aquaman (and Cyborg for that matter) on the cover/in the book? Give me Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow over those guys any day of the week.

  10. There was a lot of hype around Cyborg before Flashpoint started and after reading Flashpoint you wonder “Why”? He really didn’t even matter after a couple of issues and he also didn’t matter in the LOD spin off where the villain had a vendetta against him. I honestly think he was used because DC was also pushing their “diversity” image in all of the early press releases so it helped convince some people.

  11. I thought this issue sucked as a first issue, not having everyone on the cover in it. I also agree with Billy that Martain Manhunter should be on the team and if they only have Cyborg for diversity, I think John Stewart would work better as the GL and “token black guy”. The main things that I liked about it were Jim Lee’s art and Batman, he is always such a bad ass.

  12. I don’t agree with the argument that EVERYONE needs to be in this first issue. It’s a slow build and I’m ok with that.

    This issue takes place 5 years in the past, and it’s showing us how the JL gets together. It’s the relaunch of an all-new universe, so why rush things? We get our three major players in this issue, and that’s enough to start.

    I like that it wasn’t rushed with everyone jammed in from the get go.

  13. Gotta agree w/ Andy about not having everyone show up in the issue. Flashpoint was rushed enough for me and the pacing of this issue was MUCH better than that. And the team is supposed to be 14 members deep when it’s all said and done so some of us may get our wish when the absolute final line up is released.

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