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August 27, 2011

IDW Reviews: Snake Eyes #4

Snake Eyes #4
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Robert Atkins
Cover: Robert Atkins

You would think that writing an entertaining book where the main character can’t speak, nor does the reader see his face, would be something of a difficult task. However, Dixon has made it look easy these past four issues, as Snake Eyes has consistently been one great issue after another. This story arc wraps up with a fight that pits Snake Eyes against Khallikhan’s two ninja, Slice and Dice. We also find out the fate of Alpine and Iceberg as they attempt to escape some Cobra Vipers, and Helix shows up to support her mentor.

Now, for all that was great with this issue there was some disappointment when it came to Khallikhan’s character. He’s been built up quite a bit since the Cobra Civil War began, and he’s one of the few new characters that many have found interesting. Needless to say (and without spoiling too much), we won’t be seeing this guy around anymore. Which is a shame, because it was nice to see someone who could go toe to toe with Snake Eyes besides Storm Shadow and be a serious threat to the legendary Joe members. Dixon does briefly tie into other events dealing with the Joes, and writes a pretty strong sequence that shines some light on the relationship between Scarlet and Snake Eyes.

After four issues the artwork from Atkins is still very much on point! Delivering some fantastic over the top fight scenes and a pretty exciting downhill chase, this is yet another good looking book. Even though we don’t get any interior work from Augustin Padilla, he does provide a pretty cool alternate cover the series. Though, as much as I like Snake Eyes, I’m wondering if between the two artists, can someone else besides the main character appear on the cover? Just to mix things up for variety’s sake.

So far the series reminds me of why I was a huge G.I. Joe fan back in the eighties. Much of it did have to do with Snake Eyes, but Dixon’s stories are just plain fun, and the twists are clever and unexpected. He’s also matured the title to the point where older fans can appreciate it and newer fans can be entertained, as well. So, with another mission on the horizon for Snake Eyes, it’s going to be interesting to see who Dixon pairs him with next, and show us what’s in store for every one’s favorite ninja as this Cobra Civil War continues.

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