August 16, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 8/10/2011

Amazing Spider-Man #667 (Marvel)
Andy: A good way to introduce all the Spider Island players. Even so, I liked the one-shot better.
Jeff: So what’s Spidey gonna do when everyone has his powers and the Avengers don’t know who the real Spidey is? Slott’s written quite a good conundrum for our hero.

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #3 (Vertigo)
Andy: Read this and you’ll understand why Scott Snyder won an Eisner. Sean Murphy is really proving himself on pencils, too.
Arnab: If you thought you’d read all you can read about Vampires, you were wrong.
Jeff: The action level really slowed down in this issue. Despite the expository, I’m excited to see this world explored more deeply.

Batgirl #24 (DC)
Andrew: I wanna smoke some Black Mercy!! And I’m gonna miss Steph as Batgirl! <3
Andy: I heard a rumor that Dan DiDio hated Bryan Q. Miller for what he did with Steph during this run. If those rumors are true, Didio is a dickio.
NickZ: Goodbye Stephanie Brown, Batgirl. You and your hotness will be missed.

Batman 80-Page Giant 2011 (DC)
Andrew: I keep buying these 80-Page Giants…and I keep being underwhelmed. Some cool art, though.
Andy: Ugh, what crap. These last couple of these have been solid, spanning the entire Bat-family. This was just weak.
Arnab: Overall an underwhelming set of stories. Not nearly as good as it has been in years past.
NickZ: As with most of these type of anthology books, nothing great here. Just ok.

Batman and Robin #26 (DC)
Andrew: Bleh. Didn’t find the villain interesting in the least. Happy to press the reboot button on this book.
Andy: I was surprised Grant Morrison didn’t write this one considering it made absolutely no sense.
Arnab: It was a decent story, but too much was squeezed into one issue. And it wasn’t the send off the Dick and Damian era deserved.
NickZ: That’s how you want to end Dick and Damian’s run? With a lame filler issue?

Birds of Prey #15 (DC)
Nice send off on this series Mr. Andreyko. Why couldn’t you have written the first 13 issues?
NickZ: A nice little ending for this version of the BoP. I gonna miss these gals.
Arnab: A nice end to the arc. Could have used a better end to the series though.

Blue Estate #5 (Image)
Andy: Anyone who likes crime fiction or has ever set foot in Los Angeles needs to read this series.

Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #3 (Icon)
Andy: I never thought I’d say this again, but Innocent is Brubaker’s best work yet. My heart is racing the whole time. Don’t fuck with really rich people.

Daken Dark Wolverine #12 (Marvel)
NickZ: Daken is a straight up crackhead.

Deadpool #41 (Marvel)
NickZ: Deadpool without his craziness is kinda boring.

Detective Comics #881 (DC)
Andrew: A decent final to one of the best stories this title has produced in some time.
Andy: If Scott Snyder is this awesome writing Dick Grayson, I can’t wait to see what he’ll do with Bruce Wayne.
Arnab: A fantastic end, to a brilliant run, of what is one of my favorite arcs of all time.
NickZ: Now this is the way you end one of the longest running comic books, with a great ending to an amazing arc.

Executive Assistant Iris vol. 2 #2 (Aspen)
Andy: It’s like Kill Bill but sexier. Although, it would be nice if Iris starred more in her own book…

Fear Itself #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Aaaaand still nothing has happened yet. Remember when our heroes were going to be confronted by their greatest fears? …is that still happening?
NickZ: Thor is a badass! And poor Cap, first they kill his sidekick and then the break his shield. 🙁
Andrew: For the first time in this series, I’m actually looking forward to the next issue.

Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #2 (Marvel)
Andy: When Deadpool tried to pull a Wolverine, I laughed. When I saw the third panel on the fourth-to-last page, I had a geekgasm.
Arnab: I’m not really an Iron Man fan, but I thought his part was great. And Thor? Well that man/god is a beast.
Jeff: Simone Bianchi’s art has really gotten good, and Simone Peruzzi’s colors look beautiful!
NickZ: I love X-Force but not in this series.

Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #3 (DC)
*Spoiler alert* Deadman……dies. If you didn’t see that coming, then you’re an idiot.
Arnab: Eh, decent ending, weird art in some places. Overall verdict, just okay.

Flashpoint Emeror Aquaman #3 (DC)
Andy: Tony Bedard did an experiment and has come to a conclusion: Aquaman can be badass.

Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #3 (DC)
Andy: Jeff Lemire did an experiment and has come to a conclusion: Obscure characters can be cool.

Ghost Rider: Fear Itself #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Won’t be sticking around because I’m not a big Ghost Rider guy and this got too cheesy for me. Williams is doing a great job on his X-books, though.

Hellboy: The Fury #3 (Dark Horse)
Andy: See, nothing ever ends, really.

Morning Glories #11 (Image)
Jeff: Ike is best character in this series, bar none, and the biggest ass in comics. Bringing a party bus to your dad’s funeral? That’s cold, man.

New Avengers #15 (Marvel)
Andy: Squirrel Girl, huh? …where can I read up on the Great Lakes Avengers?

New Mutants #29 (Marvel)
Andy: Poor New Mutants, getting shoehorned into yet another event! …and will they just put Dani Moonstar in Thor already? Wait! I take that back.
Jeff: I can officially say with confidence that Lanning & Abnett are not doing such a good job on this title.
NickZ: You don’t have to use “Fear Itself” as a plot device to send the New Mutants to hel(l). Guys, you’re better than that.

Punisher MAX #16 (Marvel)
Andy: Wow. That was a total punch to the nuts. Jason Aaron really gets you to feel for Frank in this one.

Red Robin #26 (DC)
Andy: From start to finish, this title was solid. Real character development with Tim Drake took place, and I’ll miss it.
Arnab: The end of the line to one of DC’s best series. From the first issue this series was terrific. Nicieza and To have done a brilliant job.
NickZ: DC, y u no make more Red Robin? eff u!

The Red Wing #2 (Image)
Andy: Sci-fi fans rejoice, Jonathan Hickman originals are back in print!
Arnab: Awesome sci-fi story with time traveling, space ships, fathers and sons. Great all around.

Spawn #210 (Image)
Andy: At first I hated Jim Downing as Spawn, but since #201, I’ve been his biggest fan.

Spider Island: Cloak and Dagger #1 (Marvel)
Andy: I hate Mr. Negative, but Spencer handles him with presence…but wasn’t he dead? Did I miss something? Regardless, it’s a nice start.

Spider Island: Deadly Foes #1 (Marvel)
Andy: That was…actually really good! Especially the Hobgoblin story. For once in an “event” one-shot, some significant stuff happens!

Star Wars: Invasion #2 (Dark Horse)
Andy: It’s cool when Stormtroopers get decapitated. This series is picking up steam again, which was needed.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #10 (DC)
Andy: This was the best DC series nobody read. If you see the trade, give it a try. It’s dark, character driven, and personal.
Arnab: Explosive end to vol. 1 of this brilliant book. Iron Maiden = Amazing female villain.

Vertigo Resurrected: Jonny Double #1 (Vertigo)
Andy: How did I miss this when it originally came out? Risso and Azzarello go together like pogs and slammers in 1994.

War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath #2 (DC)
Andrew: It takes a really good story for me to be interested in the B, C, and D Lanterns, and this issue did it for me.
Arnab: We now know the Guardians can be killed by Lanterns, why have they yet to be assassinated?

War Goddess #0 (Boundless)
Andy: I tried, but couldn’t finish it. Too many words. My wife liked it, though.

X-Men #15.1 (Marvel)
Andy: Hey Marvel, I think it’s time to abandon the .1 campaign. It failed. Lets move on.
Arnab: .1? Didn’t realize that was still happening, but who cares, the art in this book was gorgeous.
Jeff: Ugh…aren’t we done with .1 issues?
NickZ: This is supposed to bring in new readers….how? Also, why is Ghost Rider a chick?

X-Men Legacy #253 (Marvel)
Andy: Marvel editorial- more of this please. Lets focus on a character and run with them. Looking forward to the space team’s return!
A strong ending to a mediocre story. Legion and Rogue double-teaming Styx was great!
Arnab: Turns out, Legion was smart after all. Teleporting light years away seems like something you’d run past your boss, no?
NickZ: Legion and Rogue are pretty clever. This X-Men Legacy team doesn’t seem to get a break between adventures, do they?

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  1. Andy – Mr. Negative was locked up by his men in ASM 664 I think after he lost to Anti Venom and Spidey. I don’t remember anything about him dying though.

  2. He lost his Negativeness, though, right?

  3. That’s what I thought but then seeing him back to the Mr. Negative persona in C&D confused me a bit. I’m hoping that is explained sometime soon because I hate it when stuff like that is ignored.

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