August 9, 2011

Crisis of Infinite Reviews: Flashpoint Edition pt 9

Flashpoint #4
Writer: Geoff Johns
Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope
Cover Artists: Andy Kubert, Ivan Reis, and George Perez
Publisher: DC

With one issue left to go, I’m back to feeling the same as I felt when this event started – bored. To be fair, I’m not completely bored. The scene at the S!H!A!Z!A!M! house I thought was great. They did a great job of capturing the essence of being a kid but also having powers, with the implied responsibility. Element Woman was also a nice touch, because she brought in a bit of humor in an otherwise dark situation. However, as far as the rest of the story, I’m still not seeing anything altogether exciting. As far as story concept goes, this one is just plain average at best. This whole event is just a Flash vs. Reverse Flash story, which is perfectly fine, but I see no need to make this event out to being some grand and brilliant event; it’s not. If anything, Flashpoint will always be remembered as the event that led into DC’s reboot. I’m sure that’s the whole reason we have all these tie-ins which have, for the most part, been hit or miss. There is one issue left and I’m hoping that when it comes out all my doubts will be laid to rest and I’m left astounded, but I don’t think that will be happening. 3/5 – AP

Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #3
Writer: Brian Azzarello
Eduardo Risso
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson
Publisher: DC

With Martha Wayne being revealed as the Joker in the last issue, this issue maintains a fairly somber mood as we witness what led to this. Wracked with the pain of Bruce’s death, Martha began to become a shell of the person she used to be and was left crazed and delirious.
I thought that what this mini-series did was absolutely fantastic. The creative team left me craving for more with the cliffhanger in issue #2 and topped it off with this emotional conclusion. Bruce’s death, Martha’s decline, and Thomas’s attempts to save her were all written into the story perfectly. Everything felt like a perfect fit, and more importantly everything had a purpose. By far my favorite scene out of everything Flashpoint was when Thomas asked Martha if she could have a world where Bruce lived and they died, would she choose that. That coupled with her response to learning what became of Bruce was just brilliant work. I had a hard time getting into this tie-in after reading the first issue, but I’m glad I stuck with it, because this is definitely my favorite story to come out of Flashpoint. Not only was the writing superb, but the art was spectacular as well. Risso does a fantastic job of illustrating this sad and damaged world in the most remarkable and haunting manner. 5/5 – AP

Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager #3
Jimmy Palmiotti
Tony Shasteen & Alex Massacci

Deathstroke’s one track mission to find his daughter, Rose, has forced his crew to mutiny. They’re sick of dying for Slade’s mission, especially when withheld from their cut of the booty. Literally and figuratively. As expected, the mutiny goes horribly wrong as Deathstroke, along with Jenny Blitz, destroy everybody. Even that Icicle guy. I liked watching him die. As a final issue, this was just o. The mini never really peaked, as each issue felt like it stayed on the same level. I did get my wish as Ravager showed up here, but unfortunately, she didn’t do much of anything besides play the damsel in distress. Which doesn’t suit her. In addition to the mutiny, there’s a final showdown between Deathstroke and his daughter’s captors, which was a lot to cram into one issue. More time spent on the final altercation, as opposed to the C list bad guys standing up to Slade, would have better served the story. As with many of these Flashpoint tie-ins, the artist [unfortunately] switches about halfway through the issue…which is funny because neither of these guys worked on #1. The artist who worked on the first half does a decent job, but things get pretty bad with the second guy, which hurts the overall production value. Plus there were a couple of typos in the script. Still, this mini-series was decent, and if you dig the pirate theme or Deathstroke, give it a shot. 3/5 – AL

The World of Flashpoint #3
Writer: Rex Ogle
Artists: Eduardo Francisco and Stefani Renee
Publisher: DC Comics

With Traci 13’s mission to save Earth from her father concluding, so is World of Flashpoint. Despite the deceiving title, it was actually pretty easy to enjoy the finish of this title. Traci and Doctor 13 (her father) come to terms with each other, their family’s death, and eventually work together to stop what they began. This title really grows on you. At first, readers expect to see more of the “world” like the title promised, but it was actually Traci and her father that grow on you by the end of the mini.. It had a great “feel-good” ending, and a cool display of powers. It was pretty engaging to see Doctor 13’s take on magic use, and really helps you connect with his character.
Thanks to Setani Renee, the colours in this story were definitely a strong point. They really emphasized the use of powers, and the pure power behind them. Eduardo Francisco’s art has been pretty good throughout this mini, with a few low points but enough explosive and detailed scenes to balance that. Ogle’s storytelling skills have been good with this series, it just seems like the whole idea of this title was a little pointless. Despite having a fun and engaging ending, it still seems like DC missed the point of having a title like “World of Flashpoint.” 3/5 – MP

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Arnab Pradhan
Mike Parente
Andy Liegl



  1. @Arnab I thought FP #4 was pretty good and I didn’t find it boring at all.
    Also the Joker is Martha Wayne not Martha Kent. That would a whole other universe.

  2. @Nick, well I did say I wasn’t completely bored. I don’t know, I just sorta expected a lot more from it with all the talk and advertising and hype surrounding it. It’s like you mentioned in the Chirps last week. Reign of Doomsday has been great, one of the better Superman involved stories I’ve read in a while, but I haven’t seen any advertising or heard any talk about it since before the event started. In stark comparison, I’ve heard nothing but talk of Flashpoint since last SDCC.
    And thanks for the catch on the Wayne – Kent. It’s all fixed.

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