August 30, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 8/24/2011

Action Comics #904 (DC)
Meh. Not bad, not great. Some of this week’s DC titles just seem so irrelevant with the impending reboot.
NickZ: A great end to this volume of AC. “Clark, coming from Krypton didn’t make you Superman… Martha and Jonathan did.”

American Vampire #18 (Vertigo)
Andy: Wait a sec…he can’t be dead, right? RIGHT!?
Arnab: I think I speak for everyone, and I mean everyone, when I say that I refuse to believe he’s dead.
Jeff: Wow! XXXXXXX has gotten out of some tight spots, but I don’t know how he can recover from getting stabbed by the woman he loves and then having bombs dropped on him.

Astonishing X-Men #41 (Marvel)
Jeff: Nick Bradshaw almost perfectly channels Art Adams, except for his faces…
NickZ: A fun X-Men tale and a sad but sweet ending between Armor and her dad.

Avengelyne #2 (Image)
Andy: Apparently if you’re a male civilian in this book, you’re going to die. That being said, I need to find me a gun that shoots “Jesus Fire!”

Batman: Arkham City #5 (DC)
Andrew: Great mini-series, and great appetizer for the Arkham City video game. I hope we see me AC comics in the future.

Batman: Gates of Gotham #5 (DC)
…so this means Cassie is back for good, right? RIGHT!?
Arnab: Wicked cool ending to the mini-series. The interaction between the kids of the Bat was the best part.
NickZ: This was a great Batman/Gotham story. If you didn’t read it, make sure to pick up the trade.

Batman: The Dark Knight #5 (DC)
Andrew: I’m just glad this story is over. Reboot please!
Arnab: Holy Frack! I did not see that ending coming.
NickZ: Was that considered a win? Too many unanswered questions and an incomplete ending.

Batman Incorporated #8 (DC)
Andy: Step aside Pepe Moreno, there’s a new Batman: Digital Justice in town!
Andrew: Nice visuals. The story could have used more time, though. Can’t wait for the “next season.”
Arnab: The art, while it made sense for the story, was too weird for me. The end teaser made it all worth it though. Can’t wait for Leviathan.
NickZ: What a dumb filler story to end on. I see what they were going for, but it fell short.

Captain America & Bucky #621 (Marvel)
Andy: I’m surprised to say that this is better than the main Captain America title. Looking forward to seeing what Andreyko has in store for us.

Chew #20 (Image)
Andy: The only thing that sucks about Chew is that it never comes out on time.
Arnab: There is a reason this book won an Eisner for Best Continuing Series. It’s because of the fantastic writing and completely awesome artwork.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #13 (Marvel)
NickZ: One drugged out psychopath vs. one multiple personality disordered superhero…what more could you want?

Deadpool #42 (Marvel)
All the crazy chicks are drawn to Deadpool, like a moth to a flame.

Executive Assistant Lotus #2 (Aspen)
Andy: Holy hell that’s a lot of sexy women ready to kick some ass!
Infinite Speech: This series is much more than just eye candy folks but global espionage and murder never looked so good!

FF #8 (Marvel)
Andy: The two issue Black Bolt tie-in has jumbled this story a bit…and I’m a little lost as things are happening fast and off panel.
Arnab: It’s about time Franklin got in on the fun. In other news, Doom and Spiderman are hilarious, who knew?

Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3
Arnab: Without a doubt my favorite Flashpoint tie in. And from what I’ve read, the only one that matters.

Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistanec #3 (DC)
NickZ: Wow, Britannia is a bad ass! She freaking went toe to toe with Wonder Woman!

Flashpoint: Project Superman #3 (DC)
NickZ: It’s great how perfectly this story fits in with Lois Lane and the Resistance #3. Also, the ending was a bit of a shocker, didn’t see that coming.

Gotham City Sirens #26 (DC)
NickZ: A great bookend to this series. The Sirens were good while they lasted, I’ll miss this book. Also, Catwoman is awesome!
Arnab: Fantastic final arc and issue. Catwoman is brilliant. I’m gonna miss her and Harley being in the same book. Ivy, not so much.

Graveyard of Empires #2 (Image)
Andy: This is a cool, fresh take on zombies: U.S. marines & Taliban vs. the undead! Although the name dropping gets confusing as characters all look alike.

Green Arrow #15 (DC)
Andrew: Decent issue. Can’t go too wrong with action and silly robots.
Arnab: I thought this was a great arc. Just a simple story about Green Arrow kicking ass, what more could you want?

Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man #1 (Dynamite)
Andy: I gave it a shot, but couldn’t finish. This character is too before my time. Even Jonathan Lau’s great art wasn’t enough to hold my attention.

Kick-Ass 2 #3 (Icon)
Andy: Wow, I’m surprised I’m the only one on staff who picked this up. It’s what you would expect, but lets get Hit Girl into the mix already!

Mystery Men #4 (Marvel)
Andy: This series is a step above excellent. It’s executed very well, with strong, interesting characters you want to know more about. I hope it doesn’t all end with the next issue.

