August 21, 2011

Image Reviews: Gladstone’s School For World Conquerors #4

Gladstone’s School For World Conquerors #4
Writer: Mark Andrew Smith
Armand Villavert
Armand Villavert

Since Kid Nefarious is struggling in his Mystical Relics class, Mummy girl has decided to help him out. So it’s study group time at her house, but the gang has to get past her family’s pretty intense security system first. Later on, while we’re learning about Mytal’s Cloak, Kid Nefarious discovers the joy of comic books. Mummy Girl schools him on the misconception about comics along with their validity as a true art form. Though like many boys his age, he’s more excited about the punching that’s going on in the pages. He also discovers that many of the books have stories about his parents and the parents of the other kids. However, given the fact that none of his friends knew of these stories, I’m sure things are going to unravel pretty soon.

I really can’t get enough of this book! Smith really kicks all kinds of ass with this all-ages title that doesn’t dumb anything down for the audience. It’s a shame that many all-ages books can’t walk that line successfully, but when something like this comes along you have to give the creative team their due. Smith dedicated this issue to Scott McCloud, which gives Mummy Girl’s comics speech a bit more validity. Though when I first read the issue, that sequence came off as a girl with nervous tension trying to hold it together in front of the boy she likes. Which leads to two other scenes that are pure little kid innocence and fun.

Again, with this great story we’re getting consistently good artwork from Villavert that just cries out for this to be an animated series. It’s simple, clean, bright, and kinetic when it needs to be. Plus, who doesn’t love the Skull Brothers when they get to unleash on an enemy? Villavert also has a sequence with Ghost Girl where she gets to show off what she can do in a fight. It looks pretty impressive when the smoke clears.

My mind is pretty much made up that everyone should be reading this title. If you haven’t started, then go and get the first three issues, and then snatch up this one. Though the main plot takes a back seat here, we’re still treated to some fun, and I’m sure Smith and Villavert have some twists coming up real soon!

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  1. I’ve wanted to read this book since it first came out but it never happened. I think I’ll pick up the trade when it comes out.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Everyone should be reading this book. I love this book. It’s got a nice plot, it’s funny, loveable characters. The art is really great and pretty unique.

  3. I think I’ll be picking up the trade as well and just give my single issues away to some kids that need to get into comics!

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