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August 8, 2011

Bento Bako Weekly: August 2011 Previews Highlights

It’s August, and I’m another year older. Old enough to stop telling people how old I am. But I’m comforted by the awesome manga that is coming out in August, and by the good selection of books listed in August’s Diamond Previews catalog that will come out this fall. So while my ferret Pippin grooms in his hammock, let me flip through Previews for you and pick out some great and interesting upcoming books for you to add to your pre-order list. This is Bento Bako’s August 2011 Manga Previews Highlights. All product descriptions are from Previews unless noted otherwise.

Kris’s Pull List:

Mass Effect: Invasion (mini-series), by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller, with art by Omar Francia. “The Omega space station sis the center of lawlessness in the galaxy, a den of vice rules by the deadly asari Aria. It is also a strategic foothold in a galaxy-wide power struggle, and when the station comes under attack from a new threat unleashed by the humanity-first organization Cerberus, Aria is forced to become more ruthless than ever to protect her home – and her dominion!” From Dark Horse, October 19, 2011, $3.50.

Magdalena #10, by Ron Marz. “Patience and Kristof’s quest to recover a piece of the One True Cross takes a deadly turn in Mexico. Will Patience be able to recover the familial relic or will this mission make her just another statistic in a long line of Magdalenas? Another issue of world-spanning, high octane adventure from the fan favorite team of Ron Marz […], Nelson Blake II […], and David Marquez…!” From Image Comics, October 12, 2011, $3.99.

Samurai’s Blood #5, by Owen Wiseman. “The tides of fate have brought a great asset to our three young companions for the Edo Ghost has returned to haunt Gakushi’s reign. But destiny may have different plans for Katashi….” From Image Comics, October 12, 2011.

Tales of the Abyss: Jade’s Secret Memories volume 1, by Ayumi Kanou. “Tales of the Abyss: Jade’s Secret Memories is a manga side-story of the Tales of the Abyss video game. Much like Final Fantasy, Tales of the Abyss has spun off dozens of successful sub-properties in Japan and the US over the past two decades. This manga adaptation from the POV of one of the series most popular characters, Jade the Necromancer, will reach stores alongside the US release of the series’ anime adaptation.” From Bandai Entertainment, November 8, 2011, $10.99.

RASL #12, by Jeff Smith. “Spurred into action, Rasl sets out to finish what he started. The tension builds as the critically acclaimed adventures of RASL hurls toward its explosive conclusion.” From Cartoon Books, October 2011, $3.50.

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #18, by Chuck Dixon, with art by Francis Nuguit. “The Wheel of Time continues to turn! Rand, Thom, and Mat reach Whitebridge at last and disembark the Spray, despite Captain Domon’s offer to bring them further down the river. In the city they soon find that they’re not the only ones searching for Moiraine and the others…..” From Dynamite Entertainment, October 2011, $3.99.

About Love, by Narise Konohara, with art by Tomo Ootake. “Wedding co-ordinator, Asaka could never forget his very first clients. The day comes when he meets up once more [with] that very same client, and the man who spends his life arranging weddings for others unexpectedly learns a few things about love himself. Heartwarmingly bittersweet, this is the eagerly awaited English language debut of mangaka Tomo Ootake!” From Digital Manga Publishing (Juné), October 20, 2011, $12.95.

Kabuki volume 4, by Yukari Hashida. “Battle shy samurai Kounosuke wants nothing more than to while away his time with his page boy Kageya. When an unexpected visitor arrives, things are thrown into turmoil. Indeed, Kageya is plagued with feelings of dread. Continuing the backstory of the reincarnated starcrossed lovers, mangaka Yukari Hashida delivers a lavishly illustrated period romance filled with excitement, intrigue, and plenty of humor.” From Digital Manga Publishing (Juné), October 20, 2011, $12.95.

Wandering Son: Book Two, by Shimura Takako. “In the second volume of Shimura Takako’s superb coming-of-age story, our transgendered protagonists, Shuichi and Yoshino, have entered the sixth grade. Both face tribulations and Shuichi in particular finds inner strength and courage he didn’t know he had. A sophisticated work translated by comics scholar and veteran translator Matt Thorn, the Wandering Son series is Fantagraphic’s second Manga offering and is presented in the authentic ‘right-to-left’ manga style.” From Fantagraphics Books, November 29, 2011, $19.99.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney volume 3, by Kenji Kuroda, with art by Kazuo Maekawa. “Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright is at it again, protecting the innocent and helping his friends with his amazing skills as a lawyer. Adapted from the bestselling video game.” From Kodansha Comics, October 11, 2011, $10.99.

Gunslinger Girl omnibus volume 3, by Yu Aida. “[….] The newest inductee into the Agency is a second generation cyborg called Petrushka, who may just be the Agency’s most powerful operative yet. Petrushka is given an impossible trail-by-fire mission, to prevent as assassination attempt. How can she prove she’s got what it takes when she mat not even survive her very first mission?” From Seven Seas Entertainment, October 21, 2011, $16.99.

