August 23, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 8/17/2011

Batman #713 (DC)
Andrew: As a freakishly die-hard Batman fan, this book almost brought a tear to my eye. Especially that last line.
Arnab: That was a touching walk through of the history of Batman and Robin. Sure it was in the wrong series, but at least it’s there.
Eli: Damian is growing up before our very eyes.
Infinite Speech: The evolution of a sidekick story from Damien was a perfect way to wrap this thing up. He’s grown a lot since hanging with Dick and it shows here.
NickZ: That was a pretty dumb ending to an overall great series.

Captain America #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Hmm…not the best start to this relaunch. It looks great, though.
Andrew: This issue was silly. The last page made me laugh.
Infinite Speech: Really hoping Brubaker and McNiven stay on this series for some time. We deserve at least 50 issues of awesome.

Daredevil #2  (Marvel)
Andy: This book feels like old school DD, and it’s great. Love Paolo Rivera’s artwork.
Andrew: I love most things Mark Waid does, but Paolo Rivera and Javier Rodriguez’s art is stealing the show. Maybe my fave book on the shelf.
Eli: Perhaps the coolest match up of a hero and villain ever. And, way to go Foggy!

DC Universe Online Legends #14 (DC)
Eli: More of Superman letting loose… awesome!

Executive Assistant Orchid #2 (Aspen)
Andy: Holy balls there are lots or EA’s running around now! This new one is the sexiest of ’em all.
Infinite Speech: Damn this book looks good!

Fear Itself Deadpool #3 (Marvel)
NickZ: This series was unnecessary, but you knew that already.

Fear Itself: Home Front #5 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: This series is one of my top choices as best tie in to Fear Itself!

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #3
Infinite Speech: Out of toilet paper? This series is a great replacement.

Flashpoint: The Outsider #3
Infinite Speech: A great original character to come out of Flashpoint and a damn good mini series worth checking out. Hope we see more of him in the future.

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #3 (DC)
NickZ: One of the better Flashpoint tie-ins. I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #4
Arnab: Why aren’t more people reading this book? Seriously. It’s flippin’ fantastic.
Infinite Speech: Smith continues to deliver all kinds of awesome with this series and Villavert makes it look good! Read this series folks!

Generation Hope #10 (Marvel)
Arnab: I don’t hate many characters. So I’ll just stick with saying I extremely dislike Idie.
Jeff: Interesting look at Schism #3 through the eyes of one of the main players.

Invincible Iron Man #507 (Marvel)
Andy: I want to see Tony fight hammer wielders while being hammered. That would be awesome.

Journey Into Mystery #626 (Marvel)
Andy: I never thought I’d look forward to an Asgardian themed book, but this one has me hooked. Kid Loki is mischievously clever.

Justice League of America #60 (DC)
Andrew: Bleh. Hopefully Johns and Lee will make JLA worth reading again.
NickZ: Not only was this the worst JLA team EVER (creative and otherwise), but this was the worst break up issue in the history or break up issues.

Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine #3 (Marvel)
NickZ: So….Hulk bit off Wolverine’s arm…….How?….WHAT?
Infinite Speech: Maberry makes each issue better than the last and the horror element here is too good to pass up!

Powergirl #27
Eli: This has been one of the best series I’ve ever read. Let’s not tame him too quickly now.

Superboy #11 (DC)
NickZ: A bit of a let down to the end of this series, it felt rushed.
Arnab: Decent ending. More time would have made this a better series.

Supergirl #67 (DC)
NickZ: I’m going to miss this version of Kara. This was a fun book most of the time.

Superman/Batman #87 (DC)
Andrew: Anything with the Joker is usually a fun read, and this issue was just that. But I’m sure I’ll forget it soon.
NickZ: This arc started out great but didn’t end very well. It was too predictable.

Thunderbolts #162 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Just as the T-Bolts ranks get smaller Man-Thing gets a lot bigger in this issue. Hopefully we’ll get some better art to go w/ the story next time.

Uncanny X-Men #542 (Marvel)
Andy: Great Colossus moment in this issue – too bad it was spoiled months ago by Marvel.
Arnab: Well hot damn, I did not see that one coming. Good on ya, Colossus!
Eli: What do you know… Colossus can do something halfway interesting.
Infinite Speech: Finally, we get to the meat of the story and Colossus takes his place as the new avatar of Cytorakk. Can’t wait till next issue!
NickZ: Wow. Lots of crazy stuff going on in this issue. I’m am looking forward to see what happens with Emma and Hope and Colossus.

The Walking Dead #88 (Image/Skybound)
Andy: Abraham had the line of the week with, “Let’s fuck this dog.” I lol’ed.

Arnab: It looks like things are finally taking their toll on Rick. It’s about time, that guy is solid as a rock.
NickZ: Rick, when people are planning a mutiny, it’s not a good time for a break down.
Jeff: I sure hope Rick is planning to go crazy for real. What is going on with him?

X-Factor #224 (Marvel)
Arnab: That is one cute wolf baby. Madrox + Shatterstar + Longshot = comedy gold.
NickZ: Was anyone else shocked by Rahne’s total lack of motherly feelings toward her child?
Jeff: She vomited her baby? Didn’t see that coming!

X-Men Schism #3 (Marvel)
Andy: Finally, this book picks up steam. Great issue here. Glad to see Namor written like a hardass. Daniel Acuna needs to be on a regular X-book.
Arnab: While I completely understand Logan’s argument, this is no time for that kind of nonsense.
Eli: What a steaming pile… 140 characters isn’t nearly enough to convey how sad and disappointing this book is. Jason Aaron, shame on you.
Infinite Speech: How did the series start off as a huge steaming pile then progress into something worth reading? This new pint sized Hellfire Club was actually interesting.
NickZ: Things between Scott and Logan seem to be breaking apart just as the tension is heating up. The X-Men got their asses handed to them by some gradeschool kids.
Jeff: I’m failing to see the “schism” here. Why is Logan so worried about kids defending mutantkind all of a sudden?

Zatanna #16 (DC)
Andrew: Damn, what a great issue! Super bummed that this title didn’t make the reboot cut.

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  1. I love our varied responses to Schism.

  2. The Chips are always so much better when more people participate.

  3. I agree with the both of you. Diversity is what makes this review method so unique

  4. Totally agree with Andy’s chirp about UXM 542. Reading Previews has been a serious risk in the spoiler department.

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