August 7, 2011

Image Reviews: Severed #1

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Written by: mike
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The year is 1916, and America is just beginning to establish itself. While wars rage elsewhere, Americans are trying to create a life for themselves. With industries booming , railways connecting the coasts, America has a bright future. But while many look forward to new horizons, there are still those that revel in the lawlessness of days past, and give into baser desires. Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft take us into a tale that explores this theme. Although many people are trying to forge a new life, Snyder and Tuft take a look at those that ignore convention.

Severed #1 (of 7)

Writers: Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft
Art and Cover: Atilla Futaki
Lettering and Design: Fonografiks
Publisher: Image Comics

Horror comics take the right amount of pacing to create the creepy and ominous feel that horror writers go for, and Snyder and Tuft have taken the perfect pace. The intro scene takes the reader right into the heart and mind of Jack, our main character. His reaction, the sheer look of terror on his face on the second page, pulls readers right in. Once the opening dramatics have passed, though, that sigh of relief comes pretty early. The rest of the story is setting the stage for what feels like a great horror tale. The time period is one we are all familiar with, but not completely. Snyder and co. have really given a great look at what the people of the period are like, with mood and character.

The art and design are probably some of the most fitting work seen anywhere. Fonografiks mixes horror tones with a 1900s feel for a great look and cool lettering. Futaki gives the overall book a very grainy feel, but it is extremely fitting. HaveĀ  you ever seen an old photo from this time period? It was almost as if you were reading the whole comic while looking at photos from this particular time. From panel to panel the pace of the story was very smooth. You knew exactly what was going on, and nothing was choppy. Sometimes new artists tend to leave certain details out, or it feels as though a panel is missing, but Futaki doesn’t miss a beat.

Snyder and Tuft have begun a great horror tale. They have picked a relatively familiar but unexplored era. It is a time ripe for killers, because law and order were only in their infant stages. The way they set the tone right off the bat is a great story for any horror tale. They have given us a story that isn’t just straight gore and violence, but involves an intricate back story. It seems as though Image comics is a great fit for this kind of story. They have allowed Snyder and Tuft to delve into territories that would otherwise not be allowed and would take away from this kind of story.

Scott Snyder is definitely making waves within the comics community, and while the rest of the creative team is talented, they are relatively new to comics. This hasn’t stopped anyone here, though, because Severed #1 is a great start for an intriguing horror tale. Between hobos on a train and a cop with no clue, Severed #1 is a great period comic. Futaki and Fonografiks have set the perfect look for what was a well executed introduction by Snyder and Tuft. Here’s hoping that this gifted team will deliver.

Mike Parente


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  1. I thought this issue was fantastic. It was creepy, riveting, exciting, everything you could want in a comic. The art was just as great and worked perfectly to enhance the tone of the story.

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