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September 1, 2011

The Comics Console: The Many Batmen of Arkham City

One of the most fun qualities about the Batman and his part of the DCU/DCnU is the many different looks and costumes he keeps in his bat-closet. He’s pulled off many looks throughout the last seven decades, and Batman: Arkham City developer Rocksteady is giving us some diverse caped and cowled icing on top of their beautiful cake of a game.

The above Batmen are just the first images of the already announced skins that will become available in Arkham City. From left to right we have Terry Mcginnis’s Batman Beyond costume, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns costume, the suit design for Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s upcoming Batman: Earth One graphic novel, a classic Neal Adams style Batman, and my personal dream-come-true, the Batman: The Animated Series skin. Not to mention the original Rocksteady Batman. And although we don’t see it here, it has been confirmed that the Green Lantern Blu-Ray 3D combo pack (out October 14) will come with a PS3 code for Sinestro Corps Batman.

What I noticed first about these skins is that they aren’t just the Rocksteady Batman with different textured outfits and color; they’re actually designed with specific detail. Look at the Animated Series Batman. It’s like the avatar came right out of the cartoon itself. And Robin is receiving the same skin treatment. Catwoman is also playable in the game, but we’ve yet to see what, if any, costumes Rocksteady has for Selina Kyle, but I bet I can make a few good guesses.

Rocksteady has given us a perfect line-up of skins for the Caped Crusaders, and while some of them will apparently be pre-order exclusives to certain retail stores (no word yet on the details), hopefully all of these and more will find their way as DLC.

What also stuck out to me about the costumes we see above are the costumes we don’t see. If you’re passionate about your comic book video games like me, then I know you’re a greedy son-of-a-bitch and want more costumes!

The DCnU has launched, and it makes sense to give fans a costume resembling the new Batman. Tim Burton’s Batman is my personal favorite movie, and I’d gladly pay a generous amount of GamerPoints to play as Micheal Keaton. Same with a Tim Sale style Batman. And there are always the classic Batman and Robin combinations, like Adam West and Burt Ward. As far as Robin costumes go, there aren’t too many I’m dying to see, but I have to assume we’ll see a Nightwing costume at some point.

Then there’s Catwoman. I think the Michelle Pfeiffer costume might be my favorite, but a 1990s purple costume with the giant hair or a 1960s Julie Newmar costume would be some nice eye candy.


“Try not to stare, Old Chum….”

It may sound ambitious on my part, but if we could somehow get skins for the top villains in the game too instead of just the playable characters, then that would truly be bat-heaven. I would love to play Arkham City with every character in Batman: The Animated Series skins.

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Andrew Hurst



  1. An Ertha Kitt or Julie Newmar skin for Catwoman would be puuuurrrrrrfect! 🙂

  2. Dementedclown

    Definitely want the Red Robin and Batman Beyond Skins. and i’m grabbing GL so the Sinestro Corps Bats will be mine!!!

  3. […] Last week we got our first good look at the many different playable alternate skins for Batman: Arkham City. Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight Returns Batman, and Earth One Batman were just a few of the already announced Batmen, and this week we’re running down the Bat-suits we want to see in the future! Holy fashion show, Batman!The Movie BatmenBatman sports a new suit in every movie, and obviously we would love to see all of them (yes, even the special ice suits that George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, and Alicia Silverstone rocked in the final scenes of Batman & Robin), but the realistic choices for possible skins from Batman movies comes down to two. A Dark Knight style skin seems pretty likely, but maybe the skin I’m pulling for most is a Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman. Batman is considered a classic by fans, and the all black costume with the yellow symbol is the staple Batman of the 90s and one of my very favorite Bat-suits.ZUR-EN-ARRHWe didn’t get to see much of Grant Morrison’s amnesiac drug fueled Batman, but what we did see of him was awesome. Batman’s most colorful costume is without a doubt his most shocking, and if the myth of the Batman isn’t enough to strike fear into the cowardly and superstitious, those clashing colors will absolutely do the trick. It just better come with its own Bat-Mite, too!Detective Comics #27Of all the many Bat-suits, the most classic has to be the original. I’m actually surprised a 1939 costume wasn’t among the first wave of announced skins. I love the huge head with the awkward fitting mask horns and the purple gloves. I just hope if they do make a 1939 Batman skin they can make the cape sit weird like in the picture below.Superstar ArtistsWe’ve seen that Rocksteady can make very detailed comic book style skins like Frank Miller’s Batman from The Dark Knight Returns, and it would be great to see more Batmen from important artists. The one that sticks out the most for me is Tim Sale’s Batman. When you think of the top five Batman works, Sale’s Batman is sure to be on the list, along with greats like Jim Lee, Alex Ross, and Kelly Jones.“You’re just one man?”Before that bat crashed through Bruce Wayne’s window on the fateful night, Gotham’s vigilante was just a man with a conviction. It would be great to play as young Bruce Wayne fighting crime Year One style, but without the cape, you wouldn’t be able to glide, so this skin seems unlikely.Thomas WayneFlashpoint gave us not only a new Batman in Thomas Wayne, but it also gave us a very interesting new Bat-suit. At first I didn’t care for the red utility belt and small red circle behind the bat-symbol, but seeing just how hardcore Geoff Johns and Brian Azzarello made this new Batman, I’m dying to kick in some Joker henchmen teeth Thomas Wayne style.KnightfallWhen Bane treated Bruce Wayne’s spine like a child with an old toy, Gotham was left without a Bat, but not for long. Dick Grayson wasn’t interested in donning the cape and cowl, but close friend of the Bat-family Jean-Paul Valley gladly took up the mantle. Eventually, the power of the bat drove Valley coconuts and he redesigned the suit into gaudy looking Bat-armor. It’s arguably the least popular of all the different Bat-suits, but I would sure as hell fight crime in Arkham City with it.Bat-tootsieI don’t need to explain to you why there should be an Adam West Batman skin. He’s Adam West Batman. Of course we want it! As long as the drawn on eyebrows and that shine from the blue material are there.I could go on and on about all the different versions of Batman I want in Arkham City, and obviously I won’t get them all, but regardless of what alternate skins we see or don’t see, one thing is for sure. Batman will be looking…For more of The Comics Console, click here!Andrew Hurst @andrewEhurst/*//>*/ /**/ Digg this postRecommend on FacebookBuzz it upShare on LinkedinShare via MySpaceshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about itBuzz it upSubscribe to the comments on this postPrint for laterTell a friend Spread the word!Tags: Batman & Robin, Batman Arkham City, Bruce Wayne, Flashpoint, PS3, The Dark Knight, XBox 360 No CommentsStart the ball rolling by posting a comment on this article!Leave a Reply […]

  4. […] as the release of the highly anticipated animated movie, Batman: Year One, and all-new video game, Batman: Arkham City, Seeds will debut this October 7th on of the production, Aaron Schoenke, […]

  5. It’s not the costume we needed, but the costume we deserve….

    for pre-ordering this game…

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