August 22, 2011

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 08/17/11

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Written by: Arnab
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Batman #713
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artists: Steve Scott, Daniel Sempere, Andrei Bressan, Walden Wong, Rich Perotta, and Rodney Ramos
Cover Artist: Tony Daniel
Publisher: DC

With just one issue to go until the start of Scott Snyder’s run on Batman, we get the issue that should have wrapped up Batman and Robin last week. The issue starts off with the telling of the Batman and Robin story from the beginning to the present. It ends up being revealed that Damian is telling the story, and we get a glimpse of just how much he’s grown and changed under Dick’s guidance. There also happens to be a secondary background story about a reformed crook, but the big picture here, in my opinion, is the symbiotic relationship that each Batman has had with each Robin, where they would feed off each other, compliment each other’s style and personality, and for the most part balance one another. Which is relatively important, considering Bruce and Damian will now become the new Dynamic Duo. For what it was, which is a filler, I thought this issue was great. I especially enjoyed the manner in which Nicieza handled the storytelling, which could have ended up being really boring, but instead was quite nice. 3.5/5

Superboy #11
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Pier Gallo
Cover Artist: Karl Kershl
Publisher: DC

This issue marks the conclusion to Lemire and Gallo’s short-lived run on Superboy. Superboy and Phantom Stranger make quick work of Tannarak and the Tooks, while Simon and Laurie are able to fight off Parasite and the Hollow Men. This issue ends with most of the loose ends tied up, but enough are left hanging leaving you wanting something you know will not come. The Hollow Men story was decent enough, but Simon Valentine stole the show for me in this entire series. The fact that one of his new “friends” was sent back in time to kill him is the plot thread I wanted to see completed. Superboy’s role in this last arc has been almost non-existent, which makes for a strange finale. However, one can only assume that this was just the start of a large story by Lemire that was cut short by DC’s reboot. The best part of this issue was at the end where it showed Conner with his friends, because at the end of the day this series has been all about Conner’s life and friendships in Smallville. 3/5

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Arnab Pradhan


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  1. I wasn’t impressed with either of these two books. Both titles deserved a better send off. I blame DC.

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