August 13, 2011

Marvel Reviews: The Mighty Thor #4

The Mighty Thor #4

Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Matt Fraction
Aritst: Olivier Coipel
Cover: Olivier Coipel

You would think that a possible throw down between Odin and Galactus would be a fight worth seeing, right? Yet what we do get is something less than exciting which leads to a confusing sequence of events involving aliens that I’m hoping Fraction explains clearly in the next issue. During this time Odin also has a vision that involves his father and his brother the Serpent. Which is only interesting since these two are currently battling it out in the Fear Itself series. Loki also shows up, continuing in his quest to save the life of his brother, Thor.

The main selling point for me about this story arc was the potential fight between these powerful characters. These are the guys you want to see cut loose against each other, and yet the Odin vs. Galactus fight was more confusing than exciting. Fraction’s reasoning for how they chose to combat each other was quite sound, but the events surrounding them seemed to fall flat. The high points of this issue were the scenes that involved Loki’s attempts to assist Thor. Fraction captures the helpful little brother attitude in Loki that almost makes you forget his past deeds when he was an adult. So just like in the Journey Into Mystery titles, you might find yourself rooting for the little guy.

Coipel’s artwork is more of the same in that it’s still good to look at, though at times his faces still look a bit weird to me. More specifically during the space scenes when Thor is wearing his helmet, and then the times where the Surfer’s head looks too wide. Other than that you still get a great amount of detail not only in the characters, but several of his backgrounds as well. This is what helps carry a lot of the pages and makes the artwork stand out. I was, however, a bit confused as to how Galactus could sweat through his helmet in space, and how Odin shed tears and sweat. In space.

Though this is one of my least favorite issues in the new Thor series, I still find it a good step in the right direction. What might be a bit odd is that it has nothing to do with the title character, but more so who Fraction has chosen to surround him with. Thor has been done and done, but if the supporting cast are fleshed out a bit more I think that will be what makes the title better. Next issue needs to bring about a serious Thor vs. Silver Surfer throw down. since the build up has been there since the first issue.

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  1. ShenValleyInitiative

    Coipel’s art was a lot better in his first Thor run. He’s slacking some. But still in my top 3 current favs.

  2. People seem to think I’m crazy when I mention my issue about how he draws faces and heads. I still like the guy’s artwork but it’s better from the neck down in most cases.

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