July 24, 2011

Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Spider-Man Rogues Gallery pt 2

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Written by: Billy
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Everyone can relax, because Marvel Snapshot is back for another round of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies! Last week, we saw the Goblin “family,” now this week it’s time to turn our attention to three more of Spidey’s worst villains – Doc Ock, Kraven the Hunter, and the Kingpin! All three of these guys have been around for a long time, so let’s get started with the highlights right now!

First on the list is Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin of crime. He’s been in (and sometimes out) of control of the crime syndicates in New York City for quite some time. His biggest asset isn’t his giant size, but his ability to use political influence and stealth to get his way. He frequently uses these things to plot against Spider-Man (and Daredevil) and to keep his various criminal activities on the down low. He first came onto the scene back in Amazing Spider-Man #50 (1967), and has been a ruthless and fearless thorn in the side of Spidey ever since. The most vile thing he’s ever done was probably the fact that his activities led to the death of his wife, Vanessa, or possibly orchestrating a “hit” on Spider-Man that resulted in Aunt May being shot instead.

Next we have Kraven the Hunter. Sergei Kravenoff was a big game hunter who wanted to hunt something more than just an animal. He ended up hunting your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man instead! He originally fought Spidey at a zoo, where he used big game cats to give him an edge. Spider-Man always found a way to outsmart Kraven, though. Not until the story line “Kraven’s Last Hunt” did we see him defeat Spidey. He drugged him, although initially Spidey was presumed dead, and then buried him on his estate. Spidey eventually freed himself, and then after a confrontation, Kraven committed suicide. He was later brought back from the dead by his family, but was more vicious and without his code that he hunted by before. He was most recently seen in the New Avengers book, where he’s shown to be part of a secret group of assassins brought together by Nick Fury back in the 1950s (issue #9-current). His first appearance was in ASM #15 (1964).

Lastly, I bring you Doctor Otto Octavius, or Doc Ock as he’s known. Doc Ock was a brilliant scientist that was on the verge of great things scientifically. This all changed one day as he was conducting an experiment that led to an accident. He was using these mechanical arms to handle dangerous materials, but then suddenly the experiment went awry and the arms ended up being fused to his body. This in turn changed his outlook on life from good to bad, because of serious mental damage. Doc Ock then went on a crime spree in hopes of being confronted by Spider-Man. The plan eventually worked, and Spider-Man (who was very ill at the time) was defeated and unmasked! Doc Ock, not believing a sick kid could be Spider-Man, left Peter and went berserk. He released animals from the zoo, but then was again met by Spider-Man and defeated. Doc Ock soon realized he needed help in defeating Spidey, so he began a recruitment of certain villains. These villains would become known as the Sinister Six, and would plague Spidey on multiple occasions. Doc Ock even went as far as to brain wash Spidey and tell him that they were partners. Spidey eventually regained his memories, though, and defeated him once more. Doc Ock made his debut all the way back in ASM #3 (1963).

Well, there you have it, three more of Spidey’s greatest villains! Next week, we’ll take a look at three more classic Spidey villains, so don’t you dare miss it! Check out my recommended reading list below, along with some great covers. See you next week!

Recommended Reading
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Spider-Man: The Sinister Six – Tpb
Spider-Man: New Ways to Die – Tpb
Spider-Man Visionaries: John Romita – Tpb
Essential Spider-Man vol. 4 – Tpb

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Kraven is by far one of the BEST of Spidey’s rogues!

  2. Billy

    I love Spidey’s villains. IMO, only Batmans is better.

  3. Kraven vs Batman. 🙂

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