Tezuka’s Princess Knight volume 1, by Osamu Tezuka. “Set in a medieval fairy-tale backdrop, Princess Knight is the tale of a young princess named Sapphire who must pretend to be a male prince so she can inherit the throne. Women have long been prevented from taking the throne, but Sapphire is not discouraged and instead she fully accepts the role, becoming a dashing hero(ine) that the populous is proud of. The playful cartooning style is comparable to that of Disney, a la Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Considered by many as one of the first major shojo works, and one from the godfather of manga, Princess Knighthas been long considered one of Tezuka’s most popular works worldwide.” From Vertical Inc., October 4, 2011, $13.95.

Black Bird volume 11, by Kanoko Sakurakoji. “Sho has miraculously returned to the tengu village, and while he seems content to live quietly on the outskirts, Kyo has learned the hard way not to trust his brother. To make matters worse, the villagers are resentful that Kyo won’t share the restorative power of the Senka Maiden with them. But most demons don’t possess Kyo’s willpower, and one taste of Misao’s blood would send them into a frenzy. Is it possible for Kyo [to] be a good leader and a good husband?” From Viz Media, November 1, 2011, $9.99.

The Story of Saiunkoku volume 5, by Kairi Yura. [Generic copy.] From Viz Media, November 1, 2011, $9.99.

Oresama Teacher volume 5, by Izumi Tsubaki. “Mafuyu is looking forward to a relaxing day at the beach after all the recent commotion at school. But with Takaomi tagging along she should have known better than to expect calm and quiet. He plays rescuer to a couple getting harassed by delinquents and of course makes everything worse. Now Mafuyu has to save her vacation and her teacher!” From Viz Media, November 1, 2011, $9.99.

Tesoro: Short Stories 1998-2008, by Natsume Ono. “A treasure of 14 charming stories about family, friends, couples and unexpected bonds. Written by Natsume Ono over ten years, here is the long awaited collection of her early work, including numerous illustrations and previous unpublished stories!” From Viz Media, November 15, 2011, $12.99.

Black Butler volume 7, by Yana Toboso. “Having successfully infiltrated the Noah’s Ark Circus as the stage personas Smile and Black, Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his consummate butler, Sebastian set about gathering clues backstage as to the whereabouts of the missing children Queen Victoria wishes them to recover. But between the duties required of them as the newest members of the troupe and their death defying performances, even this most efficient master and servant find themselves short on time.” From Yen Press, October 25, 2011, $11.99.

A Bride’s Story volume 2, by Kaoru Mori. “Though it was only a short time ago that Amir came to the Eihon family to wed her young husband, already she feels like a member of the family. But her happiness with Karluk means little to her family over the mountains. They wish to recall Amir and marry her to another family as part of a land negotiation. Amir’s father is willing to go to great lengths to bring her back, but Karluk’s love for his bride is a force to be reckoned with. Will Amir and Karluk’s happiness be shattered, or will their love prevail?” From Yen Press, October 25, 2011, $16.99.

Also From Dark Horse:

Gantz volume 20, by Hiroya Oku. “Life is confusing for Kei. Once an unexpected alien-hunting hero, a strange turn of events finds him back in his old life, having no memories of his warrior days. Hunted by a band of vampires, Kei survives by his wits alone, trying to stave off his third death. Will his long-lost brother come to his aid, or the warrior friends he can no longer remember?” December 21, 2011, $12.99. I believe the live-acting film version is currently making its way through the convention circuit, or at least screening in (very) select theaters.

Oh My Goddess! volume 40, by Kosuke Fujishima. “After all his time together with the goddesses, Keiichi is finally leaving Earth with them on an exciting getaway. But they’re not taking a trip to Heaven…! Instead they’re headed straight for Hell, and Keiichi must help Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld defeat the deadly, elemental door wardens!” December 28, 2011, $10.99.

Also From Digital Manga Publishing:

Mr. Convenience, by Nase Yamato. “When working for a convenience agency, no job it too big or too small. From changing a lightbulb to helping move furniture, it’s all in a day’s work. When Chiba receives a job request by email to come and be someone’s friend, he unexpectedly makes the [acquaintance] of Aki Kirigaya, a workaholic businessman. The job turns out to be far from typical and beyond either man’s expectations. Then there is Chiba’s  young co-worker, Miyashiro. He’s used to customers thinking they can buy him rather than his handyman services, and his latest customer seems to be no different. Unlike the rest of his clients, this guy is unnervingly persistent. What’s up with this guy? It’s they handyman special as Nase Yamato’s comedy fan favorite makes its long awaited English language debut!” October 20, 2011, $12.95.

Also From Kodansha Comics:

Love Hina Omnibus volume 1, by Ken Akamatsu. “Love Hina returns! The classic manga from fan-favorite Ken Akamatsu [originally published by Tokyopop] is back with a new translation and a great price! When Keitaro Urashima fails his entrance exams to get into Tokyo University for the second time, he’s officially an unemployed and uneducated slacker. Fortunately, his grandmother owns the fabulous Hinata Lodge and has agreed to take Keitaro in as caretaker. What he doesn’t know is that the lodge is actually a girl’s dorm and he’s the only guy around! Most guys would kill to live with five sexy ladies, but is Keitaro’s not careful this job will kill him.” October 4, 2011, $19.99.

Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus volume 1, by Reiko Yoshida, with art by Mia Ikumi. “Ichigo is out on a date when suddenly she’s involved in an odd incident in which her DNA is merged with the DNA of an almost extinct wildcat. When four other girls’ DNA is merged with the DNA of four other almost extinct animals, it’s apparent that they’re part of a much bigger plan. Ichigo and her friends have been chosen to become a part of a secret project called the ‘Mew Project.’ Their mission: To protect the planet from aliens who are using animals to attack humans!” October 25, 2011, $14.99.

From Udon Entertainment:

Darkstalkers: The Ultimate Edition, by Ken Siu-Chong, with art by Alvin Lee, Eric Vedder, Joe Vriens, Mark Brooks, Lesean Thomas, Skottie Young, and Joe Ng. “It’s the ultimate Darkstalkers comic collection! Featuring both the complete DARKSTALKERS and DARKSTALKERS: THE NIGHT WARRIORS comic series, this oversized collection also includes every Darkstalkers bonus story and variant cover. Morrigan, Demitri, Felicia, Donovan, Victor, Talbain, and more of your favorite Darkstalkers battle it out for control of the night!” November 8, 2011, $49.99.

Also From Vertical Inc.:

Chi’s Sweet Home volume 7, by Konami Kanata. “While exploring her new neighborhood with a new young feline peer, Chi becomes lost as a downpour has masked the scents she was so heavily relying upon for direction. Confused and hungry the two decide to hunt around the community for scraps as [sustenance]. After searching for leftovers and meals left for other unaware pets turned fruitless, Chi and her new friend Cocchi resort to more extreme measures to keep their energy flowing.” October 18, 2011, $13.95.

Twin Spica volume 10, by Kou Yaginuma. “The award-winning series from one of Japan’s brightest manga stars, Kou Yaginuma, Twin Spica expresses a sense of hope and humanity developed through the advances of science, technology, and community. Mankind’s hopes and dreams are realized in Asumi Kamogawa. A teenage girl with a troubled past, Asumi looks to the stars to bring her a better future as she has ambitions to become a member of Japan’s first manned space mission.” November 1, 2011, $10.95.

Also From Viz Media:

Kurozakuro volume 7, by Yoshinori Natsume. [Final volume] “Those who would destroy mankind, and those who would protect it – the struggle between Mikito and Zakuro approaches the final act, and the fate of the human race hangs in the balance! When the last of the seals is destroyed, which path will Zakuro choose? The saga of love, friendship and growth reaches its final chapter!” November 8, 2011, $9.99.

We Were There volume 13, by Yuki Obata. From Amazon: “I’m 24 years old……but I still feel the same as I did at 17. I can feel the waves rushing toward me. This time I’m going to let the current take me. I’m going to chase after you like a child.” November 1, 2011, $9.99.

Tegami Bachi volume 7, by Hiroyuki Asada. “Lag has discovered that his long-lost hero Gauche Suede lost all of his heart, became tangled up in an anti-government organization called ‘Reverse,’ and is now known as ‘Marauder Noir.’ Noir’s trail leads Lag and Niche to the icy northern town Blue Notes blues. It just so happens Niche was born here.” November 1, 2011, $9.99.

Also From Yen Press:

Pandora Hearts volume 7, by Jun Mochizuki. “Given a renewed lease on life by Eliot, another student who lends him a hand against the Baskervilles at Lutwidge Academy, Oz Vessalius is surprised to learn that his savior is a Nightray, just like Gil – not to mention he’s also Gil’s little brother and the rightful heir to the dukedom! Considering how the Nightrays have plotted against the Vessalius clan in the past, will the two boys ever get along?” October 25, 2011, $11.99.


There’s a few random things of interest offered this month. For fans of the gorgeous Okami game series from Capcom, there’s an Okamiden: Okami 10-inch plush available, at a typical $22, representing the main character, Chibiterasu, from the Okamiden game for the Nintendo DS. For fans of the long running Bleach anime series, there’s the $130 (ish) Megahouse Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki PVC statue, which ships in October. Mass Effect fans excited for the series’ upcoming third installment can order a mini-replica of the Normandy SR-2 spacecraft for $34.99. And for fans of the Japanese visual novel (or anime series) Clannad comes a lovely figure of fan favorite Tomoyo Sakagami from Kotobukiya, for $79.99. DC fans can look forward to a Poison Ivy bishoujo figure from Kotobukiya, while Marvel fans can add Mystique to their Kotobukiya bishoujo collection. Fullmetal Alchemist fans, save your money for Medicom’s Real Action Hero versions of Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, which will run $174.99 and $219.99, respectively. And finally, for Final Fantasy XIII fans, all six main characters are now available for order from Square Enix’s Play Arts ~Kai~ figure line, and don’t forget the Shiva figure set from the same line.

That’s it for this month. Come back next week for August’s Manga Moveable Feast: Fumi Yoshinaga, right here on ComicAttack.net!





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