August 21, 2011

South Fellini Productions Presents: “World’s Finest” Mini-Comic

These past two weeks saw the final issues of Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl and Kara Zor-El’s Supergirl before Flashpoint #5 changes everything in the DC Universe. While it’s exciting looking ahead to the DC New Universe which kicks off August 31st, these two titles, as they were, will be missed by many.

We know Kara will still have a role to play in the relaunch, but what will become of Stephanie Brown remains to be seen. Will she revert back to her old Spoiler persona (I hope not)? Will there be two Batgirls running around? Something else altogether? What we do know is that Bryan Q. Miller truly re-defined the character created by Chuck Dixon in 1992, making her not only incredibly likable, but giving her a level of confidence and capability she never possessed before. It happened in a fun, believable way, as Miller successfully pulled off a light hearted yet meaningful tenure on Steph. But that’s over now.

As for Kara, she will still be Supergirl in the relaunch, but with an all-new look and origin. I’ve only recently jumped on the Supergirl bandwagon, following her adventures these last two years. Her series had its ups and downs, but she has always been an endearing personality through it all. Plus, Kara makes for some of the most amusing team-ups, the best of which include Stephanie or Damian Wayne. I’m really looking forward to seeing what writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson do with her in the months to come.

While both of these titles have wrapped, writers Tony Trov and Johnny Zito, with artist Aluisio Cervelle Santos, have given these two leading ladies a final send off of their own with South Fellini Productions. The “World’s Finest” mini comic plays off of the 2009 DC mini-series of the same name which also starred this fun-loving duo.

This eight page story features a villain who looks like Cobra Commander’s cousin who has a Mr. Freeze complex, wanting only to resurrect his deceased wife…at the cost of sacrificing a young boy. It’s up to Batgirl and Supergirl to stop him. To quote the South Fellini press release, “World’s Finest is a love letter to the ol’DCU and two of our favorite characters. Reboots happen, we’re ok with that, but Stephanie Brown and Kara Zoe-El were pretty cool and we wish we had more time with them.” My sentiments exactly.

Check out the mini-comic and enjoy one last romp in the park with Supergirl and Batgirl by clicking here. Here’s to hoping these two ladies meet up sooner rather than later in the DCnU!

Andy Liegl


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  1. I just read this comic today and it was pretty cool. The art was great and it was a fun Supergirl/Batgirl send off, if you will. I also thought the bad guy was Cobra Commander. lol

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