August 20, 2011

Marvel Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #667

Amazing Spider-Man #667
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Humberto Ramos
Cover: Humberto Ramos

If you thought Spidey was over exposed before, then you’re going to lose your mind with this issue here! Spider Island officially kicks off as the Jackal makes his move against Spider-Man and New York City. He gathers some of NYC’s newly Spidey-powered criminal element and gives them a purpose. What follows is a city-wide attack by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Men! Every one of them sporting the various Spider-Man costumes Peter has worn over the years and causing problems for the New Avengers, FF, and others as they step in to help the civilians and fight off the pretenders.

Why is it that I’m enjoying the first issue of Spider Island more than the uber hyped events from The Big Two which are both five issues deep right now? Slott’s opening sequence is dialog greatness as the convo between Peter and Carlie plays out perfectly. Seeing Pete’s inner thoughts on how the situation is a bit reversed ended up being one of the best parts of the issue. I’m also secretly hoping that Slott starts to define Carlie as Peter’s “it” girl. Fans (and Peter) have been pining for Mary Jane far too long, and it’s seriously time for something new. Even though Slott does have M.J. deliver one of the best lines in regards to the infamous Spider-Man Clone Saga story line from years back.

From the first panel to the last, Humberto Ramos is the reason your eyes get a visual ass kicking in this issue. There’s also Edgar Delgado’s colors that just bring it all together on every page. Ramos’s style is one that I’ve liked for years, and after reading his Crimson series I remember thinking that he’d be great on a Spider-Man book. I’d have to say that the role reversal on the bridge sequence was just awesome. Ramos gave Carlie the visual Spidey treatment which put it over the top. Also, seeing the thugs in the various Spider-Man costumes was a nice little trip down memory lane, though there’s still a few I’d like to see pop up, like the Spider Armor or the cosmic outfit from years back, just to complete things.

This story seems more than capable of standing on its own, but we all know that with any great (or not so great) event comes an even greater amount of tie-ins and spin offs. So which ones will stand out? We’ll soon know, but if you have not been reading Amazing Spider-Man lately you need to come back to this friendly neighborhood.

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  1. […] Jane and Peter was a nice touch thrown in. Though I still stand by my statement about her in my previous review.Another plus for this event has been the kinetic art style of Humberto Ramos from beginning to end. […]

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