New Mutants #30 (Marvel)
Jeff: I can’t quite put my finger on why this book is troubling me, but the idea of Magma and Mephisto going on a date has some real promise.
NickZ: What was the point of this issue? New Mutants was doing great until they became part of Fear Itself.

The Punisher #2 (Marvel)
Andrew: This is probably my second fav Marvel book right now, next to Daredevil.
Andy: 616 Punisher is cool again! …but not as cool as Punisher MAX.

Snake Eyes #4 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: Ninja action backed by strong story telling and great art makes a fantastic book!

Star Wars: Jedi: The Dark Side #4 (Dark Horse)
Andy: I’ve tried in various mediums besides comics to get into the Star Wars Universe pre-the original trilogy. It’s just not happenin’.

Superman Beyond #0 (DC)
Andrew: I was expecting more from this title.
Andy: Yep, this confirms it- the Beyond Universe is dumb. Although, the last page was cool. Give us more of that.

Teen Titans #100 (DC)
Andy: Not bad, but I wish J.T. Krul had more time to develop this team. Oh well. At least Tim Drake will still be around in the DCnU.
Arnab: That was a nice ending. Loved seeing the Teen Titans of past and present reunite.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (IDW)
Andrew: This is the series I’ve been begging for for years. And it more than lived up to my dreams! A TMNT fan’s dream-come-true!
Andy: The fact that I’m Chirping about a new TMNT #1 is enough to make my week. This issue was fucking great. The old school Turtles are back with a modern edge!
Arnab: Totally awesome read. I’ve always been a TMNT fan, but this was my first TMNT comic. And it was  great.
Infinite Speech: Though the art was so-so the updated origins and twists were more than enough to satisfy my TMNT fix!

Uncanny X-Force #13 (Marvel)
Andy: I love where this is headed, and Blob running out a window plummeting to his death was a beautiful moment.
Arnab: Great story. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.
Infinite Speech: WTF?! Iceman just punked out and ran away? Still this is the BEST X affiliated title out right now!
Jeff: Best panel–ApocaWolverine punching Orordius’ jaw clean off!
NickZ: You know things are bad when you leave the AoA universe and come back to something worse. Also Iceman, WTF? “I’m outta here.” Loser.

Wolverine #14 (Marvel)
Andy: Daken having a hand in this sick plot against his father was a brilliant move by Aaron. Talk about having a sense of awareness with his characters.
Jeff: Oh snap…someone’s a baby daddy!
NickZ: Maybe the most effed up ending to a comic book…..EVER!

Wolverine The Best There Is #9 (Marvel)
NickZ: Sharks in space, techno-zombies, and bug infestations….Not as exciting as it sounds.

X-Men #16 (Marvel)
Andrew: The idea of an X-Men/FF team up intrigues me, but hopefully the next issue is more interesting.
Arnab: The FF are popping up everywhere. It’s not necessarily a bad thing… yet.
Jeff: What the…? Have the Marvel writers and editors forgotten the many conflicts between Magneto, the FF, Dr. Doom, and the X-Men? And here they are…all buddy-buddy?
NickZ: When the hell did Dr. Doom join the Fantastic Four or Freedom Four or whatever the hell they are calling themselves these days? Stupid.

X-Men Legacy #254 (Marvel)
Andy: FINALLY! The space team is back!
Jeff: “Now that right there…that’s why I became an Acolyte.”
NickZ: It’s good to have Havok and company back but it looks like the X-Men have landed smack dab in the middle of another Shi’ar war.

Xombi #6 (DC)
Infinite Speech: The best new series coming out of DC right now!

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  1. Decapitated Dan

    WHAT! TMNT was horrible! Wait to hear what I say on this weeks Tales from the Water Cooler!

  2. Were you drunk while reading it? That book was a great #1 and re-imagining of the TMNT. It had salutes to the true old-school and was an inviting way for new fans to get into the Turtles. There is a reason why it sold out in 24 hours.

    You better back that statement up man, because I don’t see how you could call it anything other than excellent.

  3. DecapitatedDan

    LOL to each there own but that issue had no plot at all! It was just like pouring out all the legos on the floor and saying “Here’s what we got” and they put all of that into issue #1. I get the revamp, but no description as to how or even a full back story means that there is nothing to make a non-fan care. The art was too hit or miss. Overall it was a fail, minus the Cowabunga joke.

  4. DecapitatedDan

    Matter of fact, I just read it again and found more things to not like about it.

  5. You’re lucky I’m not on that podcast…

    : D

  6. DecapitatedDan

    Why? So you could tell the world how wrong you are about this book? OOOOOOHHHHHH SNAPP!!!!!! J/K

    More than likely the other guys loved it so I am sure I will be on a boat of my own in the Cooler ocean.

  7. Tonight we go mano e mono buddy because I’m ridin’ with Andy on this one!

  8. DecapitatedDan

    Your all loco, no wonder you like Superhero books 😛

  9. Oh, yeah, I forgot it didn’t have a monster in it so no wonder you hated it.


  10. Decapitated Dan

    it was full of monsters! Giant Turtles and Rats!

  11. the only monster in that issue was Casey’s dad!

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